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s living a happy and rewarding life determined by the success in your life? Everyone defines success differently. Success for some people is determined by the amount of money they earn, the level of education they complete and what position they hold in their companies. But is money, education and company position the true success and happiness we desire? Or, is there more to being successful and happy? This is a question I have asked myself frequently and the answer is always the same, “No, I need more happiness.� You and I deserve to be happy, satisfied and living a rewarding life.


Living a happy and rewarding life is not based on success only. There are certain elements that are necessary before true success can be achieved. The ultimate goal is reaching and achieving the elements of faith, love, time and talent which encourages serving and connecting with others. For example, a simple way to build the connection in relationships is to keep your promises. When people know that you follow through with your promises and are dependable, this establishes trustworthiness in relationships. Building relationships is a true indicator of success in living a happy and rewarding life. Element One: Faith is not denying what you believe and is a soulsearching process.

The foundation for living a happy and rewarding life is faith. This soul-searching process allows us to realize the most important goals are not self-focused but instead focused on others. Element Two: Love and Give of Yourself to Help Others. Success is built on who you are as an individual and what you do in developing relationships. When you determine that

something is wrong within a relationship, take a few minutes and determine if there is anything you need to change about yourself. Element Three: Time: Bridging the Gap. Success in your life is determined by how you spend your time which includes establishing priorities for a successful outcome.

Choices Magazine - Issue 16  

The Successful Living Issue!