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hen you choose who to listen to and learn from, you orient your world to a particular direction. When you choose what to read and where to focus your attention, you eliminate the other options at that time and that changes the mix of information flowing to and through you. So, if you want to change your life then change your input sources.


One of the common traits of those who are living successfully is their peace of mind. They have determined what kind of person they want to be and identified what people who are like that would do. Then, they do likewise. That clarity allows them to silence all the conflicting information for a while. Of course,

CHOOSE YOUR INPUT SOURCES CAREFULLY (THOSE YOU LEARN FROM) BY JIM CATHCART there’s a danger in this because if you are only listening to one source or point of view, what if that person is wrong? So, be careful and vigilant as you choose whom you will follow. For example: when I was in my midtwenties, I was not successful. Overweight, out of shape, no money in savings, doing nothing proactively to improve my life and working in a clerical job at a low salary. It would not have

been smart to bet on my success potential. Then one day I changed my information source. I decided to start listening to and following the advice of the radio commentator, Earl Nightingale, the “dean of personal motivation.” What he said in his short radio show “Our Changing World” really resonated with me. Until I heard Earl, my main input was

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