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One of the more rewarding activities may well be focusing on a previous talent or taking up a new hobby. Most community colleges offer classes on jewelry making, pottery and music. A look at these classes shows that many of the new participants in a guitar class are older men who have always wanted to learn to play. Senior citizen center dance classes are bursting at the seams with older participants learning new steps as well as getting some exercise. Farmers markets are enjoying the addition of retirees who are spending their summer putting in a garden that benefits their community as well. While some retirees are learning a new skill, some may just be finally spending some time on a hobby they took up many years ago. A judge who spent years on the bench, now sits in the brass section of the community band as he enjoys playing his high school tuba. A retired accountant travels to craft fairs with the wood projects that he now takes on. And, after teaching third-graders for 30 years, another now makes quilts, using the same patterns her mother used 50 years ago. While many “boomers” choose to continue working on their present careers, others are reinventing themselves in a variety of ways. From adding their experiences and expertise to small local businesses, to learning a new trade and starting their own businesses, some choose travel and relocate, while others use their workforce skills to help their


Lonnie Berry retired from city government in 2012. Since that time, he has returned to college and is studying Broadcast Journalism. Lonnie is also a freelance writer with weekly publication in the local newspaper as well as Campus publications. You may contact Lonnie at

church or in some local community activity. If “boomers” finds themselves single at this stage of their lives, many dating services cater to people over the age of

65. With the many opportunities available on social media as well as within a community setting, the “boomers’ may not be at work, but they are definitely living it up.

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