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know I am having a day of doing the ‘next right thing’ when my solar plexus is not heavy with something I’ve said or done that was harmful or hurtful to another person. There was a time when I would strive for being the best at what I did. I thought being successful each day meant exhausting myself with doing. My worth and value depended on what others thought of me. I measured my days with comparisons. I compared what I had, how I looked and who I knew as the true measure of success and accomplishment. Only when I came to the lowest point of my life in severe depression and anxiety, did I finally see there was nothing in those comparisons that equaled success. My

true self was hidden by the striving to be someone else. Fear kept me stuck in the race for a place within the world of being “as good as” and “equal to.” Many years were spent on this endless search for love and belonging in the arena of life where I hoped everyone was watching me doing very well. For me, hitting a bottom so profound that I was knocked to the ground in humble acknowledgement and then learning to stay in the present moment, was where I found a way to be successful in each day. No longer striving to predict the future… my future of prideful recognition for writing what I thought others wanted to read, I began to go deeper to the most vulnerable places inside myself where love and hurt reside. While once

I would not dare to reveal the parts of my pain and fears, I now gratefully share with others that truly living is when we are serving others as best as possible without depleting ourselves in the process. I have heard it said that “To love and be loved is the greatest joy on earth.” Loving and serving others and allowing others to love and serve me is a way for me to help as well. Successful worth and value appear to be in the small things done in honor of others. In recovery, we talk about service work as being as important as not drinking or drugging. In doing for others in whatever way I can, I have found an honor of accomplishment never felt before. Seeing a need and acting on what might be helpful is an accomplishment. I have also realized that putting the time and energy into loving and caring for myself is a success. There is less financial

Choices Magazine - Issue 16  

The Successful Living Issue!

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