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o be inspired is to be motivated. Yet lately, many of us find ourselves saying way too many times, “I’m bored.” or “I don’t know what to do.” or “Everything seems the same.” Then we look to the heavens, pleading to the Universe, “Help me! I’m stuck! Inspire me, please!” without a thought of how we might inspire ourselves. All of us, at some time or another, have found ourselves in a hole that we, our-

selves, have created and we don’t know what to do to climb out of it. Then, in a flash without a warning, a thought comes into our head or someone says something or an event takes place which inspires us to make a change. This has happened to all of us whether it is something seemingly insignificant like choosing what you want to eat or something of greater significance, such as whether to date or even marry a person, and much more. Many of us live in a way that shuts down

most thoughts of doing nothing - of just being. We’ve come to believe that we’re here on earth to do, do, do, and there’s no room for anything else. When that state of mind exists, we believe if we are not doing, we are not living. And, when there’s a certain flow of life without upheavals, we become bored without those challenges. It’s as if we’ve been playing a tug of war with whomever or whatever is on the other end and they suddenly drop the rope and there’s no longer any struggle. It creates an indeterminate state where we twist and turn

Choices Magazine - Spring 2017  

The Inspiration Issue

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