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Spring is here! It’s my favorite time of year. I love to see the flowers starting to bloom, and the trees with their buds popping out. The new green leaves on the plants in my yard are absolutely beautiful and the vegetable plants in my little garden are starting to peek out of the dirt. This time of year really is an inspiration to me. As I look around and see all the newness and all of the colors, I am inspired to paint and write. I love to walk through the wetlands and watch the ducks and the birds and see the tiny little animals scurry under the tall grasses. It reminds me of the

story I read about Shaka Zulu who got his inspiration for how to fight the British Army by watching the waves of the ocean come onto the beach. He figured out if he sent his warriors out in waves, they would have a better chance. You never know where your inspiration will come from, so keep your eyes and ears open and be aware of everything and everyone around you. Remember, you have the power to create the life you want to live. The ability to control your experiences and have them result

in happiness, prosperity, and a life of purpose lies in your mind and in the choices you make. Enjoy the season and the inspiration it brings.


You Are More Than You Think You Are,

Choices Magazine - Spring 2017  

The Inspiration Issue

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