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Spring, O blessed spring. For most, the end of winter can’t come too soon. Even in Coastal California, without snow or cold, we celebrate the longer days with sunsets after dinner, instead of before. And in spite of flowers blooming all year, the yellow blossoms of forsythia, jonquils and mimosa here herald the hope of a new season. My yellow hibiscus takes off in March. My butterscotch Cymbidium (boat) orchids come into bud and then slowly unfold into flower.


ith Spring also comes Easter. In our house, that means a special meal—be it brunch or late luncheon—and always a festive table setting. For brunch, I like eggs Florentine accompanied by fresh melon, warm croissants and a flowing brie. Don’t forget refreshing mimosas mixed with tangerine juice and a chilled prosecco. You’ll need small, individual oven-proof baking dishes known as ramekins. They are available almost everywhere and usually at Marshalls. Easy Eggs Florentine • Put a dab of butter in each ramekin. • Add a big spoon of blanched, welldrained spinach. No liquid! • Salt and pepper lightly. • Break an egg onto spinach layer. • Salt and pepper lightly.

Boat or Cymbidium orchids from my garden arranged above kitchen sink in the alcove with skylight.

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