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uch has been written and preached about the prosperity gospel in recent years. And, much of what has been written is not seen as entirely positive. So, what is it? Or, more accurately, what does it mean to the average person, whether religious or not. The word “gospel” has in our society, for better or worse, become firmly and irrevocably associated with the Bible, Christianity and Jesus. Since we live in a diverse world where not everyone shares the same religious beliefs, we must before we proceed, have a common understanding of the word “gospel”. The word itself comes from the Old English god (good) and spell (news or story) and is often used as the translation for the ecclesiastical Latin, bona annuntiato or the Greek, euangelion, literally meaning ‘good news. For this discussion, let us bring it back to a completely secular and simple understanding. Gospel is good news, wherever it comes from. Now that we have established common ground, let’s look at what prosperity is and is not. Prosperity is not just about having lots of money. Money is not the only road to happiness, success or feeling prosperous. True prosperity is

about abundance in all things. When we look at the world around us, not with the lens of day to day living and material acquisition of things, but with the broader lens of life itself, there is so much more than enough for which to be grateful. The good news is that we live, move and have our being in an abundant universe. There is more than enough love, joy, and peace to go around. The sun shines, every day. We may not always see it, but it is always there. Even if it is hidden behind the clouds, it is still there, shinning and giving its energy to the earth. Science has taught us that matter can neither be created nor destroyed. It can change for, but the atoms and molecules continue to exist. There may

be draught in some places and floods in others, but the water to nourish the earth still exists. Yes, more than enough includes money. But money is only part of the equation. We must begin to look at the bigger picture, the rest of the story. Affirming that we live in an abundant world is relatively useless unless we also affirm that we are worthy and deserving of every good thing available. We must believe that we are not only worthy, but capable of discovering the ways in which that abundance becomes part of our lives. Prayer and affirmation will support our belief, but they are not the only things we must do. We must appreciate what

Choices Magazine - Autumn 2017  
Choices Magazine - Autumn 2017  

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