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Many of the big publishing companies are in trouble. More and more people are getting their content online, rather than buying paper books. In October of 2010, an estimated $40 million worth of ebooks sold. It's no wonder authors are looking into how to publish their material online. With the advancement of software and internet technologies, publishing your own content is now within the reach of anyone who can type and get online. Besides a computer, Microsoft Word will come in handy for getting your manuscript ready to format as an ebook file. Choosing Popular Topics to Write About Before we address the issue of publishing your text, it might help to look at the kind of topics that are most likely to sell. Discovering a niche that's underserved by other writers can make for a ready-made market. It's easier to make it as a big fish in a little pond than the other way around. Look at books on the best seller list for learning what's hot in the publishing world. Sources for best sellers include your newspaper, Publishers Weekly, USA Today, local bookstores, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. "How to" books are perennial sellers. People are always hungry to learn and accomplish more in life. Typically, "how to" books sell at higher prices than other types of nonfiction. Use your list of life experiences to come up with potential ebooks that inform readers on "how to" achieve what they want. Editing Books that sell are well written and edited. After you've gone through your finished masterpiece, give it to several friends you trust to give it an honest going through. They'll find errors you never thought of. If you have the budget, hire a copy editor to look for grammar and misspellings. Formatting Only after your text is edited are you ready to address formatting issues. Because there are several types of electronic readers, you will want to make your book available in popular formats so readers can get your content however they choose. The best way to do this is start out with a Microsoft Word document and keep the text and headers simple. Your Word doc will eventually become an HTML file to accommodate the various types of reading devices. HTML allows content to be displayed according to the screen size of the electronic reader. There's no need to add page numbers, because when your Word doc is turned into an HTML file,

page numbers become irrelevant. Publishing Once your document has been edited and formatted as a Word document, head over to and Follow their instructions for uploading your file. Their software takes care of transforming your file into the various formats suitable for Kindle, iPad, Nook, Apple's iPod and others. Marketing Once your ebook has gone 'live,' let everyone know. Just publishing your book as a Kindle or for the iPad doesn't guarantee it will sell. Promotion has to become an everyday activity. If your ebook takes off, don't be surprised if you get approached by a larger publishing company looking to add you to their author pool. Be sure you examine any offer to determine if you will make more money going with a publisher than you can make on your own. In many cases, you're better off remaining independent.

James Dillehay is author of eight books and a former magazine publisher. He has been interviewed in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, Bottom Line Personal, on HGTV and Entrepreneur Radio. He writes about ways to start a craft business on his blog.

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==== ==== Find out how you can become a published author on Amazon's Kindle: ==== ====

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