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Issue 7, September, 2006

DigitalSkys Open New Facilities

Message From the CEO Dear Subscriber, September saw the opening of our brand new office facilities at Dubai Internet City. Our Global Network Operations Center has received excellent reviews from our technology partners and customers alike. Along with the Global NOC, we are also in the process of opening a new warehouse and staging facilities in Jebel Ali. I extend the invitation to all our partners and customers to drop in and visit our new facilities. Moving forward toward the official IPO. I am pleased to report that the Australian Stock Exchange has pre-approved the company for the listing and has issued the company with its official code - ASX: DSK. As the third quarter is coming to an end, it is expected that DigitalSkys will achieve continued growth. Many major projects have been brought to fruition, some of which are mentioned in the newsletter. These projects also coincide with the launch of some new technologies (more to come soon) .

DigitalSkys have just opened their new offices, built around a Global Network Operation Center, on the ground floor of building 17 in Dubai Internet City. With the company developing at a rapid pace, the new facilities make way for an ever increasing team and enables DigitalSkys to position itself for future growth.

Please visit our brand new website and be sure to register for all the latest DigitalSkys information. I will look forward to our next issue of News from the Skys. Charles D’Alberto, CEO

DigitalSkys, Dubai Internet City, Building 17, Office G 54, P.O. Box 500125, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 391 08 63 Fax: +971 4 390 99 66 E-mail:


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Issue 7, September, 2006

DigitalSkys WiFi Now in Africa

P W C LO G I S T I C S Global Supply Chain Excellence

DigitalSkys is getting ready to install one of its first WiFi towers in Africa, together with its partner, Intouch Communication. The company is a well reputed ISP and will use the WiFi tower to distribute internet to 5000 users in the Aruba area, a region currently lacking in infrastructure. “The solution we have provided Intouch with, is cost effective, has an easy configuration and supports non line of sight coverage up to 10 kms, using DigitalSkys VSAT backhaul”, said Ahmed Hassan, Business Development Manager of DigitalSkys. “DigitalSkys is the first company to introduce such a technology in the Middle East and Africa and our active role in providing customer service was a decisive factor for Intouch to choose our services.” This technology is based on a similar principle to the GSM topology, and allows excellent delivery of hotspot wireless services to end users. It is widely spread in many built up cities throughout the US. Using the latest technology on both WiFi 802.11b & g platforms, DigitalSkys has now the ability to deliver coverage up to 10 km radius non line of sight.

PWC Now On DigitalSkys Network ARKCO, a Kuwaiti system integrator subcontracting for the Public Warehouse Company (PWC), have partnered with DigitalSkys to deliver a turnkey connectivity solution. PWC, one of the largest logistics companies in the world, services major clients, such as the US army, and other important multinational companies. They need to build a solid communication system, which will link up to 50 remote places in Iraq to their main office in Kuwait. DigitalSkys will provide a complete solution, enabling PWC to run VoIP services, remote desktop connection, Windows terminal services. “Yet another successful story for DigitalSkys”, said Ahmed Hassan, Business Development Manager of DigitalSkys. “The client was looking for reliable, cost effective and easy deployable services. The demo was convincing enough to make them transfer all their previous links to DigitalSkys. This is an important moment, confirming our understanding of logistics companies requirements and will help us serve similar customers in the future”, concluded Hassan.

DigitalSkys, Dubai Internet City, Building 17, Office G 54, P.O. Box 500125, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 391 08 63 Fax: +971 4 390 99 66 E-mail:


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Issue 7, September, 2006

Afghanistan – A Short Case Study

Show Season Is On


Humanitarian Development Summit, in Nairobi, Kenya DigitalSkys has recently won a bid to track, manage and forward currency throughout 19 facilities in Afghanistan for a Financial Services Company, a division of a long standing and well established Afghani Business Group.

September marks the debut of the tradeshows season for DigitalSkys. Preparations have already started to attend the first show - the Humanitarian Development Summit which will take place in Kenya, Nairobi between October 3-5.

There are few reliable communication networks in Afghanistan that enable thriving businesses keep pace with new industry and economic developments. Transactions are currently being undertaken manually, resulting in loss of revenue and inefficiencies, said Robert Sultani - VP of Sales DigitalSkys.

It will be a good opportunity to showcase our services and products in the field of humanitarian relief and sustainable development and expand our operations on the African continent. DigitalSkys will show hands-on applications, including video conferencing, mobile internet, VoIP, critical means of communications for the humanitarian field.

DigitalSkys has designed a high performance and reliable VSAT network for the 19 offices, providing transparent connectivity, which will enable them to automate transactions and process payments in real time. DigitalSkys will further package a VoIP solution, allowing access to competitive international calls at highly reduced rates.

The Humanitarian Development Summit will bring together leading groups from all over the world, including international donors, developing nation governments, aid agencies, UN funds and programs, foundations and private sector operators.

These are key elements that ensure an increase in the client’s business performance, cost savings, together with a near zero error rate. There are plans now to expand services to other regions in Afghanistan where DigitalSkys solutions will provide the core communications infrastructure. DigitalSkys, Dubai Internet City, Building 17, Office G 54, P.O. Box 500125, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 391 08 63 Fax: +971 4 390 99 66 E-mail:


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Issue 7, September, 2006

DigitalSkys Partners With VentureGulf To Tackle The Qatari Market

The Three Amigos, Tom, Masoud, and Larry, are the weekly hosts of the famous series of Wednesday nights organised for those interested in meeting new people, having a stimulating conversation, or just going out to enjoy a relaxing evening. It was a good event that sealed a long term partnership and DigitalSkys presence on the Qatari market.

We Are Growing!

A new partnership has been signed with a reputed Qatari partner to expand DigitalSkys business in the Middle East. Venture Gulf Group is a Qatari based company, encompassing various business segments, spanning from Engineering, Trading, to Telecoms and Services, catering to various customers needs. Over the years, Venture Gulf Group has evolved into a professional organisation of excellence, creating core competencies in all its areas of operation.

Ahmed Hassan

Welcome to Ahmed Hassan, our new Business Development Manager for Middle East and Northern Africa. Coming from a successful background in VSAT implementation, Ahmed will support the sales department and will be working closely with the business development team. He is located at our office in Kuwait. Mary Dias, is our new Admin Assistant. She will be assisting management, as well staff, with daily tasks, directing phone calls and arranging meetings.

Mary Dias

The association was celebrated with an event sponsored by DigitalSkys and organised by Venture Gulf. Nice people, drinks, cigars, good music, the beautiful skyline, are a few words that describe what happened on an August 16 at The Diplomatic Club in Doha.

Our new Technical Engineer is Jetrine Agustin, coming from a strong background in communication companies in the Philippines. She will be working within the 24 x 7 Network Operation Center in Dubai.

Jetrine Agustin

DigitalSkys, Dubai Internet City, Building 17, Office G 54 P.O. Box 500125, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 4 391 08 63 Fax: +971 4 390 99 66 E-mail: