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Defining Moment – A Phenomenal Woman Emerges Have you ever experienced a defining moment in your life? A time when you mentally wake up and say to yourself, "It is time for me to live." That happened to me earlier this year and a phenomenal woman emerged. Hitting the milestone of being between 30 and 40 really can take its toll on a woman’s mind, body and spirit. Add on hormonal balance/imbalance and you truly can feel as if you are over the edge. It took me having a cancer scare to wake up. My mind began to race on how I had to beat the cancer if I did have it. I thought like so many other women that face similar or various other situations. I had to live because of my children; not myself but my children. I chose to live for me. Waking up January 3, 2012 was a true defining moment in my life. I do not know if it was the alcohol from the midnight shots or if God had spoken to me himself. But I do know in that defining moment of opening my eyes I was going to live my life for myself. When I looked at that phenomenal woman in the mirror, I realized she was no stranger but she was me. She was no longer the out-spoken, go getter, naïve Southern skinny girl with a bright smile and pigtails. Now she was the phenomenal woman she had always dreamed of being. She was a confident sophisticated woman who decided to live her life on her terms. She has loved those who did not love her back but in the end, she made it through trials and tribulations with her head held high. This confident woman began to do more without any regrets. Of dating more, expressing what my needs are and not wanting for anything. I began to date myself by taking myself out to the movies, going to the spa, shopping, dining at finer restaurants and being comfortable with the looks and stares. I love this person in this skin. With 35 fast approaching, I can say I gladly welcome it. I am ready to take the bull by the horns and enjoy this ride because in my defining moment I realized I am a PHENOMENAL WOMAN.

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