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JOINT US-CHINA COOPERATION ON CLEAN ENERGY LAUNCH OF SMART GRID INITIATIVE TO MEET CHINA’S ENERGY CHALLENGE Stakeholders Convene to Address China’s Smart Grid Opportunities BEIJING, November 10, 2008 –The Joint US-China Cooperation for Clean Energy (JUCCCE) today launched the JUCCCE China Smart Grid Cooperative to bring together Smart Grid experts across the world to work closely with China’s two utilities and key influencers to jointly define Smart Grid in a way that makes sense in China. Smart Grid is a relatively new concept that brings intelligent communications to every aspect of the grid, allowing for more efficient energy use and stability in power supply. Smart Grid innovation touches everything from electricity transmission and distribution to consumer energy use. The JUCCCE Smart Grid Cooperative brings stakeholders across the energy supply chain together to answer how Smart Grid rollout in China will be different, and what resources are there to help accelerate the implementation. Hu Xuehao of the China Electric Power Research Institute points out many differences in incentives between China and the West. In western countries, the emphasis is on the distribution grid, while in China, the current emphasis is on the transmission grid. In USA, Europe and Japan, solar panels are installed on rooftops, while in China solar farms will mainly be installed in desert areas. “The scale at which China is deploying means that China can single-handedly help set the worldwide Smart Grid communications standard early on”, according to Jim Rogers, Chairman of Duke Energy and JUCCCE Honorary Committee member. “The current financial crisis has companies scrambling to stay afloat. For U.S. companies strong in Smart Grid technology and services, China represents one of the largest revenue opportunities in the world. “ ML Chan, China Executive Director, JUCCCE Smart Grid said. “International vendors can expect to benefit greatly if China’s utilities put Smart Grid on their agenda.” Leslie Katz, US Executive Director of Smart Grid, noted that “JUCCCE focuses on coordinating relationships amongst different public and private entities in order to quickly set out action-oriented programs and achieve results. Nowhere is this more needed than in Smart Grid. China will be at the forefront in accelerating deployment of needed technologies in this arena and I am pleased to be part of the Smart Grid effort to help China reach its ambitious energy policy goals.” The first JUCCCE Smart Grid Cooperative meeting on November 12 brings to Beijing top executives from Duke Energy, Gridpoint, Optimal Technologies, Current Group, Augmentum, Quanta Technology, IBM, KEMA, (U.S.) President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, Nexant, McKinsey, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Accenture, and Ecological Investments to meet with stakeholders at China Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Investment Association Committee of the NDRC among others.

### About the Joint U.S.-China Cooperation on Clean Energy (JUCCCE) JUCCCE, or Joint U.S.-China Cooperation on Clean Energy, is a non-profit organization, based in Shanghai, Beijing and San Francisco, that aims to accelerate the greening of China through international collaboration on impactful programs. JUCCCE’s programs help China meet goals of decreasing energy intensity and emissions, while simultaneously strengthening public-private alliances and environmental governance capacities, in China. JUCCCE programs focus on delivering near-term results in areas of greatest impact. Our methodical approach to tackling the energy crisis was developed with the analytical support of McKinsey & Company. We tapped into JUCCCE’s broad and growing network of advisors, from the highest levels of government, industry, media, and other influencers, to hold a series of expert roundtables. From these dialogues, we developed a road map of specific programs, to break down the enormous energy challenge the world faces. This roadmap gives JUCCCE unparalleled insight into programs that can be key levers of market transformation in China’s energy industry. Some of our key programs in development include: 1.

A series of Mayoral Training courses on city-level energy efficiency, which focus on solutions implementation, in partnership with the National Mayoral Training Center in Beijing.


The formation of the JUCCCE China Smart Grid Cooperative, in partnership with CEO Jim Rogers of Duke Energy and many other international and Chinese grid influencers, to accelerate the drive for Smart Grid in China.


Distribution of 10 million CFLs (energy efficient lights) to simultaneously educate and enable students to make an impact— funded in part by carbon credits.


JUCCCE China Energy Blueprint- a web-based industry mapping and collaboration tool to turn analysis into action.

For more information, please visit the web site: ML Chan, PhD Executive Director, JUCCCE China, Smart Grid Cooperative Dr. Chan’s areas of expertise are Smart Grid and the utilization of computer and communications system technologies to deliver power system reliability, performance improvement, and optimal asset management for utilities. He combines his power system planning and operations expertise to integrate renewable, distributed energy resources, demand responses and load management, AMI/AMR systems, Home Automation Network (HAN), feeder automation, substation automation, SCADA, asset condition monitoring, condition-based maintenance (CBM), phasor measurement unit, wide area protection and FACTS technologies into a Smart Grid vision for utilities. He has published over 60 technical papers in the open literature, and has given many presentations and speeches in seminars and tutorials. He is the Chair of IEEE Power System Planning and Implementation Committee, and a member of Executive Advisory Committee for DistrbuTECH Conferences. He is also on the Editorial Board of IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. Dr. Chan has SB, SM and Electrical Engineer’s degrees from MIT, and PhD from Cornell University. Leslie R. Katz Executive Director, JUCCCE US, Smart Grid Cooperative Leslie Katz has more than twenty years experience in community and government relations, public affairs, collaborative planning and strategy. She has established a reputation as a community leader and consensus builder, engendering a broad range of support for various projects. While serving as a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors she became know as the "technology" and "environmental" Supervisor. Following the Board of Supervisors, she joined the executive team of a Fortune 500 company, Sempra Energy, where she was the Regional V.P. of Regulatory affairs and became known as "the Green Executive." She worked to establish a corporate venture fund for renewable energy technologies and moved the company towards an increased focus on renewable energy. She then became managing director of the West Coast office of a national government and community affairs firm. She also serves on numerous community and non-profit boards, as well as serving on the advisory board of several technology start-ups. James E. Rogers Newest JUCCCE Honorary Committee Member Jim Rogers is chairman of the board, president and chief executive officer of Duke Energy. Rogers has nearly 20 years of experience as a chief executive officer in the electric utility industry. He was named president and chief executive officer of Duke Energy following the merger of Duke Energy and Cinergy in April 2006. Before the merger, Rogers served as Cinergy's chairman and chief executive officer for more than 11 years. He is currently a director of Fifth Third Bancorp, Cigna Corporation and Applied Materials, Inc. He has served as a director of Duke Realty Corporation, Cinergy Corp., PSI Energy, Bankers Life Holding Corporation, Irkutskenergo AO (a Russian utility), and Indiana

National Bank. He is immediate past chairman and ex officio member of the Executive Committee of the Edison Electric Institute; and is chairman of the Institute for Electric Efficiency. He serves as a member of the board of directors and the Executive Committee of the Nuclear Energy Institute, and is a board member of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations. Rogers also serves on the boards of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The Business Roundtable, the National Coal Council, the National Petroleum Council, and the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions. About China Electric Power Research Institute of State Grid (CEPRI) CEPRI, founded in 1951, is a comprehensive research institution and a scientific and technological enterprise affiliated directly to and wholly-owned by the State Grid Corp of China (SGCC). The main business scope of CEPRI involves: technology research & development; technical consultation and service, technology transfer : and product manufacturing and sales; project contracting; the inspection and test on electric apparatus and meters: and domestic and international trade. About U.S. President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (U.S. PCAST) On September 30, 2001, President George W. Bush formed the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) to enable the president to receive advice from the private sector and academic community on technology, scientific research priorities and math and science education. The organization follows a tradition of presidential advisory panels on science and technology dating back to Presidents Eisenhower and Truman. Since its creation PCAST has been expanded and currently consists of 35 members, plus the director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, who serves as the council's co-chair. The council members, distinguished individuals appointed by the president, are drawn from industry, education and research institutions and other nongovernmental organizations. For more information, please visit the website: JUCCCE Smart Grid Cooperative Members The JUCCCE Smart Grid Cooperative is made possible by the following sponsors: Platinum Sponsors: About Duke Energy Duke Energy is one of the largest electric power companies in the United States. Duke supplies and delivers energy to approximately 4 million U.S. customers. Duke Energy has approximately 35,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity. Duke Energy is a Fortune 500 - Top-tier electric utility with $50 billion in assets, 3.9 million customers, 150+ years of service and is traded on NYSE as DUK. About Gridpoint Recognized industry leader in smart grid technology; software and network operations platform that integrates distributed resources that control load, store energy or produce power Founded in 2003; Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia; 130 employees About IBM International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) is a multinational computer technology and consulting corporation and is known as one of the world’s largest computer companies. About Optimal Technologies Optimal creates advanced technologies for a more efficient, reliable, and environmentally responsible electric power grid from end-to-end. Optimal Technologies develops solutions to help power utilities, businesses, and consumers optimize their energy usage. Optimal’s product suite includes supply side electric power grid optimization and analysis software called AEMPFAST™ (aim-fast), and a demand side energy efficiency and automation system called SUREFAST™. About Quanta Technology Quanta Technology provides assistance to our customers in improving reliability and business performance through the application of technology and technical best practices. Whether you need strategic advice, system simulations, outage investigations, or engineering support, Quanta Technology is a one-stop source for all of your technical and life-cycle management needs. We employ the top technical talent in the industry, and have a proven track record for improving performance and better managing risk. Gold Sponsors: About Augmentum Augmentum provides outsourcing leadership for innovation. Augmentum engineers augment their clients' teams as an extension, utilizing leading edge development tools and technologies, as well as proven processes, to create commercial-quality software. Our headquarters are in Foster City, California and Shanghai, China. We have two

additional development centers: Beijing and Wuhan. About Current Group CURRENT provides electric utilities a Smart Grid solution that increases the efficiency and reliability of the electric grid while reducing the environmental impact of electric usage. Our integrated solution combines advanced sensing technology, two-way high-speed communications, 24/7 monitoring and enterprise analysis software and related services to provide location-specific, real-time actionable data. CURRENT is also a fully-integrated communications service provider, with the capability to offer high-performance broadband services and home energy management services to every plug in every home or office using the electric wires. About KEMA Founded in 1927, KEMA is a commercial enterprise, specializing in high-grade business and technical consultancy, inspections and measurements, testing and certification. Much of the company’s work centers round innovative technology. As an independent organization, KEMA supports clients concerned with the supply and use of electrical power and other forms of energy. Silver Sponsors About Nexant Nexant, Inc. is a premier global provider of petrochemical, oil, gas, clean coal, biofuel, renewable energy, and intelligent grid solutions — developing and delivering strategic, technical, economic, financial, and master planning consulting services to chemical and petroleum majors, Fortune 500 companies, utilities, transmission and distribution system operators, financial institutions, government agencies, and development banks. Nexant® is a proprietary trademark of Nexant, Inc. The company is owned by a select group of investors and Nexant management and employees. Nexant® and ChemSystems® are proprietary trademarks of Nexant, Inc. About Ecological Investments Ecological Investments is a new fund focused on socially responsible entrepreneurs.

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Juccce smart grid press release 081110