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united front 環保先驅


Three innovators are showing how big business and environmentalism can work together 三位環保先驅用行動證明,保護環境跟賺錢可以共存

Bright future


Peggy Liu left the world of venture capitalism in Silicon Valley to found the Joint US-China Cooperation on Clean Energy (JUCCCE) in Shanghai, where she takes on environmental issues with a corporate mindset.

劉佩琪離開了加州矽谷的風險投資世界,在上海 成立了中美清潔能源合作組織(JUCCCE,簡稱聚 思),以企業家的思維,來處理環保問題。

A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Liu wasn’t immediately able to reconcile her business skills with her environmental zeal. After university she worked for a series of venture capitalists in the United States and China, but in April 2006 her work took a greener turn. “It started at the MIT forum in Shanghai,” she says. “The new president had said that during her administration she wanted to focus MIT on life sciences and energy so I came up with this idea for the first world-class venture conference on clean technology in China. With my background in Silicon Valley I knew venture captialists from both sides to invite as speakers.”

內地多家風險投資企業任職,直到 2006 年 4月,才轉投綠

劉佩琪從麻省理工學院畢業後,沒有馬上將她的商業頭腦 與她追求環保的熱忱相結合。畢業後,她曾在美國和中國


silkroad March 2009

色事業。 劉佩琪說:「事情源於在上海舉行的一個麻省理工論壇。 當時新上任的校長說,她希望在任期內推動麻省理工專注 發展生命科學和能源科技,令我萌生在中國舉辦首個世界 級清潔能源科技風險研討會的念頭。我曾在矽谷工作,認 識很多來自中美的風險投資專家,可以邀請他們來演說。」 劉佩琪曾在加州 Los


避免林地被大肆開發而影響環境生態,令鄰近地區也受 惠,但這都不能與她在中國組織是次活動的規模相比。她 說:「我當時也不知道,這是美國和中國官員就能源議題進 行的首次公開對話。」

Peggy Liu's JUCCCE “has the heart of an NGO but operates like a multinational corporation“ 劉佩琪的聚思「擁有非政 府組織的誠意,但以跨國 企業的方式營運」

Back in Los Altos, California, Liu had been involved with issues that affected her neighbourhood, such as buying land tracts to prevent development, but this was on a different scale. “Unbeknown to me at the time it was the first public dialogue between US and Chinese officials on energy,” she says. Discussions started with some of the world’s best environmental strategists and scientists and high-ranking officials from China and the US. Liu convinced experts from management consultants McKinsey to donate six weeks to the event. “Basically we said, where can we have most impact in the shortest time, to show success, create momentum; not a major infrastructure project. It needed to be fresh, non-technological.” JUCCCE is now in its third year. Its programmes include working on the energy efficiency of the national grid and training mayors across the country in environmental planning. Another will give out 10 million energy-efficient lightbulbs in exchange for their incandescent ones – the equivalent in emissions of providing power to approximately 525,000 US households over one year. “This stuff is influencing the next generation of leaders,” says Liu. “We have the heart of an NGO [non-governmental organisation] but we operate like a multinational corporation. Most of our financing comes from corporations because we’re creating their market for them. We’re helping them go green while making green.” 研討會的參加者包括多位全球知名的環境策略專家和 科學家,以及中、美政府的高層官員。劉佩琪還說服了國際 著名管理顧問公司麥肯錫的專家,撥出六星期時間為研討 會工作。 她說:「基本上,我們討論的話題包括可以在哪方面以最 短的時間造成最具影響力的效應,並展現出成果。這並非 什麼大型的基建項目,需要的只是新思維而不是科技。」 踏入創會後第三年,聚思現正進行的項目包括提高全國 電網的能源效益,以及為全國的市長提供環保企劃的培 訓。另外是送出一千萬個省電燈泡,來交換白熱燈泡。據估 計,這計劃的減排節能效果,相當於約525,000個美國家庭 一年所需的電量。 劉佩琪說:「這些項目對新一 代的領袖影響猶深。我們擁有非 政府組織的誠意,但以跨國企業 的方式營運。聚思大部分資金 均來自企業,因為我們協助企 業加入綠色大軍,同時開創綠 色市場。」

switched on: energyefficient lightbulbs are distributed in shanghai 聚思發動在上海派發 省電燈泡 March 2009 silkroad



David Chan's aim is to reduce waste while increasing profit 陳贊輝希望減少廢料的 同時亦能提升利潤


silkroad March 2009


You can’t just shout about the environment, you’ve got to find a way within the economic model 我們不能只嚷著要環保,而必須在經濟模式中找到改善環境的方法

Foundation for success

David Chan has cleaned up building sites across China as director and divisional head of Knight Frank’s building consultancy in Hong Kong. He recently changed jobs to become a partner at real estate company Compass Studio Ltd, where he provides investment advice and conducts environmental consultancy work.

成功基礎 陳贊輝任職萊坊測計師行的香港物業建築顧問總監 期間,整頓了中國各地的建築工地。他最近成為物 業公司Compass studio ltd的合夥人,除了提 供投資建議之外,還擔任環保顧問工作。 陳贊輝成長的英國伯恩茅斯,是環保活躍分 子的基 地。 他將 個人對環保的熱忱投入以往的工作之中,包括九廣

Photos: (main image, this page) – Philip Engelhorn; Peggy Liu (main photo previous page) – Jeff Hargrove

鐵 路 公司 ( 現稱港 鐵 ) 物業部門的設備主管一職。當他初

David Chan grew up in Bournemouth, England, at a time, he says, when the area was becoming a base for environmental activism. He carried a keen sense of the issues into his jobs, which have included a position as head of facilities for Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation’s property arm. His encounter with Hong Kong worksites was a shock, he says. “People had very limited ideas about site safety, pouring oil and concrete into drains, for example.” At Knight Frank, Chan worked to tweak and implement more efficient systems and codes through project audits. “I’ve always believed that you can’t just shout about the environment,” says Chan, who was a panelist at last year’s 2nd Annual GreenBuild Asia conference. “You’ve got to find a way within the economic model. So I’ve tried to introduce ideas that make money for the company with the benefit of a more environmental approach.” His strategy included monitoring the flow of materials, creating onsite systems to reduce construction waste and replacing the use of timber frames – used in most traditional construction – with reusable metal moulds. One of his first jobs in Hong Kong was with a Japanese contractor, where he learned better site-management habits, such as having separate bins for different construction waste. The changes are modest but they add up to make quite an impact, Chan says. “There are hundreds of projects across China – that’s at least half a million tons of waste saved across the board.” Chan wants to see green technology become more affordable, arguing that environmentally friendly buildings should also be economically sustainable. But a greater power for change, he says, lies with the powers that be. “People want to be green, but they need a goal to move towards. There’s a lot of conflicting messages and no one knows which to follow. It’s only when legislation starts to come through that the bar will be raised higher.”

次到訪香港的建築工地時,感到十分震驚。他表示:「工 人們對工地安全的認識不足,他們會把油和混凝 土倒進 排水管道去。」 自從加入萊坊後,陳贊輝與其部門的同事通過項目稽 核,費盡思量推行更有效率的系統和規則。於去年第二屆

GreenBuild asia 座談會中,他是行業專題討論小組的 成員之一,他說:「我一直認為,我們不能只嚷著要環保, 而必須在 經 濟模式中找到

Chan has a cleaner, safer vision for the building industry 陳贊輝以整頓建築 工地為己任

改善環境的方法。因此我嘗 試 構 思 如 何 能 讓 公司 以一 個 更有利環保 的 方 法 來 賺 取盈利。」 他的策略包括監控 物料 的流 動 性;在 工地 建 立各 個系 統,減 少建 築 廢 料; 並且以可重複使用的金屬 模來取代傳統的木框架。 他初到香港時,曾為一家 日本承建商工作,從中學 習到更 好 的工 地管 理 方 式,例 如 以不 同 的 桶 子 盛載各種建築廢料。 陳 贊 輝 指 出,這 些 輕 微的改變可以產生很大 的影響力。他說:「在中 國有數以百計的建築項 目正在進行中,這樣最少可以在每個領域減少 50 萬噸廢料。」 陳贊輝還希望愈來愈多人有足夠的經濟能力貫徹實行 綠色科技。他認為,環保建築物同時也應該在經濟上具有 可持續性的效益。但他指出,推行改變的龐大動力,應該 來自各個政府。 他說:「人們希望享有綠色的環境,但他們需要有一個 目標。社會上有很多矛盾的訊息和指引,人們不知道應何 去何從,只有在法例開始落實時,才可以提高標準。」 March 2009 silkroad



Winds of change


A former logistics consultant for cargo companies, Christian Masset is now Chairperson of Clear the Air, Hong Kong and a Director for the Motorwave group which invented and markets small wind turbines for household use. Christian Masset worked in various jobs before becoming involved in environmental issues as a hobby and a community initiative. His training in business and logistics with cargo and freight companies made him an eco-asset and after a few years Masset became the logistics consultant for Clear the Air, a volunteer organisation he now chairs. Traditionally, the group has been a lobbying power, but is now moving into the world of business – it celebrated its 11th anniversary last November with its first corporate sponsor, Wallem, a shipping line and ship-management company. Nike has also been working with the group and at the anniversary party Masset identified the sports firm’s Hong Kong office as an example of what any corporation can do. “They made an audit and cut their energy consumption by 20 percent with simple things, from using sleep modes on machines to turning off lights at the end of the day,” he says. “In many companies the lights are kept on for no reason at all because nobody cares. The fact that the office did this by themselves shows that anyone can do it.” Masset says Hong Kong’s environmental strategy needs to change. “We don't need more roads, what we need is proper management of what we have. We have to go for quality of living, not quantity building.”

Christian Masset曾在貨運公司擔任物流顧問, 現在是香港環保組織「爭氣行動」的主席。他擔任 董事的Motorwave集團,發明了為家居供應能源 的微型風力發電機,已推出市場銷售。 Christian Masset’s Clear The Air has raised its profile through sponsorship

Christian masset的 「爭氣行動」的經費 來自商業贊助

christian Masset 嘗試過許多不同工作之後,才投身環 保運動,既為個人興趣,也為大眾出力。 意外的是,他在貨運和空運公司獲得的商業和物流經 驗,竟成為了他從事環保工作的資產。在投身環保運動數 年之後,他成為了義工組織「爭氣行動」的物流顧問,現 在更擔任主席一職。該組織過去只著重向政府進行遊說 工 作,現 在 已 投 入 商 業 世 界。船 運 和 船 務 管 理公司 Walle m 是 「爭 氣行 動」的 首個 企 業 贊助人,雙 方合 作至今已踏入第 11 個 年頭。 此 外,N i k e 也 正 在 與「 爭 氣 行 動」 合 作。在 周 年 紀 念 派 對 中,M a s s e t 以N ike的香港辦 事處 為例子,引證 任 何企 業 也可以 做到節省能源的 目標。他解釋說: 「他 們 經 過 審 查 後,採取了一些簡單措施,如啟動器材的省電模式,並在 下班後把燈關掉等,把能源消耗減少了兩成。許多公司都 是長時間地在亳無理由下沒有把燈關掉,因為大家都不 以為然。Nike 的做法,證明人人都可以做得到。」

Masset 表示香港的環保 政 策需 要 作出調整,他說: 「我們不需要更多手段,我們需要的是如何正確地運用 我們所擁有的。我們需要追求生活的質素,而不是建 築 物的數量。」

offsettinG tHe CArBon footPrint 保護環境 抵銷碳化物


he way to tackle this problem, globally, is to ensure everyone is working together,’’ says Dominic Purvis, Cathay Pacific Airways General Manager Environmental Affairs. The problem, of course, is climate change. Cathay Pacific and sister airline Dragonair therefore launched the Fly Greener programme, the first of its kind provided by any Asian airline. The programme offers passengers the option of using cash or frequent-flyer miles to offset their carbon footprint by funding green projects that help reduce carbon dioxide levels. In fact, Fly Greener is an extension of an in-house programme that helps offset carbon 58

silkroad March 2009

emissions associated with Cathay Pacific staff travelling on business. However, the challenge lies in identifying projects that not only prevent or eliminate the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere but that also fulfil the airline’s own strict requirements. “It is important to us that we buy reliable carbon credits to offset all our duty travel, as this ensures that our money goes towards projects which are credible, which make a difference and which would not have happened otherwise,” says Dominic. “We only use credits that have been verified by internationally accepted standards; all of the credits in the

Fly Greener programme have been verified under the Voluntary Carbon Standard.” The programme has received positive feedback and Cathay Pacific and Dragonair will increase the number of initiatives to promote it. “We are working on increasing the number of passengers participating in the Fly Greener programme by raising awareness and improving the attractiveness of the programme,” says Dominic. “Plans include providing links to the programme at more customer touchpoints [such as at online check-in], increasing the number and type of projects we support and launching a corporate offset scheme.”

Main photo: Philip Engelhorn


Clear vision: Masset monitors air quality in Hong Kong

masset對監察香港的 空氣質素不遺餘力

泰航空環保部總經理唐柏偉說:「要 對付這個問題,需要全球每一個人同 心協力。」 他所指的「問題」當然就是氣候變化。 因此,國泰航空和姊妹公司港龍航空推出 「飛向更藍天」碳抵銷計劃,是首個由亞洲航 空公司推出的碳抵銷計劃,讓乘客選擇以現金 或飛行里數來資助一些減少碳排放的環保活 動,以扺銷他們在大自然中留下的碳化物。 事實上,國泰及港龍航空早已推出有關計 劃抵銷旗下員工每次公幹時所產生的碳化 物,但為計劃尋找符合公司嚴格要求的減排 項目是最大的挑戰。 唐柏偉表示:「我們要確保買到可靠的『排

碳權』,只有如此才能保證資金能用在可靠、 能協助改善環境和極需資助的減排項目上。我 們只會使用合乎國際認可標準的『排碳權』, 所有『飛向更藍天』計劃所用的『排碳權』均 獲自願減碳標準協會的審核。」 自「飛向更藍天」計劃推出以來,各界反 應積極,國泰和港龍航空更會為計劃推出連 串宣傳活動。 唐柏偉說:「我們將透過提升乘客的環保 意識和計劃的吸引力,鼓勵更多乘客參與。 宣傳活動包括在更多能接觸到乘客的介面 【如網上預辦登機服務網站】提供連結、增 加支持減排項目的數量及性質,以及推出企 業減排計劃。」

Dominic Purvis 唐柏偉

March 2009 silkroad


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