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Friday, September 25, 2010

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Aston XI Star Midfielder - Javed Ali

“Winning isnt everything - it’s the only thing” says Javed Ali Aston XI F.C are raring to go for the new Shapla League season. With a mix of young and experienced players, Aston XI are hoping to have a strong run in Division 1. After a fierce relegation battle last year there is a feel good factor in the team and maybe this year will be Aston’s year to be crowned Shapla League champions. We finally get the chance to speak to one of the stars of last season Javed Ali about everything from, last season to this season and the team - and also the challenge for silverware. Continues on page 49

Broadway School - Under construction

Broadway gets the go ahead... new era for the school??? Broadway School has been given the green light to start building a “better” school. After years of waiting ,£12 million has been funded for the school in the “Better Enviorement, Better Education” scheme. Teachers, parents and students included are backing the idea and we get the chance to speak to the man with the plan, Broadway School’s new Head Teacher Mr Sketlon about the idea. Continues on page 16

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Officers are in rage as boys from Aston around the age of 10-19 are causing trouble in and around the local park area with littering, graffiti, drinking, illegal drug use and violence. The local citizens are annoyed and angry at the groups of boys and the “disgusting and “horrible” state of the local park has also got the locals fuming. The situation is being looked out by the community police to stop and charge the young scoundrels. Story in full on page 5




Friday September 25th 2010

“Degrading OUR Area, time to kick these rebels out” Written by Jubir Ahmed Boys from the local area are being accused of “ASBO” behaviour and fears that the park will never be the same, thanks to the troubled youths have angered and annoyed the local citizens and police. The park has been left with a lot of litter consisting of alcohol bottles, fag buns and tobacco sheets. The park has been compared to a sewage dump according to the local police. Aston Park has a good history and is one of the main attractions in Aston - which also includes Aston Hall where Sir Thomas Holte originally lived. In the 1920s, the Birmingham Corporation was having financial troubles and had to choose between saving Aston Hall and the nearby Perry Hall. Aston Hall was saved and in 1927, The Birmingham Civic Society designed formal gardens which were implemented by the city with a workforce recruited from the unemployed and paid for by government grants This was so people could make something memorable for the future years. And with all the shocking behaviour in the park now many elder and younger citizens are scared to go into their own park. Football coach Ian Smith said “ I coach football here in Aston Park and I often see groups of boys hooded up walking around up to no good, they are very rowdy and loud and usually make a mess, although I don’t live in Aston, I don’t think they are giving a good representation of the area.

The Football Pitch caretaker Abdul Abbas quoted “I have lived in this area all my life and I have never seen young boys act so appalling in my life, locally there are many clubs and groups they can join but they choose not to, and their degrading our area, it’s time to kick these rebels out”. Although most of the adults in Aston are against the young boys, student Abdul Rajak said “ Even though there are a lot of teens messing around and causing trouble, it is a minority and not a majority, I don’t think its fair for adults and police to target our whole age group - when some of us dont do nothing wrong”. Husband and father of three, Ali Kazim included “The park is for kids to have fun and enjoy there time, babies to the elderly to everyone enjoys coming to the park for some fresh air and there is a lot of litter around, noise smoking and drinking but some groups of boys are just in the park to chill out from school and college, so there not all to blame because we were all kids at one part of our life”. We can hear everybody’s points and views but the “ASBO” behaviour has to stop. With Our park turning into a mess hopefully with the support of the community and police, the young scoundrels will be prosecuted, so we can all enjoy OUR pride and OUR park.


Aston’s Enemy number one Troubled teenagers in “gang” look picture


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My Final Newspaper and Poster