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Table of Contents Introduction to The Coalition 5 Coalition Party Leaders’ Personal Statements Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 6 William Ruto (URP) 7 Charity Ngilu (NARC) 8 Najib Balala (RC) 9 The Coalition Agenda for Kenya 10 The First Pillar 0f the Coalition: Unity (Umoja) 11 National Cohesion: Eliminating Ethinc Division 12 Security: Keeping Kenya Safe and Secure 14 Trade and Foreign Affairs: A Strong Kenya, for a more Stable Africa 18 Sports & Culture: Celebrating the Best in the World 20 Healthcare: Towards a Healthier Kenya 23 Education: Raising the Standards 24 Youth Empowerment: Realizing the Potential 29 Women’s Empowerment: An Equal Share 30 Social Protection: Helping the Vulnerable 31 The Second Pillar of the Coalition: Economy (Uchumi) 33 Growth and Development: Building an Enterprise Economy 34 Manufacturing: Sparking an Industrial Revolution 38 Information & Communication Technologies (ICT): Digital Take-off 41 Tourism: Only Kenya will do 43 Land Reform: A Property-Owning Democracy 44 Energy: Power for All 46 Agriculture & Food Security: A Green Revolution 50 Water: Towards Safe, Clean Water for all 54 The Environment: Protecting Kenya’s Environment 56 Transport: A 21st Century Transport & Infrastructure System 58 Housing: A Decent Home for all Kenyans 61 The Third Pillar of the Coalition: Openness (Uwazi) 63 Corruption: Cleaning up the Mess 64 Good Governance: Working with the Civil Society 65 Devolution: Power to the People 66 Final Words & The Coalition’s 7 Key Pledges to Kenyans

Agenda for Kenya 2013 - 2017 and beyond



Jubilee Manifesto