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Society Kills. By Jubilee Chiu

One thing I’ve noticed and learned slathering on layers of makeup dai- after having tumblr for three ly, dieting, and complaining about years now - is that people are ab- the way we were made? solutely hypocritical and contradictive.

Who are we trying to please? Oh, right. Society. Who is Society, though? WE ARE. We are both the perpetrators and the victims. How contradictive.

They say, “Oh, Society is so twisted! They make teens feel like they aren’t good enough in their own skin and force them to change their appearance/mindset/beliefs to fit in. Society is so wrong because everyone is beautiful and unique!!” However, when people try to be themselves they get put down and bullied for trying too hard, or something extremely rude of the sorts. Being sassy, sarcastic, rude and opinionated is something that’s highly glorified by Society.

As a Christian, I find it quite unsettling that we blame Society for all this but we ARE Society. First of all, we are made perfect in God’s image. We should never let other people make us feel like we aren’t good enough, or that we don’t meet Society’s standard of “beautiful/handsome”. We, in turn, should NEVER make anyone feel that they need to change who they are, to conform in order to fit in. Only God’s opinion matters! Secondly, having an attitude, being sassy/ sarcastic/rude/opinionated does NOT make you cool! No matter what Society says, being bad is never good.

Society pretends to love and care for those who are depressed, selfharm, suicidal, etc. yet at the same time, they shame them for it. Even more so for the suicidal; those who’ve tried and failed, and those who’ve succeeded. Ironically, Society is the one that causes the person to be suicidal, and ALSO is the one to mourn the loss of that “beautiful, talented, perfect” soul when they choose to end the mis- Who should we really be trying to ery. please? GOD!

They say that they’d pick “brains over beauty”, but does being intelligent and having a great personality matter anymore when everyone just judges you by your appearance? They say “never judge a book by its cover”, but Society only judges by the cover, never taking “You never fully appreciate some- You are the apple of his eye. Words time to look deeper. So “beauty is thing till it’s gone”... True, very don't define you. Stay strong beskin deep”. But why are we still true. cause you are BEAUTIFUL!!

Truth Is...  
Truth Is...  

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