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The HCOS Weekly Twelfth Edition

Marcus Miller of HCOS has been making animations for a quite some time now. He's announced a new upcoming project that is, in his own words, "the biggest project I've undertaken yet!" Little Billy and the Great Hole to China is going to be a stop-motion animation a little dierent from Marcus's previous projects. Here is a portion from Marcus's blog post on the HCOS Ning about this slight change in materials:

I've done clay. I like clay. It works his HCOS Ning blog for further upfairly well for animation. However, dates! it has it's downsides as well. It's sticky, it gets dirty really easily, it melts etc... Ultimately, I figured if I made the characters out of latex, they'd last longer. It's like having a A Message from the Editor posable doll. It doesn't necessarily Hey guys, I have some great news! Asher Metcalfe from HCS has opened up a music blog in the past few weeks. The Vinyl Vibe (http:// is an easily accessible blog that covers musical artists of many dierent genres. In this blog, Asher not only gives us basic information about the artists he chooses per post, but his own opinions related to the singers and bands. He rates albums, gives readers some interesting historical facts about artists and their songs, and even tells us what albums and songs he finds as his own personal favourites. Check out the blog and see what you think! You may even find some of your own favourite artists being rehave as much flexibility as clay, but viewed. I think that the pros outweigh the cons.

"The script is done, now here's where things get interesting. No clay this round. Not for the final product that is. So, it is not a claymation. It's still stop-motion, but the characters are being made out of rubber latex for their bodies, with other materials for hair, clothes etc. instead of clay.

It still begins with clay. You sculpt your character out of clay, and then pour plaster over it to create a mold. There are two sides of plaster so that it can separate and paint the latex over both sides. The liquid latex is mixed with acrylic paint of the desired colour, and it's simply painted on the plaster."

The Vinyl Vibe

Little Billy and the Great Hole to China A Message from the Editor

Why am I using latex rather than Marcus promises to keep the HCOS clay? community updated on this project. Keep a close look-out on


Starters by Lissa Price A Book Review by Jennica Wlodarczyk

The HCOS Weekly

during the Spore Wars. The Enders see the world as a place for them to take what they want: riches, control, fame, and youth. And Prime Destinations is the company that can give them their youth back. For a fee, the company allows Enders to rent the bodies of the homeless Starters for an allotted period of time. Prime Destinations seems like a good idea to the Starters, too. They will be paid to rent out their bodies to the Enders, and Prime Destinations will even beautify them, feed them, and make sure they are completely unconscious while the Enders use their bodies. The system seems to work for Callie at first, but when she suddenly wakes up during the time her renter, Helena, is still supposed to be using her body, she begins to realize that things are not as they seem. Helena has a theory about Prime Destinations, a theory she believes in so strongly that she won’t stop at anything – even murder – to bring her theory to the light.

Rating: 4/5 stars Positives: The story is quite interGenre: Young adult, dystopian fu- esting. It deals with both the Enturistic, and science fiction. ders’ and the Starters’ views on the matter of Prime Destinations. A description: Sixteen-year-old There is little to no swearing in the Callie Woodland is a Starter. She book, and there are no ‘questionwas left to fend for both for herself able’ scenes other than some mild and Tyler, her sick little brother, af- kissing between teenagers and ter the devastating Spore Wars renting Enders. There is mention of that left them both homeless and death, but there are no gory or deparentless. The only people left on tailed death scenes. The end of the planet Earth can be grouped into book leaves you on a major clifftwo categories: Starters and En- hanger, which I really enjoyed. ders. Starters are young people like Callie, the adolescents and Negatives: Dystopian fiction is children under nineteen years of done a lot, so a few points in the age that were vaccinated first storyline are easy to guess about. against the deadly spores infiltrat- Maybe I’m biased, but I didn’t find ed America during the Spore Wars. much in the book to be disappointThe Enders are sixty years and old- ed with. er. They are the elderly who were vaccinated along with the children

Sequels and Films: Enders is the second (and final) book in the series. Starters is currently being planned to be made into a movie. Personal Opinion: I quite enjoyed this book. I would recommend it to readers at least twelve or thirteen years old who are looking for an interesting, fast-paced book filled with intrigue and a ridiculously amazing plot twist/cliff-hanger at the end.

Generations A Poem by Jaleesa Taylor Off we marched, our heads held high Taking up the chanting cry We pursed cracked lips, our faces grim When all around was feeling dim Looking back, just one last glance Tear-streaked faces all askance Dusty roads, we stride on through Seeing days of old anew Courage, bravery, trenches deep As blood red tears, our families weep Fire’s dancing in our eyes The blowing of the poppy sighs Bombs and shells echo aloud Blazing back, resolve was vowed Slowly moving, lines will crawl Friends falling down, around appall Dusty, grimy caps we hold Distressing faces, scenes of cold Still that lonely poppy blooms Above the resting sleep of tombs Imprinted in our minds today Beneath the fields of poppies lay Death gives way to hope held true As in our hearts, remember you

The HCOS Weekly


9. What could you not live without? As most of my social life and school work centers around the internet I’d say that I’d have the most trouble adjusting to life “offthe-screen”. But completely literal 3. What is one of your fondest I’d say that I couldn’t live without a memories? Hmm that’s a hard one. brain XP. I’m not really one to pick favourites but I’d say that I fondly remember 10. Thank you very much for your having the entire maternal side of time spent answering these quesmy family over for Christmas. tions. As a final (and very important) question, what colour do 4. What ‘number’ are you out of you think describes you the most? the kids in your family, and what It was a pleasure! I can’t really think is your family like? I am the first of of a color that describes me… I’m five out of my siblings. I’d say we’re fond of black, blue and green but I very close and personable and ac- don’t exactly have a deeply philocept friends in quite quickly. sophical connection to explain it.

Meet Davin van Urk

An Interview by Jennica Wlodarczyk

5. What do you hope to do in the future, once you’re out of high school? I don’t have any set plans but I would currently like to find a decent paying job, get married, and figure out what God’s planning for my life.

1. Hello there Davin! For the readers who may not know you, could you give them a brief explanation of who you are? Hello! Well my name is Davin van Urk, I’m a seventeen year old boy with grey eyes 6 . W h a t a re s o m e of yo u r and brown hair. hobbies? I’m a creator! Every free moment I get I am usually either 2. Where are you living right now, planning to make something or am and what makes it home to you? I working on a project. I currently am currently am living in Radium Hot working on forging or blackSprings BC. It’s part of the Koote- smithing and trying my hand at nays. I’ve lived here practically my that. whole life and while I would now like to move on I know nearly every 7. Who is your role model in life, street, alley and path in town and and in what ways do they help really get a feeling of ‘ownership’ you? I’d say one of my biggest role here. models is my Dad. He’s talked to me a lot in recent years and helps me to learn how I can make better decisions on my own.

I hope you've enjoyed this edition! Just as a special note, we at the HCOS Weekly are not doing an edition in two weeks' time because of Spring Break. We will be back on track after that break. As another special note, we are planning to do a special CHEC edition of the paper. It will most likely be released either the last week of April or the first week of May. CHEC is going on in Kelowna, BC, on April 25th and 26th. Check out http:// for more details. Also, please remember that we are always open to publishing your stories, poetry, reviews, art, articles, etc. Just email us at We hope to see you at CHEC, and have a wonderful Spring Break!

8. Since we all know that you contribute to the HCOS Weekly with amazing show reviews, what are your top three favourite TV shows? At the moment I’m very fond of Sherlock, Leverage, and Star Wars the Clone Wars. Jennica, Editor


Cool Facts For Your Warehouse of Useless Knowledge

by Jennica Wlodarczyk 1. Mosquito repellents don't repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know you're there. 2. Adult elephants can't jump. 3. Horses can fall asleep while standing. 4. The fear of teeth or dental surgery is called 'odontophobia.' 5. When you die, your hair still grows for a few months. 6. In ancient Rome, it was considered a sign of leadership to be born with a crooked nose. 7. Dueling in Paraguay is legal as long as both parties are registered blood donors. 8. Only female mosquitoes bite. 9. The ears of a cricket are located on its front legs, just below the knees. 10. Snails can sleep for three years without eating. 11. On average, a Twinkie will explode in a microwave after 45 seconds of being cooked. 12. In 1980, a Las Vegas hospital suspended workers for betting on when patients would die. 13. Slugs have four noses. 14. Some ribbon worms will eat

The HCOS Weekly

themselves if they can't find any 21. The chances of you dying on food. your way to get a lottery ticket are greater than the chances of you 15. The name "Wendy" was made winning the lottery. up for the book Peter Pan. 22. In England during the 1880's, 16. Being ignored causes the same "pants" was considered a dirty chemical reaction in the brain as word. being injured physically. 23. Thomas Edison was afraid of 17. The odds of being killed by a the dark. dog are 1 in 700,000. 24. Marie Curie's notebooks are 18. Peanuts are one of the ingredi- still radioactive. Researchers hopents in dynamite. ing to view them must sign a disclaimer. 19. Walt Disney was afraid of mice. 25. In Minnesota, it is illegal for a 20. In Japan, there are more pets person to cross state lines with a than children. duck on their head.

Craft Idea by Megan Ferguson

The HCOS Weekly


Love Yourself A Blog Post by Jennica Wlodarczyk

Love yourself, and others will love again. Disney movies always told you. us to be ourselves, and in doing so our Prince Charming would defiI know it’s a hard thing to grasp. nitely come. I know that Prince This is especially so because so Charming is an impossible idea. many people nowadays don’t But we need to stop living by the know how to love themselves. enslaving standards that peers, They have a false image of their guys, and society fill our brains identity - the sad thing is that this with every day. I have always loved lying image has more often than this little wordplay: bEAuTiful. EAT. not been placed in their minds by How curvy or non-curvy you are parents, siblings, friends, and oth- doesn’t determine your beauty. er people who are supposed to And if your friends don’t like that, help them. The circumstances in you have to go back and ask yourour lives aren’t our fault, but what self what true friendship is. You are we do in the midst of them is our you, and you are special. responsibility. And remember this very important What do I mean by that? Start thing, girls: YOU DO NOT NEED A speaking the truth about yourself. BOY TO TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE. No, I don’t mean the formulated You are beautiful. You are worth it. ‘truth’ that people have fed you You are needed. You are smart. You your entire life. Tell yourself how are strong. Make this true in your good you are. How beautiful you heart. Become those words. See are. Seriously, go up to your mirror, the brilliant person you already look yourself in the eye, and tell are. Once you love yourself, it’s yourself, “You are beautiful.” It’s easier for others to love you. And hard. It’s excruciatingly hard. But it when you love and respect has results, and it is the truth. Start yourself, you’ve got a better to ignore the hurtful and oppress- chance of finding a guy who will ing things that other people say. truly love and respect you. You are what you say you are, so start feeding yourself positivity. So love yourself. You’re not a misYou are the rudder of your ship, the take, not a failure. Everyone has a control centre of your plane. Steer purpose. How do I know this? Well, yourself in the direction that you let me explain. Have you ever met want to go. Steer yourself in the di- a person so amazing, so brilliantly rection that will free you. life -changing, someone you couldn’t even begin to imagine life So many girls find themselves im- without? Think for a moment. prisoned by things like weight, the Where would you be right now if popular idea of beauty, and how to they hadn’t come around? It’s act in order to make other people probably not a pretty picture. And accept them. Sometimes it’s good even if it is a little bit pretty, it’s for us to see the world as kids probably a dull and boring picture.

Those people are pretty freaking important. Now comes the bombshell. You are one of those people. Everyone will impact another person’s life at some time or another. Even if you don’t become that person’s best friend - even if you just smile at them and then never see them again - you are that important person in their life. We all know what a smile can do. Maybe a smile you gave to a stranger on the sidewalk outside of Wal-Mart literally changed their life. You never know. Believe in yourself. Love yourself. And if you do, you will find yourself being an inspiration to others and being loved yourself.

If you'd like to see other blog posts like this by Jennica, feel free to check out her writing blog on Tumblr.


Interview with Superman

The HCOS Weekly

Super Hero Interviews

by Jazzannah Green and Solome Wlodarczyk

Lois Lane: So, how does it feel being a superhero? Superman: Hmm, well it doesn't feel any dierent. Maybe you do get more attention, but that's all really. Lois Lane: What is your favorite part about being a superhero? Superman: Being able to help people. Lois Lane: Do you have a favourite food? Superman: Hmm... It used to be beef bourguignon with ketchup, but now I'm a vegetarian, and I don't have a favourite. Lois Lane: Why did you turn vegetarian? Superman: I knew it was a better choice.

Lois Lane: Do you have a favourite animal? Superman: I don't have one, but if I had to choose I would choose an eagle. Lois Lane: Why an eagle? Superman: An eagle is the symbol of America. Lois Lane: If there were no more criminals in the world, what would you dedicate your life to? Superman: Probably working at a news company, like the Daily Planet. Lois Lane: What would make a news company your work of choice? Superman: It has been something that has always interested me. Lois Lane: Well, I guess we're out of time. Thanks, Superman! Superman: You're welcome, Miss Lane.

Interview with Spider-Man by Jazzannah Green and Danielle Wlodarczyk Mary Jane: So, Spider-Man, how does it feel to be a superhero? Spider-Man: Well, it has its ups and downs. It is awesome to save people and go around swinging on webs. Ask any other superhero out there and they would say it's awesome. Mary Jane: Do you ever wish you had other powers? Spider-Man: Well, not really. I

mean, it would be nice to be smarter like Iron Man. I could make the best things ever! Mary Jane: If you did have his brains, what would you make? Spider-Man: Man, I could go on for hours! I would make a suit of my own - not to be a copy-cat, but because it would be awesome! I would also make super strong webs, and other stu like that. Mary Jane: That sounds cool! So, who was the hardest villain you ever had to fight? Spider-Man: Electro. He's the most powerful out of all the evil guys that I have ever fought. Mary Jane: How did you defeat him? Was it hard? Spider-Man: Well I can't give out my secrets, but it was pretty hard. Like, really hard! He has electricity! Mary Jane: Did you get hurt? Spider-Man: Yup, and it was pretty bad. Mary Jane: We are out of time, so I better be going. See you later Spider-Man! Spider-Man: I'll be in town, you know, saving people. Bye!

The HCOS Weekly


Verse of the Week

Cheesy Chex Mix

by Megan Ferguson

A Recipe by Megan Ferguson The HCOS Weekly will be putting together a yearbook after grad this year. HCOS students from grades 8 to 12 will be included. The yearbook will include special events that happened throughout the school year, as well as pictures of the grade 8 to 12s who are interested in being included. So far there are about 23 students going through with this project. If you are a grade 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 HCOS student who is interested in being included in the yearbook, please contact Jubilee Chiu through email at, through Skype at jubileechiu1996, or through her Ning profile. Thank you! Jennica, Editor

Does your life seem crazily busy or boringly slow? Do you want a change in pace? Ok, yes this is starting to sound like an infomercial, but it isn’t. I totally understand the need for action and change as well as the need to slow down. But God has given you this time of life for a reason. There is a time to be busy and a time to rest. Remember to enjoy the moment and have a thankful heart for all God has given us. If you spend your time longing for a change in pace you won’t enjoy the experiences of today. HERE'S AN EMPTY SPACE THE WRITERS DIDN'T KNOW Ok I’m really going to get killed for WHAT TO DO WITH IT putting this in but YOLO! Well I’m MAYBE IT'S A PLACE off to duck from pots and pans fly- MEANT FOR UNICORNS ing everywhere… Enjoy today! TO THROW A FIT A VERY Strange Poem-esque Thing by Jubilee Chiu

1. Toss 3 Cups Chex cereal, 2 Cups mini pretzels and 1 Cup cheese crackers with ¾ Cup grated parmesan, ½ stick melted butter and a pinch of garlic powder . 2. Spread on a baking sheet and bake 15 minutes at 325 degrees F, stirring. -Courtesy of the Food Network



The HCOS Weekly

Weekly LOL by Genevieve Ward

Super Comics

Grammar Nazi - by Joshua Wlodarczyk

The HCOS Weekly: 12th Edition  
The HCOS Weekly: 12th Edition