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The HCOS Weekly Second Edition

THE PAPER IS BACK! Are We Grateful? An Article By Megan Ferguson

like that, advertising the coolest newest technology. Researching and surfing the web probably exposed you to advertisements you didn’t realize were there! Watching TV has ads. Magazines and Newspapers have ads. The Radio has ads. Everywhere you go, there is some form of an advertisement flashing and subconsciously creeping into your mind. Nowadays there are ads for everything, from what laundry detergent to use to buying a condo in the Philippines.

I would like you to imagine with me please, your average day. Your alarm clock goes off. You stumble down the hall to breakfast and pour yourself some cereal. After breakfast, school starts. As you continue on with your day, you find yourself looking up a word in an online dictionary, researching for an essay, or just surfing the web. Later in the evening after the dinner, dishes are done you plop down in front of the TV to watch one of your favourite shows. After Jeopardy is over, it’s time for bed. After groaning that it’s too early to go to bed, you finally shuffle to your bedroom. How many adver- The producers of advertisement tisements have you seen today? companies want you to feel dissatWell let’s think about it… isfied with your current possessions so that you feel like you Did your alarm wake you up to the “need” their product. We have to Radio? If so, was a song playing or be careful not to be sucked into bewas it an advertisement? What coming discontent with what we about your cereal? I would guess have. That is the biggest weapon that somewhere on the box it advertisers use. Resist the temptawould say something similar to tion of having the newest, coolest “Try our new Crispy Oat cereal!” stuff just because it seems like evWhat about the milk you poured eryone else does. So instead of goon your cereal? What did the car- ing out to buy the new iPhone 5S, ton advertise? “Buy our milk and be grateful for your iPhone 5, a you could win a trip to Italy!” Later blessing you already have. “So we you were looking up a word in on- fix our eyes not on what is seen, but line dictionary - ads bombard sites on what is unseen, since what is

seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” -2 Corinthians 4:18

Cool Facts For Your Warehouse of Useless Knowledge

By Jubilee Chiu Rats and horses can't vomit. Most lipstick contains fish scales. Cat's urine glows under a black light. Like fingerprints, everyone's tongue print is different. If you keep your eyes open by force, they will pop out. Astronauts have a patch inside their helmets so they can scratch their nose. Since 1945, all british tanks have come equipped with tea making facilities. It's impossible to sneeze with your eyes open. (DON’T try this) Money isn't made out of paper, it's made out of cotton. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear.


No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, and purple.

The HCOS Weekly

Verse of the Week

Note From e Editor

By Megan Ferguson Slugs have 4 noses. The elephant is the only mammal that can't jump. The "save" icon on Microsoft Word shows a floppy disk, with the shutter on backwards. Tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur. A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off.

By Jubilee Chiu So we're two weeks into school, and the HCOS Weekly is back! Because everyone's busier this year, our team has lost some members. However, we are excited to welcome Jennica and Joshua Wlodarczyck, and Davin Van Urk to the HCOS Weekly team! We have some amazing ideas in mind for the paIf any of you lacks wisdom, you per, so stay tuned! should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. – James 1:5

A giraffe can clean its ears with its As the new school year has just 21-inch tongue. started, most of us are fresh and ready to jump into our courses and A goldfish has a memory span of get them done efficiently, and well. three seconds. However, as we all know when January and February roll around, Babies are born without knee we tend to slow down, fall behind, caps... They don't appear until the and get just downright discourchild reaches 2-6 years of age. aged. So we should remember throughout the whole school year Chewing gum while peeling onions to ask God for wisdom in our studwill keep you from crying. ies, and lives, not just in the hard months, but throughout the whole Honeybees have hair on their eyes. year. Weekly LOL

SUPER COMICS: Thor's Fans - By Joshua Wlodarczyk

The HCOS Weekly

Literature Corner A Place To Showcase YOUR Writing!

The Turning Point A Short Story By Jennica Wlodarczyk The room was dark. My face was scarred with dried tears, and my heart was cracking, crumbling; becoming completely lifeless. I could feel that my life was coming to a close. I had lost everything, and now I was losing my will to live. I looked down at my arms. Instead of seeing light blue lines underneath my skin, I saw veins of the utmost black. Instead of being powered by my own blood, I was being powered by darkness. And darkness didn’t have the power to keep me alive anymore. A slight moan escaped my lips, and I fell to the ground, my fall stopped only by my weak hands and knees. My life force was flickering away before my eyes. I literally saw the scale flat-lining. My body shook as I attempted to stand again. But every time I pushed up with my arms, an unseen force would pin me back down to the ground. My energy was being drained. My eyes were flickering. And then, I fell. The cold ground swallowed me up in a single bite as my body hit the floor. There was nothing left to lose. I knew that there was one thing that could save me, but I hadn’t called on that source of energy in years … would the other


side still accept me?

Their hearts ablaze.

There wasn’t much of a choice. The moon cast up their dole exThere was nothing left to lose. pressions The ground broke. It was an indescribable happening. It was as if the ground just dissolved into a black abyss, and threw me into the inner depths of its destruction. With the last ounce of energy I had, I reached my hands skyward. And then I screamed.

And with that they poured out their confessions. The love they had; was it fading or was it growing? With a twinkle in her eye, she gleams.

Everything went black for a mo- “Father God is watching over us ment. For a moment, I was gone. tonight, he knows our pain he Everything had ended. I had knows what we will gain” ended. He whispers “my love my love, fear But then, just as quickly as every- not for he is here with us, not just thing had turned to darkness, an up in the clouds, he is all around” explosion of light surrounded me. They smile and gleam I had stopped falling. Was I … floating? I opened my eyes, feeling With the trickling stream between a surge of energy pulse through my them body. I looked down at my arms, almost afraid of what I was un- She tip toed toward him with the doubtedly going to see. The black hem of her dress soaked, she matter in my veins was gone. In- smiles stead, pure light energy was pulsing through my veins. Even if we’re miles apart we shall be together again The explosion of light had come from inside me. With little time remaining they pray and cast their worries up to My heart was beating. the sky and into the hands of the father. I was alive. Knowing this won’t be a bother again.

A Love So Strong

She murmured, “I want to serenade you”

A Poem By Emily Pearson

He looked up with a flickering passion in his eyes

Across the meadow their eyes “That is such a noble prize” meet and the moment they held She opened her mouth and let the their gaze melodies come out.

The HCOS Weekly: 2nd Edition  

The HCOS Weekly is BACK. Enjoy!

The HCOS Weekly: 2nd Edition  

The HCOS Weekly is BACK. Enjoy!