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IRVINE CITY COUNCIL I will be honored to earn your vote.

Steven Choi Irvine City Councilmember

Irvine City Councilmember

Vote7Lynn Schott

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Irvine City Council

- This November's election is critical for Irvine's future. Will Irvine continue to lead the nation in quality of life, education and business innovation, or will we be damaged by unsustainable spending, and broken promises? - For 25 years, I have raised my family in Irvine and owned businesses. I have volunteered for schools, youth sports, Scouting, seniors, and my local congregation. Irvine is my home, and I've invested in making it a great place to live and work. - I am an Irvine business owner and active Chamber of Commerce member, where I serve on five committees. I am committed to helping business thrive. - I will promote a strong business-toclassroom partnership so that our city's best scientists and entrepreneurs can inspire our students while helping our teachers provide the best education. - The Great Park must be completed to provide enjoyment for the community. Park contracts should be awarded through transparent bidding. - We must curb wasteful city spending, maintain public safety, and rebuild our reserves. - A safe, strong and vibrant Irvine will be my focus, and we need new, principled leadership to guide us. I am ready to lead.

I will be honored to earn your vote. Join me at


Lynn Schott mailer  

Typo-ridden mailer from Irvine GOP hopeful Lynn Schott