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N.B. City Council


Dolores Otting has been a taxpayer advocate and government “watchdog” for the past ten years. During this time she has spoken out against wasteful spending and bureaucratic “red tape”. Now, Dolores is running for Newport Beach City Council. This is great news for those of us who care about how our tax dollars are spent.

Rescind The 136 Fee Increases

Keith Curry recently voted for an ordinance increasing 136 fees that residents and businesses pay in Newport Beach. Dolores Otting will vote to rescind these fee increases and look for other ways to balance the budget. Stop The Proliferation of Drug Rehab Homes What would happen to your property value if a drug rehab home opened up next to your home? We would guess nothing positive. Current law allows up to one rehab home be placed on every block in Newport Beach. Dolores will work with our state legislators to reform how these homes are placed in our neighborhoods. Transparent Government The City Council has 14 different “Ad Hoc” committees that are allowed to meet behind closed doors and recommend how to spend our tax dollars. Dolores Otting opposes these types of committees that can meet in secret. As your council person, Dolores will conduct the public’s business in public!

Dolores Otting—Working for All of Us Paid for by Taxpayers for Safer Neighborhoods H #1271053

Dolores Otting Puff piece  

Positive pro-Otting mailer from Taxpayers for Safer Neighborhoods. Otting is running for Newport Beach Council.

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