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“We are facing the early release of criminals statewide. Orange County cannot afford someone like Shawn Nelson whose law firm advertises to sexual offenders and then hides it from the public. We need leaders who stand up for victims, not hide what they do for criminals so they can run for County Supervisor.” –Harriet Salerno, Chair, Crime Victims United of California

About Crime Victims United of California Crime Victims United of California works to raise elected leaders’ awareness of the toll crime takes on our society and on the victims it creates. Their mission is to make sure law-abiding Californians have the rights, protections and respect they deserve.

“We worked hard to make the Megan’s Law database available online so parents know who is living in their community. For Shawn Nelson’s law firm to give convicted sex offenders advice on how to get around this law, and then hide it as he runs for office, shows the kind of character he really has.”

SHAWN NELSON’S LAW FIRM IS HIDING ITS ADVERTISING AS HE RUNS FOR COUNTY SUPERVISOR Shawn Nelson’s law firm is hiding its advertising to convicted sex offenders. One ad sympathized with the “social stigma” sex offenders face and urged them to appeal convictions allowing them to delay registering their whereabouts with local police departments.

Sex Offender Advertisements Hidden from Public View Don’t just take our word for it. According to, a leading conservative political blog, “These online ads have been largely scrubbed from the Internet—no doubt once it became apparent what a political liability they were.” (, May 17, 2010)

–Nina Salerno Ashford, Member, Executive

On June 8, Join Crime Victims United and Tell Shawn Nelson

Board, Crime Victims United of California

It’s Time to Stop Hiding the Truth “While a criminal’s act may take mere moments, its effects last a lifetime for victims and their families. We need to think about what crime victims go through, not sympathize with the so-called ‘social-stigma’ sex offenders face like Shawn Nelson’s law firm does.”–Denise Furtado, Member, Crime Victims United

What Shawn Nelson Doesn’t Want You To Know Shawn Nelson is asking you not to believe the real facts about his record. We have done research and thoroughly evaluated the public documents. Everything we cite has documentation so you can verify these facts yourself. Don’t let Shawn Nelson hide his real record with false counter-claims. We are not backing any candidate in this race.

OCEA hits Nelson with Crime Victims United - May 24  
OCEA hits Nelson with Crime Victims United - May 24  

A very effective piece from the OCEA, extending the criminal defense attorney meme by bringing in voices from Crime Victims United.