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830 N. Ross St. Santa Ana, CA 92701



Bell, CA Permit #75


Paid for by Orange County Employees Association IEC # 1291884, 830 N. Ross St., Santa Ana, CA 92701 Not authorized by any candidate or committee controlled by a candidate.

What Shawn Nelson Doesn’t Want You To Know Shawn Nelson is asking you not to believe the real facts about his record. We have done research and thoroughly evaluated the public documents. Everything we cite has documentation so you can verify these facts yourself. Don’t let Shawn Nelson hide his real record with false counterclaims. We are not backing any candidate in this race.

Votes Benefit a Campaign Donor Shawn Nelson doesn’t want you to find out how he gave away $1.65 million in tax dollars to a campaign donor selling a “red-tagged” building to the City of Fullerton. Now he’s trying to hide how he helped himself.

Repeated Votes Benefit Nelson’s Financial Holdings Since 2006, Shawn Nelson has been legally required to describe himself as a lender to a company that operates two bars in downtown Fullerton. Instead of avoiding a conflict of interest, Nelson voted three different times to make it more difficult for other businesses to open new bars downtown. (Shawn Nelson Statement of Economic Interest, City of Fullerton, 2002-2010, Fullerton City Council Minutes, Fullerton City Clerk, 6/6/07, 1/15/2008 and 3/4/2008)

Restaurant Moratorium Extended - Again

For the second time in less than a year, the Cit y Council on Tuesday approved an extension of a mo ratorium on allowing new alcohol-serving busine sses in downtown Fullerton… He (Shawn Nelson) voted for the extension.

On June 8, Tell Shawn Nelson to Stop the Favors to Himself and Political Donors

What Else Is Shawn Nelson Hiding?

OCEA mailer hitting Shawn Nelson - May 11  

A third mailer from AOCDS hitting 4th District Supervisor candidate Shawn Nelson on his business interests.

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