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SHAWN NELSON Admitted He Hid His Sex Offender Solicitations

Paid for by Orange County Employees Association IEC # 1291884, 830 N. Ross St., Santa Ana, CA 92701 Not authorized by any candidate or committee controlled by a candidate.

830 N. Ross St. Santa Ana, CA 92701

An Important Message about Public Safety from:




“Shawn Nelson’s admission he hid his solicitations for convicted sex offenders makes me wonder what he would hide as County Supervisor. Endangering community safety simply for marketing purposes is May 22, 2010 despicable.” “He [Nelson] admits removing that language –Harriet Salarno, Chair, Crime Victims United of California

from his web site. But he says it was there in the first place as a way to get a higher Google ranking on online searches.”

On June 8, Tell Shawn Nelson We Are Tired of Politicians Hiding the Truth.

If Shawn Nelson Puts Google Rankings Above Community Safety, What Will He Do as County Supervisor?

OCEA hits Nelson again on hiding sex offender ads  

The Orange County Employees Union hits Nelson with another mailer blasting him on his firm hiding that they advertised to represent sex offe...

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