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“Senator (Nolan) Tries to Bribe Sister of Rape Victim” – Nevada News & Views Headline, May 27, 2010 ss

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s message e v a e l r o t a NV sen im’s sister to rape vict May 27, 2010

says he state senator A ev N Y, IT ’s sister CARSON C a rape victim e b ri b to g in could wasn’t intend suggesting it ge sa es m a her the truth when he left ial” if she told ic ef en b y ll a son be “financi d of his to pri n ie fr a t n se t in a case tha

SENATE DIS TRICT 9: Lawmaker’s call to wom an sparks call f o r r e s i gnation May 27, 2010 Nolan, a Las V egas Republica n who is seek re-election in ing Senate Distric t 9 in northwes County, admit t Clark ted making th e call a week ag o

Nolan’s actions are the worst example of corruption and abuse of power.

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What kind of man seeks to bribe a witness to free a convicted rapist?

Senator Dennis Nolan On the recording, a man who ide ntifies himself as “Dennis” says a lot of people have a “seriou s interest” in the campaign. “I think that, um, it could be ver y financially beneficial, um, for you to consider telling the tru th.” It went on, “Give me a call a littl e later on and I will, uh, give you more details on it.” The caller says he got a call from some people who’d like to “see this thing cleared up and... have the resources to back that up. ” Associated Press

to bribe the woman but to induce He (Nolan) said he was not trying e a “wire,” or recording device, so her to meet with him while he wor en asked why he did not go to that he could tape what she said. Wh making the call, Nolan said he law enforcement authorities before have authorized his plan to make doubted any police agency would the woman said. calls, wear a wire and record what s Review-Journal

During the trial, a pros ecutor said Lawes admitted to police that he walked naked down the stairs and had sex with the teen who was “passed out drunk,” according to published reports at the time. Associated Press

Las Vega

Dennis Nolan shouldn’t be serving in the State Senate, he should be serving in Prison with his rapist friend and former campaign manager.

Call State Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto at (702) 486-3420 and demand that she take action against this criminal politician.

Hit on Nev. state Sen.Nolan  
Hit on Nev. state Sen.Nolan  

Negative mailer against Nevada state Sen. Dennis Nolan, hitting him on bribe attempt.