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Nelson for Supervisor 2010

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2030 Conejo Lane Fullerton, CA 92833 475

SHAWN NELSON Tough Enough to Take on the Government Employee Unions... And Tough Enough to Beat Them! The official candidate of the Republican Party of Orange County and the California Republican Party.


Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway are hiding behind the Government Employee Unions

The greedy government employee unions ripping off Orange County taxpayers have a game plan to get even more. More Salary – More Benefits – and Bigger Pensions. That’s why they are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote the campaigns of their hand-picked candidates, Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway. And the reason why liberals Sidhu and Galloway are hiding in the shadows of the union smear campaign.

The Union Game Plan has one simple goal – to create a run-off election between two union friendly candidates – freezing out the only candidate willing to stand up to them.

O.C. Government Employee Union Game Plan 1. Send multiple “hit pieces” that smear the Officially Endorsed Republican Candidate, Fullerton Councilman and Businessman Shawn Nelson, with false and outrageous lies. 2. Spend heavily to buck-up their two hand-picked liberal candidates: Anaheim Council Members Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway.

Republicans – Stick Together and Defeat the Greedy Government Unions! Shawn Nelson – the Candidate Who Will Say NO to the Unions! “Shawn Nelson is the candidate the Public Employee Unions fear most – because he won’t buckle to their pension-spiking, budget busting agenda. He proved that in Fullerton and he will prove it again as our new Supervisor.” Assemblyman (Former Supervisor) Chris Norby

“Ground Zero in the battle between taxpayers and government employee unions is right in your neighborhood. One candidate for Supervisor in your district - and only one candidate – has vowed to oppose the union agenda and stand up for taxpayers. That candidate is Shawn Nelson.” Supervisor John Moorlach

Nelson hits Sidhu and Galloway - May 25  

The Nelson for Supervisor campaign accuses rivals Harry Sidhu and Lorri Galloway of hiding behind the government unions in this negative mai...