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Lou Correa for State Senate 2010· PO Box 1107· Anaheim,CA 92815

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26, 2010

Beyond a pretty penny



"The problems with unsustainable

lavish pay and benefits are

facing cities in Orange County....

Voters need to pay attention, and hold elected officials accountable."

) J!ave JuG( Luoille Kring voted to inorease pensions.

At least 59 retired Anaheim oity employees

reoeive more than $100.1000 a year - and

taxpayers are stuok with the bill.

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"e Kring's $100~OOO+

Public Pension


fhis Week"s Episode A~

Anaheim City Councilwoman for 8 years, Lucy f""\ has voted to raise a lot of public pensions. Now, dozens of former city employees are getting at least $100,000 a year - and taxpayers are footing the bill.

Next Week"s Episode "Broken Promises" Lucy's in hot water again when she breaks her campaign promise and votes 122 times to raise taxes and fees. Our girl has a lot of explaining to do - especially to those who took her at her word.

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Another "I Don't Love Lucy" Hit on Kring by Correa  

Correa, incredibly, hits Kring on public employee pensions.

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