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Lou Correa for State Senate 2010路 PO Box 1107路 Anaheim. CA 92815

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not foralse faxes - a promise sheJs broken 27 times.

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This Weekis Episode 0

nLucy's 8roken Promises"


hile campaigning for Anaheim City Council,

Lucille Kring promised she would not vote for higher taxes/fees. But right after she took office, our girl voted to increase city park fees足 just the first of 122 times she broke her promise. Lucy, you've got a lot of exp~aining to do.

Next Weel(s Episode UFeather Your Own Nest" Lucy figures charity begins at home ...

On May I, 2001, City Councilwoman Kring voted

herself a 50% pay increase - even as she was

raising taxes and fees on residents.

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IPot1f Love Lucy.colM


"I Don't Love Lucy" hit on Lucille Kring