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HARRY SIDHU The Republican Choice for Supervisor • Help small businesses expand and create new jobs • Cut wasteful spending and streamline government • Protect taxpayers and fight against tax increases • Maintain public safety to protect our community

Officially endorsed by the California Republican Assembly Follow Harry on: Harry Sidhu The Republican ATP (1).indd 1

4/20/10 11:37:49 AM

Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu— Endorsed and Respected by Republican Leaders “HarrySidhuisan accomplishedbusinessman whobelievesincutting governmentwasteand balancingourbudgets withouttaxincreases.” ~SupervisorJanetNguyen,Chair,OrangeCountyBoard ofSupervisors


ayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu has a proven track record of helping small businesses grow and expand, especially during the economic downturn. That’s one reason why so many Orange County Republican leaders support Harry for County Supervisor. On the City Council, Harry worked hand in hand with the local Chamber of Commerce to cut red tape and remove government roadblocks that hold back business and job growth. Harry was also the driving force behind the Anaheim/OC Job Fair & Expo, which helped bring together local businesses and job seekers. On the Board of Supervisors, Harry will continue working to improve Orange County’s economy, while also streamlining government, auditing waste and excessive spending, and ensuring a balanced, fiscally sound budget.

• Stronger Orange County Business Climate • Streamlined, Efficient Government • Lower Taxes and Fees

“HarrySidhuistheright candidatetoworkhand-inhandwithsmallbusiness ownerstocutredtapeand helpbusinessescreatenew jobs.” ~SupervisorBillCampbell,ViceChair,OrangeCounty BoardofSupervisors

“…Harryisacandidatewecantrusttouphold ourconservativeRepublicanvalues.” ~KarlHeft,CRAVicePresident

“HarrySidhuistheone candidatewhowon’traise taxesandwon’texpand governmentspending.” ~ShawnSteel,CaliforniaRepublican NationalCommitteemanand FormerChairman,CaliforniaRepublicanParty

“Harryhasworkedtostretch taxpayerdollarsbymaking governmentmoreefficient, andmoreeffective.” ~AnaheimMayorCurtPringle

Mayor Pro Tem Harry Sidhu— The trusted Republican choice for County Supervisor. Harry Sidhu The Republican ATP (1).indd 2

4/20/10 11:37:59 AM

Sidhu GOP mailer April 20, 2010  

Harry Sidhu for Supervisor campaign: mailer targeting GOP voters.

Sidhu GOP mailer April 20, 2010  

Harry Sidhu for Supervisor campaign: mailer targeting GOP voters.