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Wagner for Assembly 2010 3943 Irvine Boulevard, Suite 504 Irvine, CA 92602

Republican Don Wagner Conservative for State Assembly The Sacramento liberals think the answer to the budget deficit is raising taxes. I think the answer is cutting wasteful spending and stopping the illegal immigration that costs taxpayers billions every year.

~Don Wagner

OFFICIAL ENDORSEMENTS California Republican Assembly Republican Taxpayer’s Association Family Action PAC Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Hugh Hewitt, Conservative Radio Host

W a g n e r F o r A s s e m b ly. c o m

Don Wagner: Real Experience Balancing Budgets Don Wagner: Balanced the Community College District’s Budget On the local Community College Board, Don Wagner passed balanced budget after balanced budget, without gimmicks, new taxes, or more borrowing. He lives by the rule that you shouldn’t spend more than you bring in.

Don Wagner: Paid Off the Community College District’s Debt Don Wagner didn’t just balance the Community College District’s budget; he demanded that the District pay off the debt run up by previous administrations.

Don Wagner: Didn’t Raise Taxes by One Dime Even though some people thought the best way to balance the budget was to raise taxes, Wagner disagreed. Sometimes politicians treat taxpayers like a ‘money tree’. Not Wagner. He thinks government should learn to live like the rest of us do – within a budget.

Don Wagner: A Real Plan to Balance California’s Budget Don Wagner: No New Taxes

California already pays the highest taxes in the country. Wagner signed the ‘No New Taxes’ pledge, and will vote against any new tax increases that the liberals propose.

Don Wagner: Nonpartisan Public Audits

Don Wagner supports nonpartisan public audits of all state government spending so that we can see exactly where every dollar goes. Then we can know which programs are worth keeping and what wasteful spending can be cut.

Don Wagner: Cut Wasteful Spending

Don Wagner will actually vote to cut unnecessary spending ... not just talk about it. Don knows we work hard for our money and already pay high taxes. He’ll demand the elimination of unnecessary programs like welfare for illegal immigrants.

W a g n e r F o r A s s e m b ly. c o m

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Don Wagner positive piece number two  

Second positive intro piece from Don Wagner, one of three Republicans vying for the 70th Assembly District nomination.