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Orange Countyforward. Bud long-term economic growth As city councilman, Harry Sidhu is building doors of opportunity for future job growth. Last year he organized the first annual Anaheim/OC Job Fair and Expo that found employment for 400 workers. As Supervisor, Harry will provide stability to our community by promoting small business growth through lower taxes and reduced regulations.

low working fam lies to keep their ardRearned money With the second highest tax rate in the country, Harry Sidhu believes that California taxes are stealing the American Dream from our families. He's tired of high taxes that eat away at our savings and force our families to work harder every year. In office, Harry will oppose tax increases so our children can afford to call Orange County home.

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e. uce our' deb and cut wasteful spending Our children should not have to pay for our waste and fiscal mismanagement. As Supervisor, Harry Sidhu will continue to cut wasteful government spending while restoring conservative fiscal responsibility and accountability to the taxpayer~.

Create safer streets to protect 0 r fa Illes Harry Sidhu has a strong record of keeping our neighborhoods safe and supporting anti-graffiti efforts keep our streets dean. In office, he'll continue his commitment to the highest level of police and fire protection for our community through innovative and multidisciplinary programs.


Reduce conga .on with an improved transporta 'on system



By 2030 it's estimated that the already terrifying traffic load on Eastbound 91 Freeway will rise from 300,000 trips weekly to 425,000 trips a day That's why Harry Sidhu supports ti-eeway improvement projects that save cornmuters time. As Supervisor, he'll continue to take a leadership position to build more lanes, roads and public transportation alternatives to alleviate our worsening congestion problems.

Source: wwwjoinbarry.comlcontent/issues i I"


"Harry Sidhu is the right candidate to work hand-il1.­ hand "With small bu,,<:;mess owners to cu red tape and I

help businesses cr ate new jobs. ' - SUPERVISOR BILL CAMPBELL, VICE CHAIR, ORANGE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS SOU1Te.­ bllp.-//u)w/vjoinha'Ty.comiocslcontenl/orange· county-supe,-visor-4tb·th,t,-ict·endorsements

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Harry Sidhu wants to build a strong foundation .for the childl"cn of



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Paid for by Association of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs Independent Expenditure Committee 10#1265580 1314 W. Fifth Street, Suite A Santa Ana, CA 92703 Not authorized by any candidate or committee controlled by a candidate












"I firmly oppose

tax ncreases...





Because of unfair taxes and government waste, hard work doesn1t mean more time with the family.. .Instead, hard work just means more taxes." - HarJ~Y Sidhu,

Candidate/or Orange County Supervisor

Source: http://www.joinharry.colII/OCS

Another AOCDS mailer for Sidhu  

The AOCDS pumps out another mailer for Harry Sidhu for Supervisor.

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