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Is my boyfriend cheating? Most women tend not to listen to our gut and we end up getting hurt over something we could have avoided. We have what is called "a woman's intuition" and majority of the time it is right. Do you think your boyfriend is cheating and need to know some of the signs to look out for? Here are a few that is really noticeable and at this point you need to take action. This is when you know the answer to this question "is my boyfriend cheating?" - He is always gone now and hardly ever has time for you. - When he does make time for you he keeps his cell phone on silent but is always texting. - He claims he needs to step outside to make a phone call. - You find a box of condoms in his car and he claims his "friend" left them in his car. - He starts to take on more overtime but does not seem to take you out anymore. - He does not answer your phone calls but will text you back instead of calling you. Then you really begin to obsess over the fact is my boyfriend cheating? - Erases his text messages and recent phone calls. - He claims to always be out with friends but when you call it is really quiet. - He starts to answer questions before they are even asked?! - He starts to seem distant and always picking a fight to get away. (This is so he doesn't feel guilty) - He seems to stay clean and smelling good even when he is just going to work. - Your friends say they saw him with another girl. - You find a picture of a girl (who of course he claims is his cousin) You sometimes want to assume the best about someone and give them the benefit of the doubt but sometimes the signs are just to clear and you know the truth. At times he may be good at lying and you will find it is a little difficult to see through him but there will still be signs. You may just have to dig a little deeper. A woman is blessed with that woman's intuition for a reason so go with your gut. If you had to ask the question is my boyfriend cheating than the odds are he is. You need to keep your eyes and ears open and watch for the signs. Are you still asking the question is my boyfriend cheating?

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