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Hi guys, today I'm going to give you another basic pointer if you want to know how to make good money online. One of the most basic steps which most people haven't mastered yet is attracting visitors through SEO and SEM techniques. So what are SEO and SEM? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and consists of tweaking your site in order to appear in the best ranking possible on Google SERP's (Search Engine Result Pages). Sure, there are other important search engines such as Microsoft's Bing, but they aren't as widespread and a good Google Ranking more or less guarantees a similar position in any other search engine. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and it consists on paying for advertisements on Google AdWords to get visitors on your site. Now, let's go over some basic SEO and SEM concepts... Google measures a whole lot of factors when deciding on its rankings, and nobody knows exactly what they are. However, you're playing it safe if you keep your content relevant to the theme you're talking about (lots of interesting and informative texts, please!), the time it takes to load your page isn't very high (cut down on images and specially Flash items. If you're wondering about the optimal number of elements with Flash on your website, the number is zero) and users don't leave your site as soon as they open it (just make it nice to look at and easy to use). And that there is the ABC of SEO. SEM works differently. By setting up an AdWords campaign, you are basically putting up advertisements on other sites. The system is good, as you can decide how much money you want to spend in a day (your advertisement will only appear so many times on other sites), what country or countries you want the traffic from, where you want it to appear (no mobile phones unless you have a page set up for it! Also: do you want it to appear in other relevant sites and / or in Google SERP's). Go through things carefully so as not to receive any unpleasant surprises, specially at first. If you're wondering how much money you should spend on SEM, the answer is as much as you can afford. At first, SEO will be slow, so it' not a bad idea to get the flow of visitors flowing through SEM. After that, it depends on how much your SEM campaign is making. If for every dollar invested, you're making ten dollars, the by all means: put in all the dollars you can. If for every dollar invested you're making ten cents, change your campaign. Change the text you're using, the places you're advertising in or your website: but do something!

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