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CONTENTS •• Module 1 All about you page 6

1 Asking and answering questions

Pronunciation: Auxiliary verbs 2 Present simple and continuous

Module 2 Memory page 16

Module 3 Around the world page 26

Module 4 Life stories page 36

1 Past simple and

Everyday activities People around you

Reading and speak.i <

we really spend our


T: .,;

Wordspot: have (and have got)

Remembering and forgetting


Listening and speaking: ?:._ meetings, A childhood IT:C!"!:.-­

Pronunciation: Past simple -ed endings

Song: Remember the Om 50·· :

2 used to

Reading: Ten ways to imp.:; " your memory

1 Comparatives and


old Schoolyard

Vocabulary and writing: Describing towns and cities

Reading: The top 100 piau;; :: visit before you die

Describing life events Positive characteristics

Reading: Parallel lives

2 Phrases for comparing

Pronunciation: Stress and /~/ sounds

1 Present perfect simple

Pronuniciation: Strong and weak forms of have

Wordspot: take

2 for, since and ago and Present perfect continuous

Pronunciation: Linking Consolidation modules 1-4 pages 46- 47 Module 5 Success page 48

A Questions and auxiliaries B Present and past verb forms C Listening and speaking: Comparing the past with the present 1 Future forms


LJ Speaking: Getting to know E Vocohlllary: Alphabet quiz

Reading and vocabulary:

Have you got what it takes.' Pronunciation: Stressed ~"Y:~- -

2 Future clauses with if, when, etc

Listening and speaking: Doing something differen: Song: Manic Monday Module 6 In the media page 60

1 -ed/-ing adjectives

Extreme adjectives

2 The passive

Pronunciation: Word stress

Listening and vocabular: -:­ and radio Reading and vocabularv: News stories


Further skills

Study Practise Remember

-:-.1sk: Find things in common .-:-eparation: listening :足 ok: speaking _c~l!ow up: writing

Writing: E-mail an old ftiend

Study tip: Using English in class Pronunciation spot: Stress and the ~I sound

. ask: Test your memory :"ceparation: reading :-ask: speaking

Real life: Showing interest Pronunciation: Sounding polite

Study tip: Using the mini-dictionary Pronunciation spot: The sound /w/

Task: Design a tour

Real life: Booking a flight

Study tip: Keeping notes Pronunciation spot: The sounds !JI and /i:/

?i eparation: listening

:-ask: speaking up: writing


Task: Talk about someone you admire Preparation: listening _ask: speaking _'ollow up: writing

Writing: A curriculum vitae

Task: Choose the best candidate eparation: reading .ask: speaking

Writing: A covering letter

Task: Review a book/concert/CD _ eparation: listening :-ask: speaking

Writing: A consumer review



Real life: A formal telephone call Pronunciation: Sounding polite

Study tip: Improving your spoken fluency Pronunciation spot: The sounds /0/, h:/ and f;m/

Study tip: English outside the classroom (1): Using the media Pronunciation spot: The sounds /re/ and /A/



Language focus


Reading I Listening

1 Polite requests

Vocabulary and speaking: - . 'nehaviour

great international night out


Module 7


Pronunciation: 5c . -'-'3.': <.:=:

page 70

Listening: Social customs in Thailand

Wordspot: go

2 will for offers and ins:CU1t decisions Pronunc'

Reading and vocabulary: The

.:0-_' 9 generalisations

1 Defining relative clauses

Module 8 Things you can't live without

2 Quantifiers


How machines work

Reading: Machines behaving

Pronunciation: Stress in compound nouns


Describing everyday objects



C LIstening: fa-~Olis firsts D Spetikiil~:.osking favours

A Future forms I Fulure time clauses B Vocabulary: mega memory

Consolidation modules 5-8 pages 90-91


Module 9 Future society page 92


--­ -


- - -=

=­ ..





1 Making predictions

Society and change

Reading and vocabulary:

2 Hypothetical possibilities with if

Pronunciation: Shifting stress

Getting it wrong! Getting it righ.:.­

Wordspot: make

Pronunciation: 'II or 'd

1 Past perfect

Module 10 An amazing story

Pronunciation: Past simple or Past perfect

page 102


'Vocabulary and speaking: Types of story

Reading and vocabulary: . Pronunciation: Sentence stress

Wordspot: say and tell

2 Reported speech

Adverbs for telling stories

1 Obligation and permission in the present

Wordspot: do


Module 11 Rules and freedom

Listening: Annoying rules Reading and vocabulary: -:::

Pronunciation: Modal verbs

page 112

sue or not to sue?

2 Obligation and permission in the past

I Module 12 Dilemmas page 122

1 could have, should have,

would have Pronunciation: Past modal forms

Problems and solutions

Song: Out of Reach

Wordspot: think

Pronunciation: Vowel sounds

2 Imaginary situations in the past with if

Consolidation modules 9-12 pages 132 - 133


perfect crimes ... well almost:

A Pasl perfect I Reporled speedl B Possibility, obligation and permission. C Listemng; I-Iypolhetico! forms _


Communication activities pages 134-143

.'D rlwke/do!srly!telJ/thilJk E Speaking: Agreeing and disagreeing ,Word puzzle F. Vocabulary; _. t_~





Language summary pages 144-154



Further skills

Study Practise Remember

::l..5k: Give tips on how to behave

Real life: Making a social arrangement

Study tip: Using revision techniques Pronunciation spot: The sounds /8/ and (0/

- '~:xJration: listening -" : . : speaking

--: sk: Make a list of things you'd hate :-: be without ,7""iparation: listening -:-.1Sk : speaking



Real life: Buying things Writing: Saying thank you

Task: Decide how to spend lottery __,oney ,- eparation: listening -:- -k: speaking

Real life: Ways of saying numbers

Study tip: English outside the classroom (1): Using the Internet Pronunciation spot: The sounds /'0/ and /v/

Task: Tell a ghost story ," reparation: speaking ~ask : speaking and listening

Writing: A narrative

Study tip: Making the most of graded readers Pronunciation spot: Pronouncing 'h'

.ask: Present your opinions :-eparation: vocabulary -:-Jsk: speaking

Writing: Linking words

Study tip: Checking your written work Pronunciation spot: Review

ask: Find solutions to problems i -eparation: reading and vocabulary :- k: speaking : ilow up: writing

Real life: Saying goodbye

Irregular verbs page 155

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