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Integración de Ingles Integrantes: -Vagnola, Juan Martín -Rosales, Agustin 4 “C”

The company is called ShoesQR. It is located in テ[sterdam, Netherland. Founded in 1966 by Rosales, Agustin and Vagnola, Juan Martin. The company is a multinational manufacturer. Our company produces shoes and shirts. It is a retail approximately 1.500 stores around the world. It employes 800 people. The competitors are Nike, Adidas. ShoesQRツエs turnover is over 竄ャ 500m. The company has branches in Madrid, Buenos Aires, New York, Tokyo, Sidney, La Paz, California. ShoesQR is opening a new subsidiary in Paris in 2014.

The company has got a factory in Amsterdam which is inside the administrative office and special machines we use. Our employees and owners work Monday to Saturday. The factory has 3 floors. The offices and the manufacturing sector are spacious for the comfort of employees. There is a lift and facilities for disabled people. The desk is opposite the door. There are administrative books and envelopes on the desk and there is a laptop. To in the office are comfortable chairs and a sofa for important meetings. We too have an exclusive parking for employees of the company.

• Employees mustn´t work without protective measures arising from the contract. • Employees must wear gloves, masks, aprons and suitable shoes. • They mustn´t not use the phone when working. • Employees must know how to use the machines. • Employees should be aware that any problem appears.

Integración de ingles 4 C  
Integración de ingles 4 C