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Chile’s Independence Day September 18th

by Juan Riquelme

September 18th In 1810 Chile like the rest of countries of Latin America was part of the Kingdom of Spain but since 1808 Spain was under control of Napoleon. On September 18th 1810 while Spain was still under the control of Napoleon, the Spanish colony and native people that lived in Chile didn’t feel part of that new kingdom so they formed The First National Government (La Primera Junta Nacional de Gobierno). This government is considered to be the first step for independence of Chile from Spain, signed in February 12th 1818.

The First National Government of Chile

September 18th Every September 18th all cities and homes in Chile are decorated with the Chilean flag that show their colors (white, blue and red) that represent the blue sky, snow on the mountains and the red blood of Araucano people (Native people).

Geiser- North of Chile

Chilean Flag

September 18th The official Party is in O'higgins Park (Parque O’higgins) located in the Capital of Chile, Santiago, where each year the president dances "Cueca“ showing that the celebration has begun. The “Cueca” is the typical and official dance of Chile since 1979.

Moais - Pascua Island

La Cueca official dance of Chile

September 18th The typical food is “La empanada”, “El Choripan”, Barbeque, “El Terremoto”, “La Piscola” and The Wine.

City of Valparaio

La Empanada

El Choripan

The Barbeque

El Terremoto

La Piscola

El Vino

September 18th “Ramada” or “Fonda” is the name for the party

South of Chile

Chilean's Independence Day