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Photography: Juan Pablo Ugarte



R i n c o na da Enjoy, R M, Chi l e 2011 / gt_2P


FLOW BAR WALL CLADDING This wall cladding was designed using the concept of blowing over a surface. The effect that wanted to be achieved was to generate a relief pattern over a wall that gave the impression of a fluid in movement. This was accomplished through a tiling of a thermoformed plastic piece. There are six kinds of pieces, each one with a differentheight protuberance. The challenge was to make an eyelooking irregular pattern based on a reduced variety of elements to fill the wall with. The vertical lines unify all the pieces, but most importantly, establish the distance interval within the pieces can be allocated, considering that the vertical stripes have to always match between one cladding and other.

PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS Client: ENJOY Location: Rinconada, RM, Chile Project: 2011 Construction: April 2011 - May 2011 Materiality: 2mm Thermoformed ABS Software: Rhino3d + Grasshopper

The algorithm which was used to make this product used a mathematical function to decide what kind of piece put in a determined coordinate, using a mix of pseudo random seeds and equations over a surface to determine if a same kind of piece were too close to other another. The wall cladding is made of thermoformed ABS, based on a CNC cut wooden mold.

Photography: Aryeh Kornfeld


INFODEMA’S SHOWROOM Arauco Towers, Santiago, Chile 2010 / gt_2P


This project consists in the arrangements of Infodema’s central offices and showroom. The client main interest was to develop an interior architecture which could show the outstanding possibilities that their products offer to architecture and construction — Infodema is a wood constructive components retailer. One of the major issues in Infodema’s facilities was the large amount of technical installations that were hanging from the ceiling. However, that was considered as a chance to develop an innovative solution which could deal with all those elements that could not be modified. The project was approached with parametric design techniques, providing multiple project alternatives. Finally, the chosen one was a undulating ceiling which covered the undesired elements, generating an elegant an sober solution. As the initial request of Infodema contemplated the use of some of their best materials, it was decided to make a surface with very low curvature radius, which has always been a difficult thing to do with wood. However, Infodema provided their extra thin and flexible Surflex, a double grained wooden veneer which allowed to solve the auto-imposed technical difficulty.

PROJECT SPECIFICATIONS Client: Infodema Location: Arauco Towers, Santiago, Chile Project: 2010 Construction: Oct. 2010 - Mar. 2011 Materiality: 20mm Plywood with 2mm Pino Veneer Software: Rhino3d + Grasshopper Photography: Aryeh Kornfeld K.


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