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Name: Juan Pablo Mesa Rua

Teacher: Sonia Lopez

Grade: 10°1


MY LIFE My name is juan pablo mesa rua, I was born on December 16, 2000 in the municipality of Medellin, In the clinic prado at 7:40 a.m, My father is called Rafael my mother heroina y my sister Daniela. They baptized me to 20 days of born by my uncle priest Alberto Norman In the church san juan bautista de la sale (Copacabana). My godfathers were my uncle Samuel and his wife dora. My paternal grandparents are called Jesus Emilio and marĂ­a guillermina, I did not have the opportunity to know my mother grandparents, My mother tells me that they are called Maria and jose Pablo, But when they died those who took charge of the upbringing of my mom were his aunt and the husband, Since then they do the grandparents' paper for me, I want them very much they are called Mariela and ciano. My parents tell me that to 5 months of born we had an accident in a car, There were going my dad, my mom, my sister, my grandmother and me. Fortunately nothing happened to me. In my 13 months I began to take my first steps, A year and a half after I was born, I began to say my first words, Whose words I do not remember what they were, but my mother told me that my first word was "Daddy." They tell me that I liked to be biting my sister's face. All my life I have lived in the vereda zarzal la luz in the municipality of Copacabana. I was always a very naughty, cheerful and curious child, One day I was in my uncle's house and there was a chili pepper and because of my innocence I thought they were strawberries and I ate it was terrible and they had to give me panela and sweet things. I liked playing with my cousins, cycling, playing soccer and watching caricature. At the age of 5 between the pre-school in the educational institution Villanueva my teacher was called Yadira, That's where I met some great people, some of whom I can count on today. In pre-school I learned vowels, learned to count to 10 and also learned to write my name And I learned to write words like "mom" "dad" "car" "red" All this thanks to my teacher, who with her charisma motivated us to learn more every day. The day I graduated from preschool was a very happy day, I remember that day my parents took me to lunch and then to eat ice cream.

When I was in first things changed a little, because I saw things very different to what I had seen in pre-school, I also met new friends. I remember that my teacher was Angela, she was a very cheerful person, she liked to be playing with us, although sometimes she was a bit strict. I remember that one day I scolded myself and another partner, because we were painting our nails with the colors. Academically I did very well in the first grade, although in the discipline I did not go so well. I remember that from the age of 6 my mom started taking me to the Christmas novenas that were done near my house, We always went to three places where they did the novenas, all afternoon we would run it from one side to another to go to the novena. The most anticipated day of the year, it was always December 24, The day the god child brought us gifts, I remember that when I was 6 I asked the god child for a bicycle, All day I spend anxious that the night arrived for the child god to bring me the bicycle, When finally I come the night it was very filled with enthusiasm to receive my new bicycle, when finally I saw my bicycle was very happy, of one I began to mount in her and since to 8 days sadly damage it. The second grade passed without any problem, to that degree had greatly improved my discipline. When I reached the third grade I had very bad discipline, I remember they were two third, And whenever they rang the bell to get in from the break we started to fight with the other third, that was constantly, There came the day in which the teachers got tired of this situation, Then we made a note to all those who were in those fights And we were also summoned to the attendant, I remember that my classmates and I started to cry because they were going to quote our parents, In the end the teachers felt sorry for us and did not quote our parents, but if they put us to make a commitment. Since I was little I always liked soccer and never had the opportunity to practice it, Until 2010, where I had the opportunity to start training in a soccer school, where I am still in it. Very excited, I finished my fourth grade, successfully finished it with honors, When I pass the fifth grade I start it very enthusiastically because it was my last year in elementary school. That year was very joyful for me, since in that year I had the fortune to see for the first time champion to the team of my loves, I remember that day shout, jump and cry of the joy. I finished my school year very well, I was ready to go to high school.

Finally came 2012, that was a very significant year for me, In that year I had the happiest day of my life of what goes until now in my life, I remember very well that day, it was a Sunday when I told my father to take me to the stadium to watch the team of my loves, Miraculously said that if I was going to take, hearing that gave me such an immense joy, and since that day I have a great obsession for my soccer team. The sixth grade gave me very hard, since I saw things very different from the ones I saw in elementary school, with effort and sacrifice I could improve academically although at the end of the year I had some stumbles. In that same year I made my first communion, That day was accompanied by my dad and my mom, my sister and a large part of my family, I did not celebrate the first communion with a party, but they took me to a restaurant, and then I met my baptism godparents and went out for a while. As a gift I also had a trip to Cartagena that an uncle gave me. I spent a whole week in Cartagena with my mom, my sister and my uncle, That week was fabulous, since years ago I was not going to the beach, And I had the opportunity to meet new places like, San Felipe Castle, Indian Catalina, old shoes, white beach, hill of the stern and more places. In 2013 I was already in the seventh grade, That academic year passes right, without any problem, Only one day I had a problem with a roommate, who as the companion physically assaulted me but fortunately things did not go to major. In the same year I had the fortune of doing the confirmation since it was very young, The day of my confirmation I was accompanied by my godfather, my mom. My father and my sister, leaving confirmation we went to eat us five, my parents received a good amount of money as a gift. In 2014 I had to pass to the other seat of the I.E Villanueva, you have things were too different to as they were in other headquarters, has the study was much more demanding, in everything was much more demanding. The first day that reaches was very scared and excited, since not knew to almost to nobody, only knew to some few. In that year the first periods I was very regular, since not fit me very well with the teachings.

I remember that with the Professor of artistic we had since to sewing a scarf with that had too many problems, I complicated much with the needles in with the fabrics, since not knew nothing about that, but to spend the time he was learning more and more until finally I was able to finish it, but I'm not very well. In the middle of the year my family had taken a trip to Santa Fe de Antioquia, unfortunately I could not go, since my parents had punished me for the bad things I was doing in school. I was very disappointed by my academic performance, so I promised myself to improve my academic performance I was very disappointed by my academic performance, so I promised myself to improve my academic performance, And so it was, I put all my performance and all my desire, and in the end I could spend the right year. To see cattle the year by my parents gave me a trip to TolĂş coveĂąas. In that same year in the school of soccer in which I was registered I had proposed to go to Cali at the end of December to play a tournament, unfortunately I could not go, Since a week before the trip I had an injury that prevented me from playing for a month, very disappointed I had to resign myself to not going, since all year I had dreamed of going to play that tournament, to recover my injury I had to attend by Three weeks to therapies. Fortunately my team brought the title of the city of Cali, I was very proud of them for having achieved that great goal, but at the same time I felt very sad for not having contributed to the team in the tournament. So far in my life that year I had the best birthday, since my family and my closest friends had me a surprise party, it was something very exciting. The ninth grade I started very enthused as every year, even in the middle of the first period down too much my academic level, because I kept thinking more about other things than in my own studio, the second period came and continue with my mess, Already in the third period I began to think about all the sacrifice that my parents were doing to give me the study, so I began to worry more about my study and I was putting aside the other things that distracted me, In the fourth period I could improve in my study but I did not reach to spend the right year, so I had to reinforce in January, thanks to that I lost great gifts that my parents had for December.

With much effort I could gain the reinforcement, and move on to tenth. When I started the degree decime I started with all the desire of the world, since I was short of finishing my studies. In the first period I did very well, but unfortunately in the second period I went down academically, I started to get together with bad friends, I did not do homework anymore, I did not go to classes and I did not have discipline, I already had the year lost, But one day I was told that I still had a chance to win the year or reinforce it in January, little by little I went away from bad friends, let the recocha aside and pawn my studio better. Miraculously I was able to rescue many matters that I had already lost, and I was able to reinforce in January. In the reinforcement workshops I gave all of myself, I did not want to stay in the tenth, since most of my classmates had passed the eleventh grade. The day that I went to reinforce I went with my best spirits, I went with the greatest enthusiasm of the world, of three subjects that I had to reinforce to win two, since the third I lost it by an insignificant thing. Very disappointed in myself, I told my parents that I no longer wanted to study further in that institution, my parents did not agree with me to skip school, Until they finally understood that I really did not want to study more at that school and that it was not just on a whim, So my mom started calling several schools in Girardota, some told us that they had no quota, in others I was told that they did not accept repeaters, and in the colombia hight school I was told that if there was room, it gave me great satisfaction since I had been told that it was one of the best schools in Girardota, and many years ago I had wanted to study in that institution.


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