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Table of Contents “Kyle” Poem “Just Because I’m fat” Poem “My cousin” Poem ”Cars” Poem ”Mcdonalds Review” Poem ”Neutrality” Poem “ZZZZZ” Poem “Phone” Poem “Philippines” Poem

Kyle I am smart and I am kind. I wonder how I will be in 10, 20, or 30 years. I hear “Friday” from Rebecca Black. I see imaginary ghosts sometimes at night. I want a very bright future. I am smart and I am kind. I pretend to pretend. I feel that I’m depressed. I touch the keyboard. I worry about my weight and my future. I cry about losing my dad and becoming older. I am smart and kind. I understand mitosis and can occur with only one cell. I say that I believe in God. I dream of a good future. I try to do well in school. I hope that people will like me. I am smart and I am kind.

Just because I’m Fat Just because I’m fat. It doesn’t mean I’m slow Doesn’t mean I eat too many sweets. Doesn’t mean I watch TV all day. Don’t just look at me and find my imperfections but look at what I can do.

Just because I’m fat It doesn’t mean I won’t feel bad when you tease my weight. Doesn’t mean I can’t fight. Doesn’t mean I can’t play basketball or I’m mean. Just because you judge me doesn’t mean it matters.

My Cousin My cousin strong but unfair plays constantly As smart as a hundred college men. If only he was wiser on how to treat a cousin five years ago.

Cars Can be colorful Are really fast Ready to be driven Starts with a key

McDonald Review McDonald successful, worldwide known fattening, addicting, suing world, big mac burger, soda, french fries healthy, vegetables, fruits beneficial, cheap Trader Joe’s

Equal Neutral neutrality look like the color pale neutrality sounds like the whispers of many people neutrality tastes like a fruit with no flavor neutrality smells like the cold fresh air neutrality looks like the avatar neutrality makes me feel sad wanting to feel something more like happiness

ZZZZZZ Bee has stripes, yellow flies fast, they make honey They can really sting insect

Ring Ring Telephone rang Carphone tintinnabulation Cellphone clanged And I had been Annoyed for the last time ringing in my head never stopping like confusion of the rabbit hole in “Alice in Wonderland� always falling

Philippine Wonders kind humid various amazing excellent extraordinary delicious food a vacation spot beautiful locations humoristic people