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THE MYSTERY OF THE MISSING MAN It was winter, and in a boarding school there was a group of friends who occasionally met to talk. They were tired because they couldn´t leave the school. One day, at night, the friends escaped from the teachers and hid behind some shrubs. The teachers looked for them but couldn´t find them. Then, they ran to the dark streets and stopped there because they saw something terrifying. They left, frightened, but John, Cathy and Marie lost sight of Manny, the slowest boy. The rest were worried. Eventually they returned to the school without their friend. The teachers punished them and asked for Manny, but they couldn´t answer. Next morning, the three children talked about the last event. They didn´t know where their friend could be. They also talked about the scene they had seen early that morning. After two days, the children wanted to escape, but after the diappearance there was more vigilance. They planned an idea. While Cathy distracted the teachers, John and Marie were going to leave the school. When the two were out, they went to the dark streets. Thay didn´t see the terrifying thing. They paid attention to the houses around. They thought that their friend could be in two buildings: a theatre or a restaurant. First they came into the restaurant. It was empty. There were some fallen chairs, a table and some curtains that separated the dining room from the kitchen. They decided to get into the kitchen, but it was very dark because there wasn´t any lighting. Then a noise could be heard behind them. It was a hungry dog. They tried to get into the kitchen units but the furniture was broken. They expected the worst. Suddenly a boy shot to the air and the dog fled. The boy was called Marc and he lived in the restaurant when his family died. He worked in the kitchen until the restaurant closed, and he went on living there.He didn´t feel safe, so he found a revolver and kept it. They talked to Marc and he said that he had seen a boy running to the theatre and a man running behind him.The children, with their new friend, decided to go to the old theatre. When they went into the building, they realized that there were big footprints on the ground that led to the dressing-room, but first they must cross the stage. While they were crossing the stage Marie saw a man sitting. Immediately he pressed a button and John fell into

a trapdoor. Marc shot at him and hit him in his right leg, and Marie ran fast to the dressing-room. Marc ran after the man, but lost sight of him. Next, Marie got frightened and went to the wardrobe to hide, but. . . she saw a hand under a desk and shouted. Manny stoop up and he went to the threatening room, because they could hear footsteps there. Then Manny told Cathy that the terrifying thing was a group of rats that were eating something and he ran to the theatre because he saw a suspicios man behind him. They saw the shadow of a woman, but it disappeared immediately. At the same time, Cathy was worried about her friends and she went to look for them. Meanwhile Marc pressed the button again and he threw himself intol the trapdoor because he wanted to find John. When Marc arrived on the ground he found an empty room. He started to walk along a long corridor and he found a woman but she was unconscious.He tried to wake her up but she didn´t answer, although she breathed. He carried the woman to the old restaurant and there he gave her some water. When the oman was waking up, Marc saw a girl by the window. The woman was called Susan. She told Marc that she had been to the theatre because she was following her husband. She thought that her husband was was deceiving her with another woman, but she realized that he was up in something strange because she found a track in the theatre. It was a hotel ticket. The Prince Hotel. They decided tol go to the hotel, but Marc wanted to find his friends. While they were gloing to the old building, a girl called them. She asked for her friend but Marc didn´t trust her and he said that some children had been there and then had returned to the boarding school. Cathy answered that her friends hadn´t come to the school because she had been waiting for them. Next, Marc started to think that the stranger had told him the truth. The two boys went to the theatre with the woman. Thet went to the dressing-room. Usan would look for them on the ground fllor and the children would search the cellar. The woman started to call the children and they got scared. Meanwhile, Cathy and Marc saw a room with a light. When they got into the room they saw a drop of blood on the ceiling. They saw a number: 108.

Suddenly, a noise resounded in the theatre. The children ran to the source of the terrifying noise. When they arrived they saw Susan fallen on the ground and Manny and Marie hiding in the threatening room. They had hurt her with a ????in the head. They woke her up and everyone then could hear some footsteps in the stairs. They ran

out of the theatre but someone reached them. It grabbed Manny´s Tshirt but then Marc shot at it. He missed the shot but it screamed and the children stopped. They recognized the voice of their friend John. When all of them met they talked and decided to go to the Prince Hotel because they wanted to help Susan. They looked for the hotel in a map and went to Susan´s car, but they had a problem. They were six people but the car could hold only five. Marc thought that his story with them was over. Manny gave her seat because he said he was tired, but Cathy didn´t let him do so. She had taken money before she had left the school. She gave Manny the money to pay a taxi. Susan took Marie and Cathy and Marc, John and Manny went in the taxi. They arrived in the hotel. The street was deserted and there was a thick mist. They all arrived at the same time, but the woman needed to find a place to park. The girls got out and the children met again. The women decided to wait for Susan, but the boys went into the hotel and started to talk to the receptionist.He said that there was no one called Michael (Michael was the name of Susan´s husband). The children thought the he was deceiving them or that Michael could be using a false name. Suddenly Marc remembered the number he had seen in the old theatre: 108. Marc and John started to look for the room 108. Meanwhile, Manny went to tell their plan to Cathy and Marie. When he was talking to them, Susan arrived. They went into the hotel together. Marc and John realized that there were only 106 rooms in the hotel. But they couldn´t believe it and they started the search again. While the boys were running along the corridors, the others saw them when they were in the stairs. They talked and decided on an idea. Some of them would ask the receptionist about how many rooms there were in the hotel and Susan would phone her husband. While Susan was talking to Michael, the rest of the children tried to .listen through the doors. The receptionist said that there were 105 rooms, a kitchen. . . ., but Manny stopped him. He said that they had seen one more room. He answered that the room 106 wasn´t a room, but that inside it there were five storerooms. The children ran to the last floor. There they saw the others who were waiting in front of the storerooms. Cathy told them that thay had listened to Susan´s husband inside and she told them to go to the house quickly (?). They waited but nobody went out and the door was locked. But they flound a key ring under the doormat. There were six keys. Next, they tried the lock and the door opened. Then they arrived to a corridor with more doors. They tried with the second door and they saw Michael. He was gagged. They released him and he told them his story. First, he had gone to the theatre because some thieves had told him that they had

his dog and they wanted 1000 euros for it.He went to a room and he found the three thieves there, but no dog. They caught Michael and wanted to take him to the hotel; he told them that he needed to go to the toilet, but they refused to let him go. One of them told him that he could do his needs in the same room. He took advantage of the situation – he had a cut in his finger and he got to the ceiling with a ladder and painted the number of the room when they went and detached some tickets of the hotel. Then, when the three thieves met, they talked that they had hurt a woman and another said that there were some children snooping and that one of them had shot at him. Then he said that they must get out of the hotel because a thief was in hospitalanother had gone through the fire stairs to Susans´s house to capture my wife and the last was the receptionist! Therefore he knew that they were inside the hotel. They ran to the car but the receptionist had a revolver.Suddenly, Toby, Michael´s dog, bit his leg. The receptionist lost the revolver and Marc got it. Eventually, they got in one car and call the police. The children had to go to the school because their teachers were worried, but Marcfelt sorry because he went back to the old restaurant. Susan and Michael couldn´t allow this to happen. They would adopt him and they would always invite the children to their house where they could meet.


Concurso literario de secundaria 2011

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