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‘Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo’. Werner Herzog. 2009.


The sultry heat is building gradually. In the slight breeze i see a plant with thin, sharp, lancelike leaves whose inner tension holds them upright in all directions. Only one leaf, its sharp edge slicing the rising wind, vibrates and quivers, while the others remain motionless in their taut strength. Nature here surrenders only after victorious battle”




ith the strength of a rushing river, a savage delirium swamped Werner Herzog’s mind one day. The stream dragged the obscenity of the wild nature into his imaginary with its sounds, its rhythms, its scents; nourishing his dreams and driving him to trespass the limits of reason and creation. A fluctuating stream between fascination and danger washed with tension the landscapes he made for his stories and for his characters, which he would make wander with endeavour through his mythical, impossible worlds. In 1972, Aguirre the Warth of God marked the beginning of his cinematic ashuffle between the Peruvian jungle and mountains. A shuffle that would last for decades and that would leave its trace in more than four of his most important films. After the first conquering adventure of Lope de Aguirre, Fitzcarraldo’s obsession followed. And then, the obsession of Herzog himself who explored in Burden of Dreams the heavy weight his dreams meant. He would approach, as well, his conflicting relationship with the actor Klaus Kinski in My intimate Enemy, and his evasion to death in Wings of Hope. The spiral of the jungle and time would later be closed with Brad Macallam’s initiatory trip, the central character of My son, my son, what have ye done, that would become itself the representation of the beginning and the end of a madness created by the untameable nature. In his cinema and his savage prose, Werner Herzog reveals himself as a passionate pursuer of his vane dreams, a trait he shares with some of his most powerful characters. In May 2018 Werner Herzog will go back to the savage Peruvian landscapes, this time, to guide the creation of 48 young filmmakers who will come to live together, for the first time, the unique experience of making cinema imbedded of jungle and adventure.



















Texts: Liliana Diaz Castillo Translation: Carolina Sourdis


or 10 days, 48 The workshop is eminently practical, so it is essenyoung filmmakers tial that participants are autonomous and have knowledge will be submerged of directing, filming and editing, as well as have access in the density and mysto their own filming and editing equipment (a camera terious of the Peruvian and a computer equipped with an editing program). Amazonas guided by one The fieldwork will be enriched with daily Master Classes of the most polemic and and dialogues concerning the principal challenges that the adventurous filmmakers filmmaker has to face in the moment of creation. Werner of all times, and the one Herzog will look deeply into his methods of working, style who knows the jungle best. and technique with the 48 filmmakers of the Each participant will Herzog will announce to the participants the central topic develop a short piece under of the workshop in the first session; this topic will be the the guidance and superbasis for the participants to create their 48 short films. vision of Werner Herzog. For participants to take full advantage of the ten days, The process of creation the Production Company will deliver pre-producwill go from the conception work in the field. Participants will be providtion of the idea, to the script, ed with databases containing possible actors, the casting, the location locations, film permission and all the basic scouting, directing, designing information to gain time in the producimage and sound, and editing. tion of each film, and take and easy The local inhabitants will be the plunge into creation and inspiration. characters of the stories to be shot Due to the geographical characterin the Amazonian basin, some of them istics of the zone, mobility is made fundamental for Herzogian imagery. exclusively in motorboat through The workshop will be developed the Madre de Dios River or the in the surroundings of the Tambopata Amaru River; and has to be made National Reserve, one of the last virgin by foot to delve into the tropical tropical rainforests in the world. Puerto jungle. The mobility in the motorMaldonado, the most important city of boat will be guaranteed and prothe tropical Jungle in South Peru, is the gramed by the Production Company. nearest city to the workshop base. To protect the well being of the parThe accommodation, food supplies and ticipants and the conservation of the wide editing station at INKATERRA GUIDES array of fauna and flora, shooting teams of FIELD STATION, where participants will 4 participants, freely chosen, will be constitutbe housed, is located at the left bank ed. Each team will be accompanied by a local of the of the Madre de Dios River, in guide from INKATERRA, with full experience the 17Km, fifty minutes away from and knowledge of the biodiversity of the place. Puerto Maldonado by canoe. 5

Established in 1975, Inkaterra has pioneered ecotourism and sustainable development in Peru. Working under a holistic approach, Inkaterra produces scientific research as a basis to biodiversity conservation, education and the wellbeing of local communities in the Amazon rainforest of Madre de Dios; the Machu Picchu cloud forest; the Sacred Valley of the Incas; the city of Cusco; and the Cabo Blanco tropical ocean, desert and dry forest I NKATER R A G UIDE S F IE L D STAT ION A knowledgeable experience for scientists, students, volunteers and eco-conscious travelers, Inkaterra Guides Field Station welcomes guests to be part of diverse research and conservation projects overseen by NGO Inkaterra Asociación. Within Peru’s first concession for tourism purposes (10,000Ha of Amazonian rainforest), Inkaterra Asociación manages interactive excursions such as a Palmetum with the most diverse sample of native palms; a bio-orchard nurtured with ancestral agroforestry techniques; a bird banding station; and a motion-sensitive camera trap system to study wildlife in hotel grounds, such as ocelots, giant armadillos, tapirs, peccaries and tamanduas. With four cabanas and two large pavilions, the lodge houses an Eco-Center and a lab for native flora and fauna analysis. 6

Black Factory Cinema, is the black box into which images are made, projects are created, ideas are established; a creative production factory that hosts different projects with one goal: cinema. Our activities are divided into three main branches: production; the alternative training of professionals and audiences; and a commitment to new distribution channels. All our areas are designed to stimulate an innovative and authentic cinematic language in new authors, favoring exchanges between film industries around the world. Through our work in countries such as Colombia, Argentina, Spain, France, China and Iran, we use our expertise to establish ties of creating new views to enrich the art in motion pictures. Our creative factory is run simultaneously from Bogota, Colombia and Barcelona, Spain, allowing us to permanently link Latin American and European film production. 7

The people’s gestures are unfamiliar, gentle and lovely; they move their hands like orchestral conductors in time with a soft, shy melody that emanates cautiously from the depths of the forest, like wild creatures that emerge from the sheltering leaves now and then to go down to the rivers”

‘Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo’. Werner Herzog. 2009.



THE AUTHORS 2018 Amri Rigby USA • Amri Rigby is a 2018 Sundance Ignite Fellow based in Los Angeles. He is currently a senior at the University of Southern California’s Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy majoring in Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation. After discovering his passion for narrative storytelling through motion graphics and animation, Amri decided to start writing and directing films. Amri aims to create films that engage audiences by inspiring, uplifting and empowering.

Aqsa Altaf USA • Aqsa Altaf is a writer/director based in Los Angeles, California. Being raised in Kuwait by Pakistani and Sri Lankan parents has given Aqsa a background and experiences that have molded her to tell stories about real people in real circumstances that show the audience a world never seen before and circumstances never experienced before. Aqsa’s thesis film, ONE SMALL STEP, had its world premiere at the prestigious Clermont- Ferrand International Short Film Festival. She has written, directed and produced many short films as well as interned at production companies like Annapurna Pictures, Plan B Entertainment, and The Kennedy/Marshall Company as well as worked for producer Jason Michael Berman (BIRTH OF A NATION) at Mandalay Pictures. She hopes to continue to tell stories that make an impact and leave the audience informed, moved and touched.

Callum Costello United Kingdom • Callum Costello is a filmmaker based out of Newcastle Upon Tyne in Northern England. He studied his BA at Northumbria University and MA at Newcastle University. He was the inaugural Tyneside Cinema Graduate Artist in Residence, a runner up in the Media Trust Dream to Screen Competition and is a Digital City Teeside Innovation Fellow. He has crew credits on the likes of Spectre, The Crown and Free Fire, runs his own production company called At Breath’s End Ltd and has multiple directing credits including on Yuri which he also wrote and produced, which was accepted to Cannes Court Métrage in 2018.


César Málaga Peru • My mother being a very talented painter was my first approach to art, to see her painting was very pleasant.After a lot of things in my life i had the call of the arts so I went to Argentina to study what I call, the love of my life.And If a psychiatrist examined me he would probably say that in my head there are two people; A student and a teacher. A teacher who is constantly teaching and taking the student to new possibilities to express themselves and a student who is always questioning.

Dewi Tan Singapore • Originally from Singapore, Dewi Tan is a budding filmmaker currently living in New York City. She graduated from New York University with a degree in anthropology and film. Dewi enjoys learning about cultures around the world, and is passionate about storytelling and its application to both ethnography and visual media.

Felipe Lopez Gomez Colombia • Felipe Lopez Gomez is a Colombian student who currently lives in Toronto. He began his cinema studies in Buenos Aires at Facultad Universidad del Cine (FUC), and later moved to Toronto to finish his studies. During his studies in Toronto he worked as an assistant for the Canadian Distributor Northern Banner for the presentation of international films such as Embrace of the Serpent and Mimosas. Felipe is also part of the Youth Advisory Board for the Locarno Festival, where with the collaboration of other students interested in cinema, and under the supervision of the artistic and operative direction of the festival, explore different possibilities to expand the vision of the festival promoting independent and auteur cinema into younger generations. Felipe is currently finishing his studies in Business Marketing in Toronto.


The Authors 2018

Fermin Pedros Argentina • My name is Fermin, I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was born 31 years ago in a small “quiet” neighbourhood. My family wasn’t very much connected to the Arts, except from my grandpa who was a cinema lover. I had a videoclub at my corner, which was fundamental for me as kid. Last 10 years I’ve travelled to China for work, at my family’s company and im currently in a moment of change, trying to dedicate as much time as possible to Cinema. Im currently writing my first script for feature film.

Filip Lozic Croatia • I was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1989, where I attended primary and high school. At a very young age I developed an interest for films and for acting. Much of my early life was spent making short films with friends and going to drama classes. After high school I went to study acting at The Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, where I developed a love for theatre, while also deepening my love for film. I got a chance to work on various student films, and started to think seriously about directing. After finishing my acting studies I applied and was accepted to the London Film School filmmaking course. After a year of intense studies, I decided to cut it short, and go back to Croatia to start my own production company, Mohikanac Produkcija. From then on I went to direct my first short film ‘On The Water’, and produce a few others. Currently I am working on a few short film projects, and also on commercials and music videos.

Gerónimo Tanoira Argentina / USA • Geronimo Tanoira is a 22-year-old film student born in United States and raised in Argentina. His interest for movie making emerged from years of experimenting with music, learning analogue photography and editing cheap documentary videos of his early travels. At college he took social communication studies, which were interrupted by a course in New York where his first short film was born. By then he started experimenting with 16mm film and back in Buenos Aires he got into cinematographic direction at Fundación Universidad del Cine. Since then he worked as a DP in several low budget projects. He says to be in the search of a personal artistic style inspired by audacious authorial films from directors like Werner Herzog and his great grandmother María Luisa Bemberg.


Hayk Matevosyan Armenia / USA • The year I was born, 1990, Armenia, my place of birth, was preparing to declare its sovereignty from the Soviet Union. In 1991, Karabakh War started. Due to the blockades, the government was able to provide us with only two hours of electricity daily. I remember how desperately I waited for those two hours because my father rented films on VHS tapes, and we would watch them during that period. Those were the happiest hours to me as a kid. Movies became my escape from the dark reality. That’s how I fell in love with cinema and until this day I think that film is a unique magic which can transcend race, religion, and nationality.

James Casey USA / Ireland • James Casey is a New York based filmmaker. He grew up in Hong Kong, son of a Irish mother and Scottish father. He retains a slight English accent and is clearly quite culturally confused. Before directing, James began his career working in magazine publishing and journalism. James was (and remains) the founder of Swallow Magazine, a cult publication dedicated to culture, food, and travel in unlikely places. He has published a staggering 3 issues in the entirely of its 9 year existence, but somehow managed to win several prominent awards for photography and journalism in the process. His first short narrative film, El Afilador, received it’s world premiere at this year’s Clermont Ferrand Festival, and he is currently working on a short documentary about two Catalan artists based in downtown Manhattan during the early 1980s. He is also developing a feature film about the decline of union labor, and cigarette advertising in the late 1990s.It might take some time.

Juan Pablo Caballero Colombia • Graduated in Audio Visual Arts at Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Colombia. Usually prefers remote and threatened places for his films and documentaries. Filmmaker and advertising director. He has directed the short films “La Muerte y el Cabro” (Asiana International Short Film Festival 2017) and La Virgen Negra (Clermont-Ferrand Film Festival 2018). He is currently post producing his mountain documentary “8 Amaneceres” and writing his first feature film “Un León Blanco”.


The Authors 2018

Kate Lefoe Australia • Kate Lefoe is an award winning writer, director and editor based in Melbourne, Australia. She graduated with a Masters of Film and Television from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2016. Supported by an Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant, her graduate film Somersault Pike screened at the 66th Melbourne International Film Festival in the prestigious Accelerator program for emerging directors, won Best Editing at Flickerfest International Shorts Film Festival and has swept a range of awards in editing, sound design and direction at international festivals.

Leopold Dewolf France • I was born in Paris, studied stop-motion animation in London (BA, University of Westminster), and film production in Los Angeles (MFA, USC School of Cinematic Arts). I directed 19 short films, and thanks to them, netted awards and selections in international film festivals (Küstendorf, Festival Tous Courts, Poitiers IFF, Barcelona Mecal, Contis…) In a few words, I want to make movies about my generation—a globalized generation—with tenderness, a lot of humor, and an insane lust for life!

Lucía Valdemoros Argentina • Lucia Valdemoros was born in Buenos Aires in 1987. She studied Filmmaking at the Buenos Aires University (UBA) and started directing her own films at an early stage. She won the “Reto ECAM” in the Jameson Notodofilmfest in Madrid. Her work “Ser Agua”, a dance film in super 8mm, got selected in the Straight 8 contest and was screened in London. Her short film “Ella” was screened in several festivals and won several prizes. For years she worked in the direction department in films like “Wild Tales” and more than 90 commercials. Nowadays she works as a director shooting commercials, directing her own films and she travels to document different cities in super 8mm.


Marta Pulk Estonia • Born in a small seaside town in Estonia, I grew up listening to Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Backstreet Boys. After high school went to study history but quickly traded it for a job in the maternity ward assisting midwives at child birth. From there on it was a short step to film school. First focused on editing, I later turned to directing and have been doing so ever since. Directing both documentary and fiction, like writing my own stories and situations that push me to my limits.

Natascia Radice Italy • I am a filmmaker, a TEDxDubai curator, a social entrepreneur and a saxophone player. I spend most of my time researching the future. I am a formerly trained thespian and I have a deep passion for storytelling regardless of the medium. I manage the content production for the World Government Summit and the Global dialogue for Happiness in Dubai and I spend much of my time digging for speakers who have world changing views, ideas or projects.

Norika Sefa Kosovo • Norika (b. 1991 in Kosovo) is currently based in Prague. She finished her B.A. at the University of Prishtina. Was a student of directing in European Film College in Denmark (2013) and completed her MFA in FAMU ( The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague; 2017). Her very personal short films: CHEERS, FLUTTER, MOVE, INGREDIENTS and WITHIN - which are heterogeneous in style, merging from fiction to documentary, from essay to observational films, always challenging the traditional narratives- brought participations and awards at more than 30 international film festival. Norika is currently working on her first feature, LOOKING FOR VENERA (which explores the generation gap in a Kosovo- family and examines the emotional state of a young girl living through these circumstances). The project received development funding; Got the 1st award at the MIDPOINT script workshop, was participant in the EASTWEEK- Feature Launch Workshop (Trieste IFF), in SARAJEVO IFF where it won the price for participation in EAVE - 2017.


The Authors 2018

Pablo Radice Argentina • Pabloradice@hotmail.Com Pablo is a director and visual artist, he lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His first documentary Gemelos receives international awards and is nominated for an Academy Award at the Student Academy Awards. He’s video installation Templanza, shooted in the volcanoes and deserts area of the Argentine north, gets a mention in the 106th edition of the National Arts Exhibition. Pablo experiences through different means, such as video, photography, installations. He is currently developing a non-linear interactive Documentary about genetic manipulation.

Quentin Lazzarotto France • I was born in 1988 in the Jura (a mountainous, snowy and remote French region, close to the Alps). I feel very close to Nature, and it is in the forest that I started filming at 10 years old. Appart from cinema, I have a passion for science, especially mathematics, astrophysics and cosmology. Living two dreams at once, I now work between cinema and science by making films about scientists of the past and contemporary theories about our universe.

Rodrigo Baptista Brazil • I used to be a dystopian. Trying to understand the world and its nuances, I’d only see a future of desperation and suffering. Filmmaking showed and proved me wrong. Since I began editing, writing and filming compelling stories for Trópico Films focused on authoral documentaries for NGOs, social-driven clients and art itself -, I realized hope reigns over fear, life over death, consciousness and love over fascism. Now I’m a pragmatic utopian, hoping and creating for a healthier and freer world.


Rupert Clague UK / Canada • Rupert is a mad to live filmmaker, adventurer, and storyteller. Born in Thunder Bay, Canada and raised on the Isle of Man, his obsession with making connections has taken him all over the world. He’s chased through Cambodian jungle in search of homemade rocket gambling for Netflix; masqueraded as a filmmaking tech-insider in Silicon Valley; and made BBC documentaries on everything from Frankenstein to the SAS. He’s currently adapting renowned Canadian author Alistair Macleod’s In The Fall to screen.

Samir Arabzadeh Sweden • Samir, born in Iran and raised in Sweden, graduated with a BFA in Film Prod. from QUT in Australia in 2010. His short “Ginger and Cumin” premiered in competition at Reykjavik IFF, 2012. Samir’s next short “Roadkill” screened at Nordisk Panorama, 2015. His 3D-animated short “Märta Proppmätt” premiered nation-wide in Swedish cinemas in 2017. He also just finished his first feature, “Saccade”, set to premiere in 2018. Samir is in development with two 3D-animated and two liveaction features.

Santiago Arriaga Mexico • My name is Santiago. Mexican. Atheist. Born on 1992. I am the brother of Mariana and the son of Maru and Guillermo. I believe that talent is a mix of passion and rigor. I admire those who give everything, who go forward, who don’t give up. I decided to be a filmmaker not because I love movies, but because I fell in love with the human condition and the possibilities of chance and destiny. I love biology, nature and humans. Looking forward to meet you all.


The Authors 2018

Sonia Ortiz Germany • Sonia was born in Germany and studied performing arts at the Theater Academy La Casona in Barcelona, Spain and at the performance masterclass in Kazan, Russia. She is an actress and filmmaker living in Berlin and wrote and directed the short films “Supay”, filmed in Peru which premieres in 2018 and “Suyana”, which is currently in post-production. She currently works as a voice-over, film and theatre actress and studies film at The Free University of Berlin.

Tanya Marar Jordan / Bulgaria • Tanya Marar grew up in Amman, Jordan and continued her university studies at SOAS in London. After a short stint in advertising, she turned her attention to filmmaking and began working as a camera assistant and later operator in the UK. This job took her to many corners of the world working on both feature and documentary film. This year, she hopes to shift her energy into creating her own documentary and narrative films. She aims to bring to light the myriad of stories unique to the Middle East with a focus on those of gender and social themes.

Tim Klein Germany • Tim’s move into film was a natural marriage of all his passions. Emerging from a background in photography and video art, he started a camera apprenticeship with German TV network ARD back in 2004. His love of traveling led him to Asia in ’07 where he later taught diving to tourists and became an adept underwater cinematographer. In 2010 Tim traded the shores of Thailand for the busy streets of NYC where he began a cinematography conservatory. Ever since then, he has been further exploring his craft and has build up a diverse portfolio, including longform work, music videos, commercials and indie shorts.


TJ O'Grady-Peyton Ireland • TJ O’Grady-Peyton is an Irish director and actor who graduated from the London Film School’s prestigious graduate program. Fresh into the professional ad space, he was shortlisted for a Young Directors Award at Cannes in 2013 and 2015, later earning a Webby Award in 2016. He has directed commercials for clients such as BMW, Gatorade, Cadillac, Coke, Nespresso, Asics, Red Bull, Volkswagen and Conde Nast, among others. A cinephile from a young age, TJ infuses a cinematic edge and emotional through line in all of his work, no matter what length. In 2017, TJ co-directed a short film called WAVE with Academy Award winner Benjamin Cleary. As well as directing, he played the lead role as Gasper Rubicon. Wave had it’s world premiere at Tribeca Film Festival and has screened in over 30 festivals worldwide to date including Clermont-Ferrand. Wave won the Best Short Film Award at the Galway Film Fleadh, Cork Film Festival, Kerry Film Festival, Offline Film Festival and the Richard Harris Film Festival. It also won the Audience Award at Leeds Film Festival and Best Short and Best of the Festival at Aesthetica Film Festival.

Wei Shen China • Shen Wei grew up in Beijing, studied philosophy at King’s College London, and then filmmaking at University of Southern California and Royal College of Art in London. Having started his career as assistant director since 2009, Shen Wei is currently working extensively in narrative / experimental cinema and theatre. Since 2015, he has been invited as guest instructor at China Academy of Art. His works have been presented in festivals and independent venues worldwide such as National Centre for Performing Arts in Beijing, Cité des Arts in Paris, Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen, Aesthetica Film Festival in York, and many others. His co-written feature film project A MOST PECULIAR MAN was selected into Biennale College Cinema in Venice. His subject matter often deals with the human beings’ internal paradox - social being versus natural creature - and the resulting moral dilemmas.

Marieke Elzerman Holland • My name is Marieke Elzerman. I am twenty-one years old and I was born and raised in Amsterdam. After high school I went to Los Angeles to get more experience and I worked on different sets of UCLA students. When I came back to Europe, I decided to go to the KASK School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium. Currently I am in my third year. In my school there’s not really a distinction between documentary and fiction film, which inspires me to look for different ways to combine fiction and documentary elements.


The Authors 2018

Brett Pedersen Canada • My name is Brett Pedersen. I grew up in Northern Ontario, Canada, about 6 hours north of Toronto. I spent the majority of my childhood exploring the outdoors, playing hockey and spending my summers at a summer camp on an island in Lake Temagami. Aside from being active with sports and the outdoors, I’ve always enjoyed an obsession with creating paintings, music and cinema. After graduating from high school, I studied film at York University. During my program I worked as a PA and locations assistant on a few film sets. After my second year I spent a summer as an intern at a 3D company in Los Angeles. Once returning to school and working on a few feature films, I decided to drop out and continue my film career as an independent filmmaker. I spend most of my time working on short films, commercials, features and music videos in Toronto, NYC and LA.

Tom Hamburger Brazil • Born and raised in São Paulo, I finished my BA in German and Brazilian Literature at the University of São Paulo. I had my first film experience at the age of 16, as an intern on a feature film. Since then I have dedicated myself to filmmaking. Recently, I directed a documentary on Youth and Criminality, as well as a TV series on Brazilian history called “The History Tube”, awarded Best Educational Series at the Rio WebFest 2017. Currently, I am working on the second season of the “The History Tube” and collaborating as an assistant writer on a Netflix series. I am a really good team player and I am looking forward to expanding my professional horizons by learning and contributing with new partners in our adventure in the Peruvian Jungle.

Micah Van Hove USA • Micah Van Hove is a director, producer, DP and film journalist who has been exploring the possibilities in micro-budget cinema since 2009. His first feature film ‘Menthol’ (from the Executive Producer of ‘Boyz n’ the Hood’) screened at film festivals including Santa Barbara, Sofia International and Brooklyn. Micah’s work as a music video director/DP has premiered on Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, Vice, NPR, Stereogum, The Fader and more. As a regular writer for No Film School since 2013, Micah has sought out to stimulate discourse and elevate films that reflect a commitment to personal and courageous work. He has just completed his second feature film ‘Shadow of a Gun.’


João Carlos Couto Brazil • I’m João Couto and i live in Rio de Janeiro, having lived in Brasília and born in Uruguay. I just got my degree in Social Communication - Film. At the time, I didn’t have a clue one was needed in order to make films, but I don’t regret it: t’s clear now not to follow academia. I enjoy the absence or abundance of sound and know the difference between loneliness and solitude, which I attribute to the cerrado, in the highlands. Influences are Glauber Rocha, Terrence Malick for example, although I consider other arts to have more impact on my creative thinking, mostly music and literature, joined by political contexts

Caleb Spaw USA • Caleb Spaw is a documentary filmmaker out of the great state of Texas in the U.S.A. Pursuing a degree in Radio, Television, and Film at the University of North Texas he has produced, written, gaffed, and directed various narrative and nonfiction films. One recent project that Caleb personally directed follows refugees of Myanmar who have fled their country to pursue a new life in the United States. After Peru Caleb will be interning for the television program 20/20 at ABC News in New York City.

Santi Spadaro Italy • I was born and raised in Italy, where I have now come back after living abroad for more than ten years in various countries (most recently in Brazil). I do research in mathematics and teach it to university students and I have played the piano in various clubs. My passion for literature and music led me to filmmaking, and I have recently made my third short film. My lifelong project is to break the boundaries between the so-called human and exact sciences that academia has created.


The Authors 2018

Agustin Antonio Barrutia Argentina • Born in Argentina, interested in photography at an early age. He studied in the Film University Fundation (FUC) in Buenos Aires. He got in the industry as a Lighting Technician working mostly as a Gaffer for several Comercial and Feature Films in local and Foreign productions with Directors like Francis Ford Coppola, Walter Salles and Woody Allen. He now Splits his time and works as a Cinematographer shooting commercials for big companies and movies on independent films in Buenos Aires and LATAM. He is member of the ADF (Asociación de Directores de Fotografia Argentina)

Tommaso Santambrogio Italy • I am a curious, ambitious and enthusiastic person. I love travelling (I worked and lived in Cape Town and Paris), writing and storytelling. I graduated in Economy for art and cinema, and in the meantime I attended filmmaking courses in Rome, London and Milan. I was selected as the only Italian in an international jury of the last Venice Film Festival and I recently work as production manager on “Quasi Natale”, an Italian film (2018). At the moment I am working as a director with different production companies in Milan and Rome. I consider myself a nostalgic dreamer who terribly loves life.

Juan Elgueta Ortiz Chile • I am a 45 years old chilean, who has being working on film since his 25 years old. I studied business administration in Chile and at the age of 24 I went to new york where I did two curses of film on new york film academy. Then I went to Canada and studied in the vancouver film school , film. Today I have my own production company in santiago and it is also a very known post production company due to the films we have done. We work on feature films , documentaries, tv series and short films and we do very little advertisement. All my life i´ve been a fan of Herzog´s work and for me this adventure is really very exciting. I have written and directed two documentaries, and I´m in the process of making my first feature film. I have a daughter that will be 3 years old on the 29 of may. I´m divorced. I don´t snore and I eat everything. I like sports and I read since I was a kid.


Sebastian Lopez Borda Colombia • I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. I studied 7ilmmaking in the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Mainly, I direct and write. I make music in my project Apocalipsis Miau. I also make photography and like to draw. I’ve made some shorts. One of them was in festivals and won prizes. I’ve worked on 7iction and doc 7ilms and worked a lot as commercials director. I also like nature, history and astronomy. I’m curious. A lot. And I found in 7ilmmaking the perfect place to be so.

Anthony Frith Australia • Anthony Frith is an Australian-based filmmaker. In 2017 Anthony received funding to produce a web-series pilot titled ‘The Confidence Men’ which he wrote, directed and edited. ‘The Confidence Men’ premiered at the 2017 Adelaide Film Festival. He recently received funding from Screen Australia, SAFC and broadcaster ABC to produce a 5x8 minute web-series for ABC iview titled ‘Lessons from a Middle Class Artist’.

Patricia Santana Spain • Patricia studied Arts and Design in Barcelona, and has worked in advertising for over ten years. After moving to the States to pursue directing, she settled in Los Angeles, where she works as a commercial director. Her first short film, “Emma’s Prize”, premiered at the Oscar-qualifying LA Shorts Fest. “Streetlights", her most recent short film starring child actor Paul-Mikél Williams (“Westworld”, “The 15:17 to Paris”), is now in the festivals' circuit. Patricia is in development stages of her first narrative feature, and her goal for the near future is to establish herself as film and tv director.


The Authors 2018

Alon Juwal Israel • Alon Juwal is an Israeli Filmmaker, born on February 19, 1990 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He graduated from the New York Film Academy in 2016, where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Filmmaking and was also a member of the Honor Society and Industry Lab. His works often revolve around the theme of Family, and pay strong homages to filmmakers like Tony Scott, Mel Gibson, Peter Jackson and M. Night Shyamalan.

Savva Sveshnikov USA • I’m a filmmaker and director based in Brooklyn dedicated to creating inspiring, entertaining, and thought-provoking content. Throughout the past half-decade, I have shot numerous projects across the nation. From cinematic promos to corporate messages, I strive towards creating moving images that really move people. My biggest asset is the ability to utilize the newest advancements in digital cinema to tell a story, whether it is a 30 sec TV spot or a long form documentary.

Kevin Zayat Argentina • Kevin was born in Buenos Aires in 1992. He currently is finishing his bachelor degree in film studies at La Universidad del Cine Buenos Aires. During his studies he has made four short films, which have screen at renown festivals as Buenos Aires International Film Festival (BAFICI) and International Short Film Festival Rio de Janeiro. In 2016 Kevin was selected to participate in Matias Piñeiro workshop “Imagen-Palabra” at Torcuato Di Tella University. In December 2017 Kevin shot his last short film, which is currently in Post-Production. Besides film making, Kevin also has collaborated, written and published 4 books regarding Psychology and Psychoanalysis in it´s different aspects and concepts. His background studies also include cooking, advertising and worked as a producer in TV and advertising. Currently Kevin is shooting a feature length documentary as well as in Pre Production of a fiction narrative film. This last one was develop through Malena Solarz and Alejo Moguillanski´s 2017 workshop.


Rolando Gil Rosario Puerto Rico • Rolando Gil is an award-winning filmmaker whose current project, QUADRANT D, based on a true story about the past horrors of prison life in Puerto Rico for many inmates and the victory of the human spirit. This son of Arecibo got his start as a filmmaker after being in-spired while volunteering directing a play that raised funds for a local church. The play project took a year to plan and produce, with a packed house of 465 attending opening night.

Ashley Mosher USA • I’ve been a storyteller my whole life…but I never knew it. It took living 42 years, having 5 careers and two marriages to fully admit it. With 2 short films, a handful music videos, and having supported one National Geographic feature film, Holy (Un) Holy River, under my belt, I embrace it. My first two films, Love Biscuit and Back to CAMP, have been screened in festivals, won some awards, and have hopefully inspired many more people then that, but this isn’t what makes me a storyteller.

Natalia Trzcina Argentina • Natalia Trzcina nace en Buenos Aires en 1988. Es licenciada en dirección cinematográfica de la Universidad del Cine de Buenos Aires. Trabaja en la industria audiovisual en las áreas de Dirección y Producción, tanto en cine como para la TV. En 2013 y 2014 realizó la producción de la serie “Músicos de Latinoamérica” y “Cantoras de Latinoamérica”. A lo largo de su carrera escribió y dirigió “Un Whisky on the Rocks y un Nuevo Living” (cortometraje, super 16mm) y “La Tierra en el Medio” (mediometraje ficción, 2k). Actualmente se encuentra en posproducción el mediometraje “La Flaca” con el cual participó en el Talents Campus en 2014 y desarrollando el documental “El Camino de la Caja”.



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“ The river, always with its filthy beauty ”

‘Conquest of the Useless: Reflections from the Making of Fitzcarraldo’. Werner Herzog. 2009.


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