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Vote on November 3 for Thompson, Liu and DeBlasio!


City Attendants, City Debris Removers, City Park Workers and Park Service Workers.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, take office as your new President with a great deal of optimism and determination. Let’s work togehter to make our lives better.   I am happy to be in this new position and I will work very hard along with my Executive Board to serve our members. Feel free to call me at the Local’s office, at 212-815-1505 or, if it is an emergency, on my cellphone at 347-231-7483. You may also email me at My Board includes Vice Presi-


WINTER 2009 • Vol. 1 No. 1

Optimism and Determination by Dilcy Benn, President dent Dennis Fishley (Manhattan), Sec- and other locations throughout the City. retary Marley LaRoche (86th Shops), Please submit your names to me. DC 37 Treasurer Charles Allen (Brooklyn), will provide a stipend to cover expenses. and Executive Board Members at Large   I want to extend a special thanks to all Danny Hernandez (Queens), Larry Can- Local 1505 Shop Stewards for being my dido (Manhattan), and Kurt Walford (the eyes and ears in the field. I encourage Bronx). Your Council Representative is any member who is interested in servTony Mammalello. All of us are here ing the local to contact me to become a for a reason, and that’s to make your job a Shop Steward. Become a more active better, safer, and more rewarding. member, and help all of our Brothers   In November, we are endored John and Sisters do better! Liu for City Comptroller and Bill DeBlasio for Public Advoate. Both men stand with us and understand that we do a great job servicing our City. Both men have been supportive of the Union, and are not afraid to show it. We also support Bill Thompson for Mayor. He is another man who has stood by District Council 37 when others did not. I am asking members to come out and help get the vote out on November 3rd. We are looking for volunteers on Election Day to John Liu and President Dilcy Benn. hand out flyers at bus stops, train stops,

The Labor Day Parade was a chance for Local 1505 to shine, and shine we did! From getting blessings from Archbishop Dolan, to making some noise, we took the opportunity to celebrate all working people and DC 37’s 65th Anniversary. At the AfricanAmerican Day Parade in Harlem (at right) we waved to the crowd from a DC 37 float. The theme of that parade was to elect Bill Thompson as Mayor — so don’t forget to vote! That’s me and my grand-daughter, waving at you!

125 BarclayStreet New York, NY 10007

Local 1505


DC 37 on this, but we need every union member to join us in this crucial effort. Please volunteer to help get out the vote on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, for Bill Thompson for mayor and for DC 37’s other endorsed candidates.  Also, let your friends, family, neighbors and coworkers know how important it is that they vote in this election. DC 37’s Political Action and Legislation Department is coordinating DC 37’s Green Machine Team for the Get out the Vote for Working Families Campaign on Election Day. To volunteer, please call (212) 815-1550.   Your work as City Attendants, City Debris Removers, City Park Workers and Park Service Workers makes New York City’s urban parks and green spaces shine – maintaining quality places for relaxation and recreation in communities citywide. We hope you will bring that same energy and dedication to the union’s efforts Election Day.  Together we can take back City Hall and elect a mayor who cares and who will value the municipal workforce. In solidarity, Lillian Roberts, Executive Director, DC 37


Sisters and Brothers, want to congratulate President Dilcy Benn and the Executive Board on their recent election as leaders of Local 1505. As dedicated and hardworking members, along with your new leadership you help make DC 37 the great union that we are.   If you have been reading the Public Employee Press, you know we have a big challenge ahead of us. Our current mayor hands $9 billion a year of our tax money to private business contractors while he wipes out vital services, lays off union members and destroys the civil service system that has opened the door to upward mobility for generations of minorities, women and immigrants. Some of these private contractors are not located in New York and do not even have an office in New York.   That has to change.  That is why District Council 37 has endorsed mayoral candidate Bill Thompson. We need a mayor and a city administration that is more sensitive to the needs of working people, that will preserve the Civil Service system and benefits that have been achieved in the last 65 years.   Bill Thompson has been an ally in our fight against contracting out and to protect jobs. He will provide leadership that will assure the continued quality our parks and green spaces, improve public education, expand affordable housing, preserve health care for the poor, and protect social services vital to our members and the city’s middle class.   Your local president and leadership have been working with


A Message from Lillian Roberts

Hands On!, the Newsletter of City Attendants, City Debris Removers, City Park Workers and Park Service Workers of the City of New York, Local 1505, District Council 37, AFSCME is published quarterly at the Union’s Offices at 125 Barclay Street, New York, NY 10007 • Dilcy Benn, President. Alan Saly, Editor


Tony’s message:

Ferry Riders, This Crew Works for You


CPW’s on Staten Island

They go back and forth on the Staten Island Ferry, all day long. In the terminals on the Manhattan and Staten Island sides, the attendants see the same customers, day in and day out. Most riders probably don’t realize the dedication it takes to do this job! From left to right, Colleen Mooney, Bobby Chestnut and Colleen’s sister, Linda Graves, a Local 1505 Shop Steward, work the Staten Island Side and Edna Hayes works the ferry. Between them, they have over 75 years of service. Linda Graves lives on Staten Island and has three children, two fully grown. “It’s the people I work with who make this job worthwhile,” she says. Bobby Chestnut says, “I’m at a good place in my life. ” For her part, Edna Hayes, is looking to move up.

Stay Healthy on the Job —File your paperwork!


he New York State Workers’ Compensation Law provides you with cash benefits, medical benefits, and rehabilitation treatment if you are injured or become ill as a result of your job and are unable to work.   If you are injured, you must notify your supervisor and immediately seek medical attention. You must inform the doctor that your injury is work-related so that he can fill out a C-4 form, the Doctor’s Initial Report to the Workers’ Compensation Board. Your supervisor must fill out a C-2 form, the Employer’s Report of Work-Related Injury/Illness.   You should fill out a C-3 form, the Employee Claim. All of these forms are available on line,

CPW’s at the Bronx

at You must get copies of the entire workers comersation package from your supervisor to document your claim. You must file the paper work immediately.   If your injury required a trip to the emergency room, you must find a doctor who accepts workers’ compensation for follow-up treatment. Make sure your supervisor has submitted the C-2 to your agency’s liaison to the Workers’ Compensation Board.  Remember, an injury that doesn’t appear to be serious at first may become aggravated later on. That’s why filing a claim is important, even if you do not require emergency treatment right away. See a doctor and protect your ability to get treatment for the injury if it becomes worse.

ince 1997, I have represented this Local in numerous grievance and disciplinary hearings. Each year, the Union has gained the respect of management as well as the confidence of our membership, as we service your needs. One constant battle is to ensure your rights are protected when you are called upon by any investigatory unit in your agency. If you are called upon to speak with anyone outside your chain of command, you should have representation. Far too often, members are called into an interview and find themselves the subject of an investigation. If you believe that is happening, tell the investigator to discontinue the interview until a union representative is present. — Tony Mammalello

Local 1505 Do’s and Dont’s Sanitation Shop Steward Dominick Steella

Active Members are the key to a successful union! Our Shop Stewards respond to worker’s complaints in the field and prevent a “problem” from becoming a “situation!”

DO Tell the Union immediately if you are summoned to any investigative interview. DO Tell the investigator that you want your Union to be part of the questioning. It’s your right! DO Fill out new green enrollment cards after a step-up for the summer. DO Document your out-of-title work day by day and file a grievance immediately! DON’T believe false promises! DO Call the DC 37 Personal Service Unit for substance abuse problems or personal issues at 212-8151260 between 9AM and 1PM. DO Update your beneficiary forms if you have added a child or re-married. DO Call the Union if a co-worker passes away, so their family can receive benefits. DO File workers’ compensation papers immediately if you are hurt on the job. Make copies for your files. DON’T Be afraid to call your Union if you are not sure of a question or procedure.

Local 1505 Hands on Magazine New York  

Hands on is the publication for the Local 1505 employees , City Attendants, City Debris Removers, City Park Workers. in New York City