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GRAMMAR ( Is there, Are there; locations expressions) 1) Is there an internet café near here? Yes, there is. There is one on Main Street. It´s a cross from the apartment store No, there isn´t (one) 2) Are there any cash machines near here? Yes, there are: There are some outside the bank. Yes, there is one over there. No, theren´t (any)

GRAMMAR (Offers and Requests with Can and Could)

EXAMPLES The aquarium in going to be in your right You are going to see a ferry terminal Go straigth ahead for to bloks Make a left Walk up the Street about one block Then make a right When you go out of the hotel, turn left.

EXAMPLES Could you give me directions to the airport? Is there an Indonesian restaurant near here? Do you have a number for a cab company? Where is there a bookstore around here? Are there any good concert in this wheek?

STRATEGY PLUS “Echo” questions The new Jhon Woo movie is playing. Excuse me , the new what? The video arcade is on Beach Street. I´m sorry, It´s where? It opens at 10:00. Excuse me? It´s opens at what time?

EXAMPLES Is there a good place to sit and watch people go by? Is there a fun place tos penda rainy afternoon? Is there a cheap place toe at? Is there a quiet area to go for a walk of a jog? Is there a good place to shop for electronic products Is there an interesting museum? Is there a neighborhood with lots of cultural events?


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