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SILLIEST GOALS International football is often leaving large real images and great goals, but on this occasion, what we are going to highlight are the most awkward moves. There are many reasons that qualify as silly a goal. We can find forgetfulness of the porters, entertained players, own goals, porters falls, etc. All we have ever played football and certainly more than once, we had the experience of a goal that has come by chance. The silliest goals are usually given in daily games played by nonprofessional teams; when you play with friends or something like that. If what we want is not do the ridiculous when we are playing, what we have to do is pay attention to the game. Made by To単o Gil Sendra

BEST GOALS Football is a sport that attracts many people. Goals are the key to this sport. Over time, there have been goals that have passed into history. We can highlight the goal of Diego Armando Maradona in the match ArgentinaEngland on June 22, 1986. We can also mention the goal of Marco Van Basten in the match Holland-Soviet Union on June 25, 1988. Nowadays, we also find great strikers like Lionel Messi, a FC Barcelona player who excelled in the Barcelona-Getafe match on April 19, 2007.

Zinedine Zidane is now retired from the sports scene but in 2002, he scored a goal that left everyone in the game very surprised.

Made by To単o Gil Sendra

THE BUSINESS OF FOOTBALL Football is one of the most popular sports thanks to the millions of fans and viewers to the length and breadth of the entire planet; about 4% of the world population, i.e. 270 million people actively participate in this sport, which include 240 million players in the 1.5 million teams affiliated to FIFA. The marketing and media play an important role in the process of consolidation of the economic power of this sport. The exponential growth of the business of the ball in the last decades, is no place to doubts about the technological advances that have produced improvements in its satellite transmissions, as well as the creation of sports channels. Although not only television pay the teams when they play cups or tournaments, depends on where llege a team in that tournament gives more or less money, for example South Africa FIFA World pay a total of 420 million of dollars. But the money does not remain here, then comes the movement of money when he starts season signings where pay incredible amounts of money by having a player in your template, but finally and after we all know that this is a business where money is earned. Made by Juanjo Arbona

THE POLICY IN FOOTBALL The “Imaginario futbolistico� says that it is not good to combine football and politics. Those who defend this thesis claim that nothing good can leave such a mixture, and to prove it, refer to the history of violent clashes in the stands, often fused with the color of politics. However, it is a fact that football and politics are inevitably linked.The problem, and this is very different, arises when leaders of a football team used an entity that does not belong to them, but only managed, to support directly and without any possibility of discussion, a certain option political, as legitimate as any other, but precisely for this reason, particular. Sports policies will most is mere promotion or sports development of a population, trying to use sports for other various purposes as the more people participating in certain political party promoting tournaments of football, basketball, etc. At the end in this country there are great football fanatic and if a political party is a team or at least so says, assure the votes of the fanatical fans of this team and that all politicians know and take advantage.

Made by Juanjo Arbona Alapont

THE DARK SIDE OF SOCCER: THE DEATHS Like all contact sports tragedies happen, such as deaths. This is the darker side of football are some causes of heart like Dani Jarque during the

summer tour that his team performed in Italy, lost consciousness in the hotel room concentration while maintaining a telephone conversation with his girlfriend. This quickly told his roommate at the hotel, Ferran Corominas, who requested medical assistance. Although he quickly moved to a hospital, doctors could do nothing to revive and footballer died. Dani Jarque died of asystole in the Federal Technical Center in Coverciano FIGC, a suburb of Florence (Italy) on August 8, 2009. The news of the death of the player caused a stir in the world of Spanish football. For the chapel that became available on August 11 at the Estadio Cornella-El Prat paraded representatives of all the teams first and second division, and different authorities public and political life, in addition to 14,000 fans. In the Cornella-El Prat Stadium is the tradition of applauding unofficial 21 minutes during each match in memory of the player, as this number was his number in the last season he played.

As we see in the picture right out Andres Iniesta, this became one of the most remembered gestures in football munidal. In the World Cup final Iniesta scored the goal that gave the victory to Spain and instead of celebrating in any way he wanted to dedicate it to his companion and friend Dani Jarque especially removing his shirt where he had a phrase: `` Dani Jarque always with us'' Also we can find Antonio Puerta for the August 25, 2007, during the match between Sevilla and Getafe Football Club Football Club, which gave the Spanish league start, Antonio Puerta, in the 28th minute of the game, suffered fainting due to a cardiac arrest. Ivica Dragutinovic he tried out his tongue, so do not swallow. While out on his own feet the pitch, locker rooms, fainting again suffered five more. Antonio Puerta died on August 28, 2007 at 14:30 in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for post-anoxic encephalopathy (lack of nutrients and oxygen to the brain) caused by cardiogenic shock in which he was. The final diagnosis was that he died of an arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia. I was going to be a father, because his girlfriend was eight months pregnant and gave birth on 21 octubre. The chapel was installed in the stadium anteroom Sevilla team, the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan. The funeral was held at 14:00 am on August 29 in the

cemetery of San Fernando de Sevilla. The government of Spain announced the award of the Medal for Sports Merit posthumously. Shortly after the party was to celebrate the Super Cup between Sevilla and A. C. Milan, in which players from both teams jumped into the field with the name Puerta below their respective dorsal and homage is paid by both teams. The Clarence Seedorf AC Milan capped their name when it was replaced to show only the Door, the champion, A. C. Milan, gave the Super Cup. Sevilla announced its intention to remove the race number 16, which port port until their child turned eighteen, but as a rule in the Royal Spanish Football Federation and the LFP could not be removed and you should take another player . The youth David Prieto would be responsible to carry the race number 16. On April 27, 2010, four years after he scored the goal against Schalke 04 that gave him the go to Seville to the final of the UEFA Cup in 2006, it was discovered a statue of the figure during a game Sevilla's shirt in the city's sports club. The plaque is at the foot of the statue are the titles with Sevilla and got a letter which reads: "Your left foot gave us a dream that changed our lives, beginning stage then most glorious of our club. Thanks Antonio. "

These are events that can happen to fulfill any but what we will tell you now unfortunately been a recent and because of us humans. At least 74 people have died after fans of two football teams faced this Wednesday after a party in the Egyptian city of Port Said, in the Northeast, according to a balance offered by the Ministry of Health to TV the state. The brawl started after a game between the teams Al Masry, Cairo, and Al Ahly ended with a 3-1 result in favor of the former. The followers of Al Masry invaded the pitch after a crossing of insults during the match and raced after the visiting team players, resulting in a clash between the two swollen. Most of the deaths apparently occurred as a result of the stampede that was generated and resulted in multiple crushing or suffocation, according to witnesses contacted by Reuters also reported that several people fell from

the stands. Among the dead there are policemen. Many will remember Juan Jose Maqueda, that former Real Madrid to the Quinta del Vulture. He currently serves as coach and, curiously, a few months working in Egypt, the Al-Ittihad, one of the teams in the country behind the Al Ahly and Zamalek, which are like Madrid and Barcelona. When you locate the technician, he was watching the images and do not know how deep it was the tragedy: "Yes, I was watching the game live and saw that in the first part was suspended 15 minutes. Then followed. El Al Masry was losing 0-1 and, as always there have taken to one of Al Ahly, have made a trap and have traced them 3-1 at the end. "The coach himself also said COPE chain "is war." Maqueda has visited more than once in the stadium where the events took place yesterday: "That is crazy. It is a very dangerous stage in a city rampant through the place where you are-port. We also were winning with the Al-Ittihad 0-1 and a penalty pitaron us laugh. Upon entering the stadium, we were greeted with stones. We had to enter through another site other than the usual tunnel. And our fans would not let go. The Spanish, who had already begun the season with his current team, said: "This sport has been a tragedy is the result of everything that has happened in the country in recent months. Interestingly, there's a lot of security in the stadiums, but also very little respect for the police, believing they were guilty of repression and people are going after them. There are invasions of the stadiums, the flares do not hide..." The incidents have spread to a stadium in Cairo where he was playing a game between Zamalek and Ismaili teams. Egyptian television showed pictures of parts of the stadium on fire after the referee's decision to cancel the meeting at the end of the first half. In the succession of events, the Egyptian football federation has announced the suspension "indefinite" in the league.

Made By Alejandro Gamon Chover

THE TRANSFER OF THE STORY MOST EXPENSIVE Update the list of Most Expensive signings in the history of professional football. With the creation of the current Champions League format,

release the number of foreign equipment and facilities of the termination clause in the contracts of the players determining factors have been by which they have huge amounts of money paid for procurenment of the best players in the world . Interestingly among the top five four signings are Real Madrid, Florentino Perez at the helm. There is no doubt that the sufferer to have disproportionate market inflation. Any player in my opinion in the world no matter how good it may be more than 50 million worth euros. Therefore, it is important to differentiate it entre value and price. The price setting just for transfers is the result of a negotiation, which does not mean it's the real value of the player. 1.Cristiano Ronaldo In 2009, the Real Madrid paid 94 million euros for the Portuguese to crack Manchester United. For now, Ronaldo is justifying the most expensive signing in the history of football-based goals. Expensive, but probably the only player who can do Leo Messi shadow disputed by unofficial best player award in the world. 2.Zlatan Ibrahimovic It depends on the sources, but some put the transfer of Swedish player of Inter Milan FC Barcelona 88 million euros. Others will leave 45 million, if not taken into account the transfer of Eto'o and fringed by Hleb, but no lower than 70 million euros, the most expensive signing in the history of FC Barcelona.

3. Zinedine Zidane

In 2001, the French star signing for Real Madrid marked the most expensive signing in history until then. Zidane came to the Spanish team from Juventus for 73 million euros. Many still remember Zinedine elegance and, above all, his goal in the final of the Champions of the 2001-2002 season.

4.KakĂĄ Cost 65 million transfer from AC Milan Brazilian player of Real Madrid in the summer of 2009. A signing that has caught on yet, because of injuries and other reasons. Anyway, is a player with great quality, and the Real Madrid fans are still waiting. The question is whether the fans still have patience with a player who so far has failed to justify the huge outlay.

5.LuĂ­s Figo Its over FC Barcelona to Real Madrid in 2000 was a real earthquake in world football. Overall, the Luso Madrid paid for 60 million euros, and the controversy was served when Figo returned to Barcelona with his new team.

6.Fernando Torres 58 million euros has cost the signing of striker at Chelsea, Liverpool getting one of the most attractive attacking global market. Torres has signed for five years and a half, with a contract that paid equal to the best of Chelsea, Terry and Lampard.

7.Hernan Crespo 55 mln euros to Parma Lazio paid for the transfer of Argentine forward in 2000. Scored many goals with his new team, but two years later he was transferred again, this time to Inter Milan for 26 million, and a year later, Chelsea by 28. A wanderer.

8.Rui Costa From Fiorentina AC Milan for 48 million euros in the 2001-2002 season. The arrival shortly after Kaka relegated him to the bench, and let go to Milan to Benfica, the team where he started as a player in 2006.

9.Gaizka Mendieta Until the transfer of Torres to Chelsea, the most expensive Spanish player in history. In 2001, Lazio paid Valencia nothing more and nothing less than 48 million euros for the Basque player. His signing was not very good, and was loaned to FC Barcelona, before returning to be passed by the Italian team at Middlesbrough.

10.Gianluigi Buffon The only keeper of the list, was transferred from Parma to Juventus for a figure close to 47 million euros in 2001. There it has remained ever since, being faithful to Juve even after the descent into hell of Italian football in 2006. Made by: Alejandro Gamon Chover

FOOTBALL AND MONEY Every time there is less money to register, or at least they say it. The money moves itself between some few ones, which are the only ones that are still ready to buy the best players of the world to blow of checkbook. Nearly that moves the market himself, 94 millions that it gave up Florentino Perez for Cristiano Ronaldo two summers ago seems to be impossible that they repeat themselves to shortly or medium term. The second one in the list is Zinedine Zidane, also registered by Madrid, and also for Florentino Perez. The word that gave of that the best players of the world would play in Royal Madrid, fulfilled it with the arrival of the best player of the moment. The third party, also he is an acquaintance of the Spanish League. Zlatan Ibrahimovic came to Barcelona for 66 millions. A million less cost Kakรก to him to Royal Madrid. In the fifth position there appears the man that cost 60 million to Royal Madrid, Luis Figo. Up to the sixth position there does not appear an equipment that is not of the Spanish league. It yes, a Spanish player does it: Fernando Torres. The Chelsea I pay 58 millions to the Liverpool for him. Already for below they appear Hernรกn Crespo with 51 millions that the Lazio spent to the Parma in the year 2000. After the Argentinian, the first doorman of the ranking is. Buffon came to the Juventus for 46 million Euros proceeding from the Parma and with his transfer it demonstrated to be the best under the sticks. For below the first Englishman of the ranking is and also firstly defense, Rio Ferdinand, who went out of the Leeds for 46 million Euros to manage to be Sir Alex Ferguson's key piece all these years. And in the tenth position, joined, three forwards. Shevchenko, one of the worst bets of the world of the football. Together with him, Christian Vieri,

the Italian bore in the Inter of Milan what in no other equipment. The price was deserving it and 45 millions had much that to see. To his side in the list now the 'Kun' appears Omen. The Argentinian decided to go away of the Athletic one at the end of season. Of 10 more expensive signings of the football, two are of this year and three of 2009, the rest of beginning of the decade. The big signings continue taking place but to very little because of the crisis that concerns our world. Made by Sergio De Jorge Felix


As you did the injury? and that feeling you had? When I played I had a small pain in the knee, and do not be like I did because I realized after 2 months.

• How long were in rehabilitation? I spent 3 months in rehabilitation. • Now that you return from playing, to which you aspire to? I'm in a small team and do not think that it aspires to much more.

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