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Recreation design for angels in america play by tony kushner. Its the story of a gay man that recently discover that he got hiv from his lover, So the color of the design was basically choose to represent the color of blood and the grunge texture to represent the virus. the angel is place on the top as a way to picture him as the protector of the people. Also the placement of the NY city under him thells that the he is overlooking to protect New Yorkers.

Layout spread to simbolize the work of herbert bayer and the famous bauhaus design house. based in the main characteristics that made this famous designer well know, using the universal typeface created by him and also invoking his diagonal style that change the prespecive for many designer of his time.

App that help people find recipes based on what people already have on the fridge. the color red and the front door of fridge are use to represent the icon for the company also there are a good use of wooden textur that help associate food and kitchen with the user.

triciclo Logo design for a vintage shop. the type font is similar in shape to the old fashion bicycle, tall and round. the group of element inside the box makes the logo look elegant and at the same time represent the old style concept that the shop wants. Good association between image and type let people know the concept behind the logo.

Portfolio main spread  
Portfolio main spread