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Table of Content

Brand Story Research

4-5 Trends


Destep Clothing Concept



Mission Brand Values Target Group Positioning Brand Identity Strength & Strategies Main Objectives of Strategy C2C Product Description

20-23 Colours


Fabrics Design Description Price Tag Marketing Strategy



Look of Brand Store Conclusion




4 Delicious Denim

Brand Story

Delicious Denim 5

Juicy Balmy Deliciousness

ture and experienced woman that she is, she clearly does not want to be pushed in any direction, but express her in-

A tree, high and

dividual being and her confident attitude. For that reason

impressive on a wide lawn. Stretching out its branches, it

she wants clothing that suits her feminine body, that sup-

seems majestic and big. A gentle breeze brushes through

ports her and that manifests her juicy and unique character,

the leaves. The trunk is bulky and its roots go deep into

her inner fruit.

the cold and dark ground. Colorful fruits adorn the tree’s

Secondly, the fruit represents a never ending life-cycle.

crown. Some of them are still unripe, some were damaged

This cycle starts with a single blossom that, under the right

by hungry birds or chilly storms, but most of them are lusci-

conditions, slowly develops and forms its extraordinary and

ous and delicious - mature. They are finally ready to leave

particular shape. As soon as the fruit is ripe, it will leave the

the tree behind and to draw the attention towards them-

tree and spread the seeds and nourish them, so that a


new tree can grow.

Delicious Denim uses the fruit as a metaphor in two different

Delicious Denim follows this principle by adapting the C2C


philosophy in its concept. Taking the fruit metaphor very

Firstly, the ripe fruit represents the target woman. She has re-

literal, we chose unconventional textiles made out of fruit

ached the stage of her life, where she is no longer tied to

fibres, such as coir, pine apple and banana. These fibres

society’s ideals of how she should behave, be it as a mo-

are blended with other natural fibres and are therefore

ther, a wife or as a woman. The fruit leaves the crown and

100% biodegradable. That makes the garment suitable for

so does the woman. She frees herself from any unrealistic

disassembling and recycling. The whole production forms a

expectations that were thrown at her to focus on what’s

closed circle in which material is taken from nature and gi-

most important: her own self-fulfilment. As the powerful, ma-

ven back to nature.

6 Delicious Denim


Delicious Denim 7


As a starting point,

portant it is for the people to take better care of their he-

we were looking at upcoming and already existing trends

alth and to spoil themselves every once in a while. This be-

in our society, which are most likely to influence our poten-

comes visible when one takes a look at the increasing spa

tial customer. We found a lot of inspirational materials that

offers of hotels and gyms, or even with the exotic flavours

have helped us to slowly develop a matching and cont-

and wellness mixes on the tea shelf in the supermarket. This

emporary concept.

development goes almost hand in hand with the rise of the

There were 5 trends that we found especially important to

healthy lifestyle. An increasing popularity of organic food,

our cause.: In fashion, there is currently an upcoming trend

the promotion of excercizing and a gym-culture, but also

to hire more mature models for photoshoots and catwalk

showing a sustainable consumer behaviour belong to this

shows. They are a welcomed change to the underweight -


and often underaged - girls that have dominated fashion

Last but not least, we find the selfmade trend very inspiring

for years. These women radiate this unique self-confidence

for our concept. People have picked up the old trades such

and experience and their ripe skin and shaped bodies

as knitting, cooking, building or farming as a hobby and

are inspiring and beautiful. However, this trend is not restric-

even sell their products online with great success. It is not

ted to elderly women. A parallel movement is giving very

about perfection and mass-production anymore, but rather

femininely shaped women a new self-esteem and a public

creativity and uniqueness.

plattform. The most prominent example is probably Beth Dit-

Concluding, it can be said that all these trends convey a

to who poses naked on fashion magazines and even desi-

feeling of being in unison with yourself, doing the things you

gned a plus size collection for the fashion brand Evans.

like and live your life. Inspired by this, our brand aims to be

Another trend is the growing demand for SPA and wellness.

an answer to today’s fast, stressful and often complicated

The faster and more stressful the world gets, the more im


8 Delicious Denim

Delicious Denim 9


Delicious Denim is planning


In general, the Dutch

on opening its first store in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. In some

economy is quite stable, which is why the Netherlands are amongst

points, the Dutch market and consumer behaviour can be quite

the 20 largest economies in the world. A big part of the income is

distinctive from other countries, which is why it is necessary to take

achieved by trade with other countries. The most important export

a closer look at the most influential factors for a starting business:

partners of the Netherlands are Germany, Belgium, UK, France and

the demography, economy, socio-cultural, technology, ecology and



Even though the Netherlands were affected by the financial crisis of 2008, its economy recovered quite fast. The GDP is currently at 0.2


As in many other

%, which indicates a growth.

European countries, the birth rate in the Netherlands is declining. In

Also, the Netherlands have the lowest unemployment rate of the

2008 the estimated growth rate of the population was 0.436%. Also,

entire EU, being at 4.1% (according to April 2010 measures).

the people are getting older than they did before which is leading

The Dutch economical success could derive from its excellent

to an aging society. A raise in demand for senior-focused products


and new marketing strategies is expected.

While the physical retail trade still has not recovered completely from

The immigration rate in the Netherlands is surprisingly low. Only 2.55

the crisis, the internet retail is flourishing. This year, there was again

people out of 1000 are of a non-Dutch origin. That is 19.1% of the

a growth of 9% internet sales in comparison to 2011. These figures


indicate that the E-Commerce will continue to grow and become

The average height is 1.81 metres for males and 1.67 metres for

more and more important, if not inevitable to businesses.

females. This might be an important factor to keep in mind when it comes to product development, especially in fashion this should be considered.

10 Delicious Denim


The Dutch people are known

for being very tolerant and open-minded. They love to experiment

which makes it very easy to pay small amounts without cash, and the OV-chipkaart which is used in public transportation.

and maybe even provoke at times. Even though the Netherlands are world wide notorious for their liberal views on such critical matters


as drugs, prostitution or house occupation, it is important to know,

are very affected by the climate change, because of their unique

that these things are only tolerated, but not really legal. On the

location. 70% of the country lies beneath the water level and

contrary, there is a movement going on amongst the population that

therefore it is very endangered by the melting of the polar ice

demands stricter laws and a reduction of coffee shops, brothels and

caps as this will cause floods and other meteorological and

frivolous behaviour.

environmental catastrophes. To prevent that, politicians have

However, even if the Netherlands became a lot tamer, they would

set up a plan that focuses on issues such as climate change, air

still be quite avant-garde in comparison to most other countries,

quality and the protection of biodiversity and nature. It is called

because it is the mindset of the people. As an old seafaring nation,

Toekomstagenda Milieu. In addition to that there are also a lot

the Dutch have always been curious and innovative and it is a fixed

of regulations that business owners have to take into account. For

part of their mentality.

example, the logistics could be affected when cars and trucks are

The Netherlands

not allowed to enter the city without a permit, as it is the case in Technological

The Netherlands are

many Dutch cities.

technologically quite advanced. The people are not shy for new

But, not all is bad. Due to their location, the Dutch have a lot of

inventions and usually embrace novelties fast. Especially in the field

advantages when it comes to natural resources. Renewable energy

of banking and cash-free purchasing, the Dutch have one of the

sources in particular are very available, because of the access to

most progressive systems in Europe. The most prominent examples of

water and the wind.

the Dutch technological advancement are probably the chipknip,

Delicious Denim 11

The Dutch parties VVD,

Having considered all these important aspects, the

CDA, D66, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie agreed in their sessions in

Netherlands seem to be the right country to launch the brand

spring 2012 on a rise in VAT. This rise from 19 to 21% VAT became

Delicious Denim for several reasons. First of all, the Netherlands were

effective on 1 October 2012 and is already ran against by

not as affected by the financial crisis as other European countries,

several retailers, suppliers and organisations. Especially the fashion

which is partly due to its great location that enables them to export

businesses might suffer from this rise of taxes, because they are not

and import goods easily. Also, the subsidies and the availability of

able to raise the prices in the most important sales season. So, they

renewable energy resources is a great advantage for a brand with

are making 2% less profit on every item, which could really become

sustainable motives. However, the most important factor that shows

a problem for the small enterprises that are on a tight budget and

that Delicious Denim could be successful in the Netherlands is the

counted on their forecasted revenues. Organisations that fight for

people. As the Dutch mentality is very open-minded and curious

the cancellation of this tax rise are among others CBW-Mitex, MKB

about novelties, it is quite likely that the customers will embrace this

Nederland, Detailhandel Nederland and Modint.

new concept fast and make the entrance of the brand into the

Besides that, the Dutch government offers companies and start-

market unproblematic.


ups many possibilities in the form of subsidies and tax paybacks. These funds try to stimulate creative ideas (innovatiefonds MKB+), the expansion of a business into other countries (Partners for International Business funds) and sustainable thinking and acting (Milieu-investeringsaftrek).

12 Delicious Denim

Clothing Concept

Delicious Denim 13


We see women in


Delicious Denim

their 50s as self-confident, authentic and feminine. But most

wants to act in the moment when most of the other fashion

importantly, they are women who finally have the chance to

brands lose their interest in the femininely shaped bodies of

draw the attention away from their responsibilities as mo-

middle aged women. Therefore we provide her with a unique

thers and to prioritize their self-realization.

product that does not only underline her self-confident and mature personality but also reveal her feminine curves through a comfortable, well-fitting and dashing design.

14 Delicious Denim

Brand Values

Natural pride

Our jeans brand

Seductive comfort

There is no mys-

admires nature and treats it with respect and care. Instead

tery in being attractive and having a positive charisma

of putting environmental issues aside, we feel inspired by

on the people that surround you. It is a simple question of

our natural surroundings and consider it as a unique pos-

feeling good in what you are wearing, no pulling and no

sibility to widen fashion’s horizon and to finally take action.

pinching, just the pure and enjoyable comfort. A combina-

Doing less bad is not enough! We want to do good and

tion of carefully chosen fabrics and an innovative cut will

therefore follow the C2C philosophy.

ensure an unforgettable clothing experience.

Delicious Denim 15

Juicy confidence

Being confident

Unique Authenticity

Instead of aiming

does not mean being austere, predictable and preferab-

for perfection, we’d rather say: „Embrace imperfection!“.

le always on the safe side of life. Neither is it about stub-

Delicious Denim considers flaws in every sense auspicious

bornness, conceitedness or an uncompromising attitude.

and an inspiring trigger to create diversity. We choose

We aim for the self-reliant and fearless, the charming and

unique over ordinary, surprising over predictable and exci-

the frisky ones, whose refreshing personality is a welcomed

ting over shallow. Using unconventional textiles, that result in

guest, respected and not feared.

rough and exciting designs.

16 Delicious Denim

Target Group

Delicious Denim targets

women who are self-confident, independent and lively. The brand’s main focus lies on their beautiful and juicy curves. Experience has taught this woman to respect herself and her femininely shaped body. She does not feel the need to squeeze herself into her daughter’s jeans and to pretend to be something she’s not! Our target woman feels in unison with herself and holds her body in high esteem. She feels confident about it and wants to convey this feeling also to the outside. Choosing quality over quantity is one of her principles and being true to this philosophy, she searches for a deeper meaning and the story behind her purchases. Sustainability and environmental protection is therefore considered an important matter. This woman is like a juicy and succulent fruit: powerful and seductive, her refreshing attitude equals an explosion of taste.

Delicious Denim 17

Positioning Since our products are fashionable and comfortable, it is therefore uniquely fitted to our target group, the market positioning should be located in the mid range in style and the upper range in design focus.

18 Delicious Denim

Brand Identity

Strength and Strategies Delicious Denim’s



direct competitors are GAP, Esprit, Mexx, Escada, Gerry

is that we have discovered a gap in the market: the lack

Weber, MAC and especially BRAX. These brands are the

of the perfect jeans for women at the age of 55 or older,

most common jeans brands for women in the age of 55+.

whose bodies were subject to change. With the special

They are intend to look classy with a higher focus on qua-

cuts that Delicious Denim has, it gives them the opportunity

lity than style. The problem with the existing brands is that

to feel comfortable, fashionable and sexy again.

they either aim for a much younger target group (like Esprit

It’s important for Delicious Denim to be as sustainable as

and Mexx) and therefore the fit is not suited for elderly wo-

possible, so the recycling of the old garments and usage

men, or they’re targeting the 55+ generation, but have a

of organic fibres is one of the brands main aspects.

rather plain and conservative style. Delicious Denim wants to differentiate itself from the competitors by filling this gap. We want to combine comfort and style in all the garments and offer clothing that is appropriate for the age group, but far from being plain!

Delicious Denim 19

Main Objectives of Strategy With the Delicious Denim collection, we want to expand the limited market of clothing for women over 55. The woman, who is interested in nature and aware of sustainability, will be attracted to our clothing line and our brand concept. Our store will create a comfortable and casual atmosphere. We intend to give the customer the feeling of emotional security and build up a trustful relationship. We put a lot of emphasis on friendly and attentive staff. In addition, we offer a wide range of services for the customer, so that they feel welcomed and well advised in our shop. For instance, our staff will help the customer to take their exact measurements to find the right size and to determine what style would suit them best. There will also be a

bar in the shop a large assortment of refreshing drinks and juicy smoothies. Furthermore the opportunity is given to ask questions to the employees about our way of producing and the brand’s principle. Moreover, Delicious Denim wants to seduce its customers with the smell of fresh fruits and with the sound of pleasant nature noises as they enter the store. Also, there will be a tree in the centre of the store. It is supposed to bring across our brand story and core values to the customer, as the tree and the fruits are symbolic for the brand-customer relationship and our C2C concept. Our clothing will be colourful, sensual, easy to combine and comfortable to wear and will therefore underline the brand image of Delicious Denim.

20 Delicious Denim


Delicious Denim 21

Raw material harvesting and processing

In order

husks have to be immersed in water tanks for approximately 5 days.

to form a fully environmentally friendly garment life-cycle, Delicious

Then the moist husks are fed to a coir fibre extraction machine whose

Denim starts its C2C philosophy already in the fibre cultivation.

several knives shred the coconuts and give out the fine fibres.

Using fruit fibres extracted from pine apple, coconut and banana, it

Banana (leaves) extraction: With the banana fibres there are several

is convenient to choose a tropical and hot climate for their planting,

possibilities to extract the fibres and they all have a different effect

where the fruit is actually native. In fact, with this decision, Delicious

on the fabric properties. We chose for the Japanese system, becau-

Denim wants to support Fair Trade commerce in developing coun-

se there the fibres turn out finer and smoother than for example with

tries. This means that we want to ensure fair pay, good working con-

the Nepalese system. With the Japanese method, the leaves and

ditions, health and safety for our workers. Consequently, but also to

shoots of the banana plant are first boiled in lye to prepare the fib-

protect the environment, is it important to mention that Delicious De-

res for the yarn-making. The banana shoots, however, are made up

nim uses natural insects, like ladybugs, grasshoppers and caterpillars

of fibres with different degrees of softness and therefore they have to

to lower pest applications immensely. Besides that, no-till farming

be separated before being processed futher. The outer fabrics are

practices help save wildlife habitats of birds and other animals and

rougher and would therefore be blended with likewise materials such

reduced tilling practices also save fossil fuels and reduce runoff.

as cotton or hemp to produce a solid fabric. The inner fibres, however, are quite soft and would be blended with silk or lyocell instead.

Fiber processing yarn manufacturing

After the fibre

Pine apple (leaves) extraction: First the long, spiny leaves of the pine

manufacturing and processing, they will be blended with other bio-

apple plant are cut from the tree. Then, with a sharp tool, the fibres

degradable fibres, such as organic cotton and lyocell. This improves

are pulled or scraped off the leaves revealing, long and fine strands.

the yarn capacities such as strength and durability and a closed

The fruit fibres will be mostly be blended with lyocell and or-

natural cycle can be maintained.

ganic cotton. We chose these fibres because of their several pro-

Coir extraction: The fibres of the coconut can be extracted with the

perties. The lyocell is like viscose a very smooth and light fabric, but it

help of a machine which makes the production a lot easier and

is much more eco-friendly because (unlike the viscose) its production

more efficient. Prior to the actual extraction of the fibres, the coconut

doesn’t engage any toxic chemicals. The organic cotton, however, is

22 Delicious Denim

very versatile. It can be either soft and flowing as a fabric, or rough

ted liquid sulphur dye that only requires one sugar-based reducing

and solid. And its organic cultivation of the crops is also environmen-

agent instead of several harmful chemicals that are engaged in the

tally friendly in contrast to the conventional cotton.

conventional dyeing process. And opposing to the other dyes, the “Advanced Denim” only has to go through one single dyeing vat ins-

Dyeing process

Even in its dyeing

tead of 15.

process Delicious Denim relies completely on nature. For most colours

By engaging these two dyeing methods, Delicious Denim will not only

we will make use of natural dyestuffs that were extracted from fruits,

be able to make major savings in resources such as water and ener-

vegetables, roots and plants. The advantages that come from natu-

gy, but it will also ensure that this very critical stage in the jeans pro-

ral dyeing are priceless. It is not only very sustainable in the dyeing

duction process is sustainable and gentle to the workers and the

process with a low water and chemical usage, but it is also comple-


tely biodegradable when the garment is worn out. Also, the colour creates very unique and charming shades that could never be


achieved with conventional dyestuff. Opposing to chemical colours,

processing, Delicious Denim follows also in the design phase the “no

the natural dyes are absolutely free of heavy metals, chemicals and

waste” principle. Therefore we want to adapt Cad Cam programs in

therefore absolutely non-toxic.

our production system. With computer aided prototyping, such as

Even though almost every colour can be achieved with fruit and

Modaris, fabric waste and transport costs and emissions can be re-

vegetable dyes, Delicious Denim will focus on another colouring me-

duced drastically. In order to reduce fabric waste in the production,

thod for their blue jeans and garments. As blue jeans are a classic

Delicious Denim will be working with no waste patterns and fully fashi-

product, we don’t want to miss them in our assortment. But, as indigo

oned knitwear. Furthermore are we going to use the denim cutting lef-

is usually very harmful to the environment, we will work with an alterna-

tovers for details or accessories on the garments.

tive that can save up to 92% water, 30% energy and produces 87% less cotton waste. The dyestuff was launched by the brand Clariant and is called “Advanced Denim”. It is an eco-advanced, concentra-

As in the fibre

Delicious Denim 23

Garment production




Returning the used Delicious Denim product to the store forms the last

production Delicious Denim focuses on a few important aspects:

part of the C2C life cycle. Depending on the condition of the product, it

1. As mentioned before, Delicious Denim works with no waste pat-

will be disassembled and either recycled or downcycled.

terns. This means that the focus will be particularly drawn on how the

As with other waste management strategies, recycling saves resources.

patterns are cut out. Besides that we are also offering fully fashioned

The most common technique of extracting fibre from fabric involves me-

knitwear. With this knitting technique we are able to produce custom

chanically tearing the fabric apart using carding machines. Breaking the

pre-shaped pieces of a knitted garment. Fully fashioned knitting cuts

fibre, however, causes a much shorter fibre length, which when spun, tends

down on the amount of material required to make a garment by eli-

to produce bulky yarns. By using another method, which avoids mechani-

minating selvages and the remnants that would be left after cutting

cally pulling the fabric apart, Delicious Denim ensures the production of a

from a rectangular fabric sheet.

qualitative higher yarn as in the previously mentioned technique. Here,

2. In order to maintain some consistency throughout the C2C cycle,

left-over yarns on the roll-ends of the fabrics are first unraveled and then

also the garment’s embellishments will be biodegradable. Buttons

knotted into a continuous filament ready for re-knitting.

and zippers for instance, will be produced with biodegradable and

An important factor that complicates DFR (design for recycling) opera-

recyclable materials like wood pulp.

tions is the excessive use of fibre blends. Thus, by using only natural fibres, will facilitate sorting operations and reduce its impact on the environment.


The brand sells its

Blending the fruit fibres with other natural fibres, such as lyocell and orga-

products in recyclable shopping bags, produced from fabric waste.

nic cotton, ensures our brand’s ability of composting the garments, in

The robust and practical design attributes to the shopping bag’s mul-

case that no further recycling is possible. Downcycling the product has

tifunctional character, getting the maximum benefit from this product.

no harmful impact on the environment. In fact, it is quite the contrary: what Delicious Denim took from nature, will eventually be given back to nature and will close the cradle to cradle cycle

24 Delicious Denim

Product Description

Delicious Denim 25

Comfortable yet

as intriguing, yet confident.

flattering, Delicious Denim combines a mild mid-summer

The colour palette ranges from saturated brown and blue

breeze with a refreshing and juicy bite of a sun-ripened fru-

tones to soft greens, tempered with a dash of berry red.

it for a well-fitting and timeless S/S collection 2013.

The fabric range contains only natural fibres, such as soft

In our collection, knitwear will mostly be represented in na-

and nicely draping lyocell or strong organic cotton. They

tural and earthy colours with a rough and exciting touch,

are mixed with fruit fibres, whose main advantages are

yet adding a high comfort to the garments. Visible seams

their extremely environmental friendly impact on the fashi-

on the outside, wooden buttons and small details create a

on industry and the pleasant and healthy sensation on the

fashionable handcrafted look that is based on the recent

customer’s skin.

trends. Denim finds its ease in cosy and innovative cuts that put emphasis on the womanly shape of our customer, rather than hiding it and forcing it in an artificial form. The result is a symbiosis of garment and body that can be described

26 Delicious Denim


Delicious Denim’s

collection will be available in a wide range of colours. Due to the special dyeing method with fruit and vegetable extracts, these colours can vary from bright and juicy to warm and earthy. But, one thing they all have in common: with their fresh and fruity attitude these colours underline the women’s beauty and personality.

Delicious Denim 27


To give a brief

impression about our fabrics, we want to show some examples of their varying properties. Delicious Denim will engage fabrics with a rather structured surface as well as smooth and well-draping materials. Moreover, all the materials are from a natural origin and blended with fruit fibres.

28 Delicious Denim

Design Description



The legs, however, are left narrow, in comparison to the up-

will base their designs on deep research and surveys, the

per part of the jeans, since our surveys showed that this is

current trends and their sense for sustainability.

the favourable cut for our target group. This results in loose

In the design process the main emphasis is put on three dif-

fitted designs, which are comfy and flattering.

ferent, yet equally important parts: the materials, comfort

Another adjustment will be made on the waist. In fact, our

and style.

survey showed that women 55+ prefer a regular waist, ins-

People of this age (55+) are known to be rather long-term

tead of the low or the high waist.

oriented, which is why they tend to choose quality over

The last aspect considers the style of the jeans. The inter-

quantity. The material is therefore an important part of the

viewed women were complaining about a lack of classy

design to consider. Fruit fibres are consistent and, depen-

jeans designs. It is, indeed, difficult for them to find a gar-

ding on the blend, they can have either an exciting irregu-

ment, which is appropriate to the age and taste of the wo-

lar structure or a smooth and soft draping. Consequently,

men, without being boring and old-fashioned. This is why

our collection will reflect this refreshing variety in its designs.

our brand aims for sophisticated designs with a modern

The comfort aspect of our jeans is to be found in the spe-

component, clean and simple, yet flattering.

cial cuts fitted to our target group. After attentively analysing the changing body of our customer and comparing it to the existing jeans products, we came up with following adjustments. We put extra ease on the stomach area and the hips, providing more space for the woman’s curves.

Delicious Denim 29

Price Tag

30 Delicious Denim

Marketing Strategy

Delicious Denim 31


Delicious Denim’s unique selling point is that we of-

fer stylish, yet sustainable products that are fitted to the special needs of our womanly shaped target customer. The cuts and fits of our garments are designed to suit the mature bodies of women aged 55 or older, especially respecting their problem zones that other brands often neglect. As the design does not only provide comfort, but also a tasteful and modern look, it will appeal very much to the demanding customers. Furthermore, fruity scents will be integrated into the fabrics, which will make an experience of “wearing the jeans”. The scents are applied with special coatings that contain microcapsules – very tiny capsules which contain the scent of the fruit, but are too small to be seen with the bare eyes. The scent is released by friction and movement, such as walking or stretching. The scent will last for at least 5 washes and is absolutely harmless to the environment. As the capsules have also been dermatology tested, we can ensure that they are completely safe for the skin.

32 Delicious Denim

Look of Brand Store

The Delicious De-

nim store is inspired by nature. The idea is to create a natural shopping environment in which the customer feels at ease and her senses are stimulated.

Delicious Denim 33


A defined, exceptional and meaningful product is what our target woman is still missing. Our product is defined in its style, exceptional in its pleasant fit and meaningful in its sustainable ingredients. Combining all these aspects in one unique and personal garment, Delicious Denim aims to give its wearers an unforgettable experience of well-being, authenticity and the chance to take responsibility towards the environment.

34 Delicious Denim

References Inspired by Cradle to Cradle-C2C practice in education, Pieternel Boer, Judith van Heeswijk, Antoine Heideveld, Diana den Held and Daan Maatman, published in May 2011 Cradle to Cradle-Remaking the way we make things, Michael Braungart and William McDonough, first published in Great Britain 2008$FILE/Advanced_Denim_EN.pdf

Delicious Denim Concept Report  

Creating a brand for a special target group focusing on selling jeans. AMFI work 3rd semester 2012

Delicious Denim Concept Report  

Creating a brand for a special target group focusing on selling jeans. AMFI work 3rd semester 2012