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DAYNA: (30’S), African American, Strong willed, opinionated, emotionally closed off/afraid to open up, cautious, well planned.

TRICHELLE: (EARLY 20’S), African American, free spirit, open-minded, uninhibited.

DARREN: (30’S), kind hearted, laid back, mildtempered.

ARTHUR: (60’S), African American, kind hearted, strong, honest, calm.

TAMMY: (30’S), Latina, loud, vivacious, and dramatic.

MAYA: (20’S), Caucasian, bubbly, petite, juvenile, naïve, mischievous.

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Scene 1

Trichelle’s Apartment. The living room is lavishly furnished in couture décor and vintage furniture. There are no lights on in the apartment; the only light is scene peeking down the hallway.

[The sound of keys jingling is heard, the door knob twist and the door flings open.]

[DAYNA (32), average height, dressed in a fashionable tailored, pantsuit hurriedly walks into the apartment.]

DAYNA Trish? Trish! Trichelle Roberts I know-

TRICHELLE I’m in the bathroom!

DAYNA Get your ass out here, now!

[TRCHELLE comes staggering out into the living room, giggling in a satirical manner.]



What the hell? Trish, what’s wrong with you?


DAYNA What the hell do you mean? You look high as a kite! What are you on?

TRICHELLE I said nothing! I’m fine! Just leave…I’m used to people leaving.

DAYNA Leave? You texted me saying you’re too depressed to come to dad’s birthday dinner and then you don’t answer your phone when I call. Did you really think I wouldn’t stop by?

TRICHELLE (Sarcastically) It’s nice to know some one cares.



I just drove 30 minutes out of my way, when I still have to go home to get dad’s cake, cut the shit and tell me what’s wrong. TRICHELLE Look…I appreciate you coming but I’m fine, I’ve accepted things now. He and I are just not meant-

DAYNA He? He? Is THAT what you’re so depressed over? I can’t believe you!


DAYNA I told you not to call me about him when shit went sour. He’s married!

TRICHELLE Yea, yea I know, you told me so…but you’re my sister and it’s your job to deal with my B.S. and help me figure shit out.



See, that’s where you’re wrong. It is not my obligation nor duty to help you rebuild this bullshit life you’ve been living, only to have to do it again 6 weeks later.

TRICHELLE Well fuck you then. Go! Leave!

DAYNA Oh no, I came all this way, you’re going to tell me what happened that’s so depressing you cant celebrate dad’s birthday.

TRICHELLE Oh so now you want to listen to my problems?

DAYNA Damn it, Trish, talk!

[TRICHELLE staggers over to the couch and almost unwilling collapses onto it.]

TRICHELLE Fine! ...He told me he wasn’t going to make us official-



DAYNA Wait a minute, what are you on?

TRICHELLE Nothing! I just had…half a bottle of gin.

DAYNA Are you lying to me?

TRICHELLE No, I swear. I haven’t taken anything; I’m still clean & sober…as far as pills go.

DAYNA Alright…cause I’ll haul your ass right back to rehab-

TRICHELLE I know, I know….

DAYNA Mhmm, you better…and don’t make this a new habit, either-



Can I finish my story now?

DAYNA Go ‘head…

[DAYNA walks over & sits next to her sister on the couch, taking off her jacket.]

TRICHELLE So…he strung me along again. Telling me he’s going to leave her, but yet again when the date arrives that we’ve planned, he comes up with another excuse for why he can’t do it yet.

[DAYNA nods in understanding but doesn’t say anything.]

TRICHELLE (cont’d) …So, you’re not going to say anything?

DAYNA I don’t know, I mean what do you want me to say?




DAYNA If you’re looking for me to console and tell you, you weren’t being stupid, I can’t do that. Because you were…

[TRICHELLE stands up abruptly and wobbles trying to tighten her designer silk robe but falls back onto the couch.]

TRICHELLE I’m not asking you to validate my decision; I know what I got myself into. I was just hoping you at least empathize with the fact that I’m in love, despite the circumstances.

DAYNA I do…I feel for you and the fact that you’re in love, but not the fact that you stayed and allowed yourself to fall in love.

TRICHELLE I didn’t chose to fall in love, I just did!



You found out he was married and you STILL decided to stay.

TRICHELLE He said he’d never been in love until he met me!

DAYNA Bullshit!


DAYNA That’s bullshit and you know it Trish!

TRICHELLE You don’t know what we feel-

DAYNA I know he’s feeding you bullshit! He sees a cute, young, dumb toy he can play with and then put back on the shelf when he wants to!


An inside look at the life of "the other woman". How she's created, the affects of her and the consequences of being "the other woman".