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31 Baby Black Comander 3A Black Angus Bull DOB:2 January 2013 TOPS DSL 3A #1766330 Actual BW: 80 lbs WW: 674 lbs YW: 1362 lbs

S A V BISMARCK 5682 Sire: S A V BRAND NAME 9115 S A V BLACKCAP MAY 5530 LEGEND LANE NORDIC 615 Dam: BABY BLACK 615S LUCY 2208U ROYAL LUCY DRCC 1068L EPDs BW 2.5 WW 50 YW 84 MM 25 Here is a true calving ease bull that will not give up on performance big spread from birth to yearling!!!. Commander offers a fresh pedigree to lots of Angus cattle. He is a soft made, good footed bull. Sire: S A V BRAND NAME 9115

32 Baby Black Game Changer Black Angus Bull DOB: 2 January 2013 DSL 5A #1767500 Actual BW: 858 lbs WW: 683 lbs YW: 1426 lbs

S A V PIONEER 7301 Sire: S A V POTENTIAL 0205 S A V ELBA 7021 F A R KRUGERRAND 410H Dam: LEGEND LANE 410 ANNE 620 LLSF ANNE 14L EPDs BW 3.1 WW 54 YW 100 MM 22 Here is a special prospect Game Changer is a maternal to DS Marvel our high selling bull to LLB in Alberta, were he has gone on to sire many sale features for them both females and males. This bull will add natural thickness and depth of body, you will sure want to keep his daughters. His dam is a never miss cow that stems back to the famous Leachman Angus Sire: S A V POTENTIAL 0205 program

33 Cedarhill Zoo York 217Z Black Angus Bull DOB: 17 February 2013 CHSF 217Z #1661260 Actual BW: 80 lbs HF TIGER 5T Sire: HF TIGER 79X VBR TILDA 113J S A V HERITAGE 6295 Dam: CEDARHILL WANDA 131W CEDARHILL SATIN AND LACE 213S

Zoo York is an extra age two year old bull for commercial cattlemen and purebred enthusiasts alike. 217z is a carbon copy of his sire HF Tiger 79x, a bull we purchased from Hamilton Farms in Alberta. He is a deep ribbed, wide topped, clean fronted, free moving bull out of a beautiful young Heritage cow. Zoo York cleaned up some heifers for us last year and already has calves on the ground, making him a proven breeder with progeny that were born easy and hit the ground running. This is a bull that has the extra maturity to go out and really cover some numbers this spring and can be used with confidence on both heifers and mature cows. As an added bonus, if you are a purebred breeder, this bulls DNA is already on file with the CAA, so just turn him out and register the calves when they hit the ground next year.

Consignor: Premier Livestock / Cedarhill Angus

Sire - HF TIGER 79X


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2014 Source For Success Bull & Female Sale  

Indian River, ON March 22, 2014 at 1:00pm

2014 Source For Success Bull & Female Sale  

Indian River, ON March 22, 2014 at 1:00pm