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The Advantage Feeders system Advantage Feeders give farmers the control to limit the amount of supplement stock consume. It does this through the revolutionary saliva restriction system. While the Advantage Feeder systems can be set to feed unrestricted rations to stock, it can also limit the intake of sheep to 200 grams/day and cattle to 2kg/day.

WHAT BENEFITS DO ADVANTAGE FEEDERS PROVIDE FARMERS? No waste Feeding low rations with the Advantage Feeders removes the need to feed any type of stock on the ground. This ensures there is no waste and 100% of the cost of feed is being eaten. Save money by feeding straight grain safely While feeding grain can be the cheapest way to feed energy to stock, 100% rations of grain are often not fed due to the risk of acidosis. Due to the lick system of the Advantage Feeders, if the stock are offered a low setting, there is no risk of acidosis because they can’t eat fast enough to cause an issue. Another benefit of feeding straight grain is that it enables some farmers to fully utilise feed they have grown on their own farm.

Advantage Feeders can be used successfully to do the following tasks for both cattle and sheep: 1) Ration feeding, 2) Creep feeding, and 3) Bulk/Ad lib feeding

HOW DO ADVANTAGE FEEDERS WORK? The system requires stock to lick the feed out of the groove between two adjusters. Changing the position of the adjusters changes the ration that stock can consume. Research has shown that when the lick system is in the most restricted setting the stock lick for 5-10 minutes between periods of grazing. The licking period is limited because the livestock use the saliva from their tongue to get the feed out of the groove and the saliva decreases with progressive licks.

HOW DO I ... Train stock to lick from the groove? It is important to use a feed that has no risk of acidosis. Stock learn faster if they receive a memorable reward (a generous amount of feed) for coming to the feeder. Setting the adjusters as wide as they can before the feed starts falling into the trough will ensure this reward. Here, they will be able to scoop the feed into their mouth and are not being restricted by their saliva levels. Other ways to help train stock are to put some feed in the troughs and on the ground around the feeder.

See it in action watch?v=ePNagGsD_ck


Save time The feeders hold a substantial amount. The NGF1800 feeder holds 1200kg of pellets or barley. If 150 ewes are being fed 0.5kg per day, the feeder will only require filling once every 16 days. If the feeder is used to creep feed lambs, it will also last a similar time. Although sheep need to be regularly checked, it reduces the time to do this – especially if there are mobs of ewes away from the home farm. No mismothering after lambing Trail feeding leads to mis-mothering because ewes will run off from their lambs to be fed. When Advantage Feeders are used, ewes know their feed comes from the feeder and they don’t run when a vehicle enters the field. This also reduces stress of farmers because they can easily check ewes and lambs to ensure there is a high survival rate. Ewes will often not feed from a Advantage Feeder for up to 2 days after they have lambed – this ensures a strong ewe-lamb bond.

Even production The lick system reduces bossy behaviour due to it being reliant on the amount of a saliva an animal has – bossy stock don’t have any more saliva than shy stock. When the bossy stock aren’t at the feeder, the shy stock have more of a chance to feed. The removable Adjuster Guard further prevents the bossy behaviour of pushing along the trough because it has 100mm areas to lick from and there is no advantage in moving position. No gorging A common problem farmers have when introducing stock to high grain based diets is they can over consume and suffer from acidosis. Advantage Feeders eliminates this risk as it allows stock to be introduced to the feed at a safe low ration and then progressively increase the ration by widening the adjustment system.

User Guide Advantage Feeders spends a lot of time discussing the operation of our feeders with farmers. The most important findings have been compiled into our User Guide – a comprehensive guide detailing how to achieve the best results with your Next Generation Feeders. s

Next Generation Feeders

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© 2013 Advantage Feeders


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User Guide

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Advantage Feeders der FeeConsumption Log: Grain Feeders Grain Feeders Grain Log: ption Log: Consum Feeders ption Advantage sumFeeder # type s Con Feed Feed type Feed type Feeder Paddock

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Stock type

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Date Days



Density Density in Mob / day in Mob s / head # of stock Gram # of stock in Mob d / day Grams / head Volume consumed Kg (m³) Kg consumed Grams / head / day

ume cons Days since last Kgchecked (m³) me (m³) Volume checked lastVolu Days since ked chec last Date

Stock type



Feeder # Paddock

Feeder #

Stock type

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Feed type Feed type ity Dens in Mob Density / day Density stock s / head # of in Mob Gram # of stock #d of stock in Mob ume / day Kg cons Grams / head Days since last checked (m³) Volume Kg consumed me Kg consumed VoluVolume (m³) (m³) Grams / head / day

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How are these calculations

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controlled feeding

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feeding 1300 88 15 75

Consumption Log

Upcoming Events June 11-14

the leade the leader in

the leader in controlled

National Field Days

November 12-14 Christchurch Show


Sheep lick at up to 120 times per minute. To see a video of sheep licking, visit www.Advantage


How you can increase your profit This page outlines a range of benefits that many farmers with Advantage Feeders experience. Not all the benefits exist concurrently. There are a large number of assumptions made in the calculations and these will vary from farm to farm. We can provide spread sheets for you to calculate the benefits of using Advantage Feeders.

Many farmers using Advantage Feeders comment that since using them they use less feed, their stock are in better condition and they don’t need as much protein in the ration to achieve the same level of dry feed consumption and utilisation. Advantage Feeders is commissioning a trial to verify and quantify these observations.



The exact level of waste that results from feeding on the ground will depend on the type of soil it is fed on. Waste can often be upwards of 10%. If 10 tonnes of feed is fed through a feeder in a year, at $300/tonne, no wastage amounts to a saving of $300/feeder each year.



Days fed/ year


Average daily intake (kg)


Feed cost (kg) - $350/tonne

$ 0.35

Waste from trail feeding


Annual feed saving/ mob

$ 315.00

Cattle/ mob


Days fed/ year


Average daily intake (kg) Feed cost (kg) - $350/tonne

3 $ 0.35

Waste from trail feeding


Annual feed saving/ mob

$ 525 .00

EFFICIENT RUMEN Supplementing stock every second day is inefficient because the rumen microbes need to constantly alternate from digesting a concentrated feed in a short period to a lower quality dry/paddock feed and so on. Using Advantage Feeders ensures that the rumen has a consistent supply of both the concentrate and dry/paddock feed.


Cereal grains (including grain screenings) are often the cheapest source of energy but are deficient to use because of the risk of acidosis. Next Generation Grain Feeders allow you to safely feed acidosis prone feeds like wheat and barley because intake can be restricted to low amounts. Please note, depending on the situation, cereal feeds can be deficient in protein, minerals and vitamins. Many farmers add pelleted supplements to cereal feeds to reach the required nutritional levels. The difference in cost between feeding cereal grains and pellets can often be $100/tonne (10c/kg).



Days fed/ year


Average daily intake (kg)


Feed saving/ kg using cereal instead of pellets Annual feed saving/ mob

$ 0.10 $ 900.00

Cattle/ mob


Days fed/ year


Average daily intake (kg) Feed saving/ kg using cereal instead of pellets Annual feed saving/ mob

2 $ 0.10 $ 1,000.00

Note: this does not take into account any additives that may need to be added to the cereal feed.

RUN MORE EWES Creep feeding produces lambs to a marketable weight faster – often 1 month earlier. This allows these lambs to be taken off the farm earlier and makes more pasture available to run reproductive stock. Creep feeding develops lambs faster so they can be weaned at a younger age (often 1 month earlier). At weaning, ewes that would otherwise be producing milk can be run as dry sheep and require less supplement feeding.

CALCULATIONS Ewes/ mob ran before creep feeding


Increased ewe stocking rate due to creep feeding


Extra ewes ran due to creep feeding


Gross profit for running extra ewes/ head


Increased gross profit/ mob/ year


REDUCE MISMOTHERING Trail feeding leads to mismothering because ewes will often run away from their lambs to ensure they receive a supplement. Using Advantage Feeders prevents this because ewes realise that they have a constant supplement source in the paddock and prioritise bonding with their lamb. Users of Advantage Feeders frequently comment that ewes that have just lambed don’t leave that position in the paddock for 2 days after lambing – ensuring a strong ewe-lamb bond. An added observation is that when ewes are being supplemented by feeders at lambing, the ewes are very calm, often not moving until you are within 10 meters of them – allowing them to be checked easily without disrupting them. For more information on this point, see the article on page 9.

CALCULATIONS Sheep/ mob Value of a weaned lamb

REACH HIGHER JOINING WEIGHTS The conception of ewe lambs is strongly correlated to their weight at joining. Creep feeding ensures more lambs reach a weight that gives them a higher chance to conceive.

Increased lambing % from using Advantage Feeders Cost of mismothering/ mob/ year

200 $ 80.00 5% $ 800.00



Value of a weaned lamb

$ 80

Increased lambing % from joining heavier ewe lambs


Increased production/ mob/ year

$ 2,400



Cattle can lick in a groove as narrow as 15mm and sheep, 8mm.

Next Generation Feeders 3800

Weight of feeder Volume of feed: Capacity: wheat/peas Capacity: barley/pellets Capacity: oats









1800 litres 1400kg 1200kg

3800 litres 3000kg 2400kg

2440 x 1650 x 1450

800 litres 600kg 500kg 1160 x 1650 x 1370

Dimensions at cattle height: (LxWxH)

2440 x 1650 x 2150

Dimensions at sheep height: (LxWxH)

2440 x 1650 x 1950

2440 x 1650 x 1250

1160 x 1650 x 1170

Flat-packed Dimensions: (LxWxH)

2440 x 1160 x 280

2440 x 1160 x 250

1200 x 1160 x 200

FEATURES THAT MAKE ADVANTAGE FEEDERS THE LEADER They are strong All Advantage Feeders can be used for feeding cattle and sheep. All the outer extremities are reinforced to withstand the roughest treatment from cattle. Being made from connected sheetmetal, all parts are stronger because they all require flanges for joining instead of butt welds. This also means that there are no welds to rust and break. Fully galvanised All parts are galvanised, not painted. This ensures the product will last a long time. All tube components are hot gal dipped. These parts often sit in the mud and muck and rust quickly – Advantage Feeders will last longer. Volume stickers This allows you to quickly determine the ration being consumed and make adjustments if required. Quality components All fasteners for the adjusters are stainless steel to ensure they are always functional. All rivets and tec screws also have very durable coatings.


■ ■ ■ ■

150-200 ewes or lambs 70 ewes with 120 lambs 30-40 cattle 20 cows with 20 calves 40 calves

Sight glasses These are a simple feature that can save getting off your vehicle and checking the volume in the feeder each day. Lifting frame The 800 and 1800 model feeders can be fully loaded and moved. The 3800 model is rated to be transported with 2000kg of feed in it. This is possible due to the built in chassis. Gauge sticker The lower side panels have a table to show what the intake of sheep and cattle is at each adjuster setting. The table is a guide only and is a good starting point for setting the feeder. Versatile Advantage Feeders can be used to feed both sheep and cattle. The feed has adjustable skids that can be changed in height to suit either animal.


3800 / 1800 ■

Retractable roof The roofs can be easily opened and fastened on the same side.

800 ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

75-100 ewes or lambs 35 ewes with 60 lambs 15-20 cattle 10 cows with 10 calves 20 calves

The feeders are excellent, especially when we have snow. Previously we couldn’t feed grain in these conditions without major wastage! Thanks for a top product. Willie and Sue Macdonald, Middlehurst Pastoral, Awatere Valley, Blenheim

Note: these figures are advisory only and can vary depending on conditions.


Mobile Grain Feeders Mobile Grain Feeders give farmers the convenience of filling the feeders up at a silo and taking them out to the paddock. The MGF3800 is constructed by adding the tandem axle chassis system to the NGF3800 stationary feeder. The MGF1800 is constructed by adding the single axle chassis system to the NGF1800 stationary feeder.


Weight of feeder Volume of feed Fully Assembled Dimensions Flat -packed dimensions

550kg 3800 litres 3660 x 1650 x 2150 (LxWxH) 2450 x 1160 x 600 (LxWxH)


450kg 1800 litres 3660 x 1650 x 1450 (LxWxH) 2450 x 1160 x 600 (LxWxH)


Advantage Feeders Mobile Grain Feeders have suspension to ensure the longevity of the products by providing smooth transportation. It allows farmers to pull the Mobile Grain Feeders at higher speeds because it can endure bumps. The MGF3800 has load sharing springs to carry heavier loads.


Centralised axles reduces the load on the tow ball of the pulling vehicle. Other products that have the axle at the rear of the feeder can put over 800kg on the tow ball when many utes have maximum tow ball loading of 300kg. The tyres are only 480mm high, being 195/55/R13C, and have a load rating of 900kg each. Stock can reach over the wheels to consume. Lambs that are less than 4 months of age have to consume beside the wheels.


The Mobile Grain Feeders have a stand in each corner. These prevent the Mobile Grain Feeders moving when they are uncoupled.


The axles are manufactured with a step. This allows the Mobile Grain Feeders to be set at 3 different heights so they are suitable for all sizes of stock. The axle options allow the trough to be set at the heights of approximately 300, 400 and 500mm.


Axle positioned so trough at 300mm

Axle positioned so trough at 400mm

Axle positioned so trough at 500mm

Mineral Attachment The Mineral Attachment ensures that your stock receive their nutritional requirements while reducing waste and labour. It has a cover over the access area to protect the mineral feed from rain. It is able to fasten to the end of Advantage Feeders making it easy to move the mineral component of the stocks ration when they are moved field. It is common for farmers to attach the Mineral Attachments to other structures like gates.


85 litres or 110kg of minerals




760 x 400 x 550 (LxWxH)


UV stable Polyethylene


Hangs on 4 bolts


Advantage Feeders Usage Calendar Most farmers initially purchase Advantage Feeders for a single purpose and soon find themselves using them most or all of the year for a wide range of purposes. The tables show an examples of what months of the year a dairy, beef, sheep and deer farm could add value with Advantage Feeders.

Dairy – April calving Stock






























Mar Mar

Apr Apr

May May

Jun Jun

Jul Jul

Aug Aug

Sep Sep

Oct Oct

Nov Nov

Dec Dec

Mar Mar

Apr Apr

May May

Jun Jun

Jul Jul

Aug Aug

Sep Sep

Oct Oct

Nov Nov

Dec Dec

Beef – August calving Stock





Creep Feeding

Weaners - all


Weaners - steers


Weaners - heifers






Sheep Sheep –– September September lambing lambing Stock Stock

Function Function

Ewes Ewes Ewes Ewes Lambs Lambs Hoggets Hoggets -- ewes ewes Rams Rams Ewes Ewes

Pre-lambing Pre-lambing Lambing Lambing Creep Creep feeding feeding Growth Growth Pre-joining Pre-joining Flushing Flushing

Hoggets - store Hoggets - store

Growth Growth

Jan Jan

Feb Feb

Deer Deer –– October October fawning fawning Stock Stock

Hinds Hinds Fawns Fawns Weaners Weaners Bucks Bucks

Function Function

Pre-joining Pre-joining Growth Growth Growth Growth Pre-joining Pre-joining

Jan Jan

Feb Feb

Advantage Feeders


Advantage Advantage Feeders Feeders


✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

HOW DO I ...

Easy to set up and adjust Safe for ewes and lambs

Supplement ewes and creep feed simultaneously Lambs can be rationed while creep feeding

Standard with the NGF3800, NGF1800 & NGF800


The Advantage Feeders Creep Panel revolutionises lamb creep feeding by simplifying the system and reducing potential harm to stock. The Creep Panel (Patent application number: 2010903466) acts as a guard over the trough denying ewes access to the feed as their head is too large to fit in the gap.


The Creep Panel is able to be pivoted to allow the feeder to operate either as a standard feeder or a creep feeder. They are permanently attached to the feeder. This makes repositioning the feeder easy.


■ ■

Many farmers utilise a Creep Panel for feeding lambs an ad-lib ration on one trough of a feeder and allow the ewes a restricted ration on the other trough. This system is ideal when lambs are 2 to 8 weeks of age as the ewes can receive a small supplement. Ewes can’t access feed under the creep panel because their skulls are significantly larger than their lamb until 20 weeks of age. To see a video of the creep panel working, visit

Best keep ewes out of the feeder? It is best to start creep feeding lambs when they are young. This will allow the Advantage Feeders Creep Panel to be relatively closed. In this position, ewes will have no chance of accessing the feed and lose interest. As the lambs reach 8 weeks, the Creep Panel will have to be repositioned, and then again at 12 weeks.

150-200 ewes or lambs

70 ewes with 120 lambs (creep feeding on one side)

800 ■ ■

75-100 ewes or lambs

35 ewes with 60 lambs (creep feeding on one side)

Note: these figures are advisory only and can vary depending on conditions

HOW DO I ... Best keep rain out? The Advantage Feeders Creep Panel can be set in a range of locations. Several locations allow ewes to still feed while putting their head under the panel. The panel in this position provides a very good shelter of the licking groove and the feed will seldom get wet.



Creep Panel open

Creep Panel engaged

Calf Creep Feeding

Weight Assembled Dimensions Flat-packed Dimensions

Creep Gate 2: CG2

Creep Gate 1: CG1

50 kg each 2480 x 1400 x 1150 (LxWxH)

40 kg each 1250 x 1400 x 1150 (LxWxH) 1400 x 1160 x 100 (LxWxH)

2480 x 1160 x 100 (LxWxH)


✓ ✓

Promotes the development of a proper functioning rumen. The faster the gut is developed, the better the eventual growth, health and nutrient digestion of the calf; Meeting target weights for market;

Early weaning to allow cows to regain condition quicker.


20 calves each

Note: only one CG2 can attach to the 1800. Two CG2 can attach to the 3800.

Advantage Feeders Creep Gates allows you to implement creep feeding - the process of supplement feeding calves while excluding cows - quickly and easily. This denies cows access to the feeding area based on their body size. Depending on the breed and size of the calf, the Creep Gates are functional until the calf is about 9 months of age. The Creep Gate simplifies creep feeding by pivoting from the transport/inactive position to the engaged position. The 3IN1FEEDERS Creep Gates are permanently attached to the feeder which makes repositioning the feeder easy.

HOW DO I ... CG1


10 calves each

Note: two CH1 can attach to the 800

Note: these figures are advisory only and can vary depending on conditions

Best keep cows out of the feeder? It is best to start creep feeding calves when they are young. This will allow the adjustable horizontal bar on the Advantage Feeders Creep Gate to be relatively low. In this position, cows will have no chance of entering the feeding area. As the calves get older, the horizontal bar can be relocated higher.


Cradle Hay Feeder ADVANTAGES Less waste - Bale is raised off the ground - Bale positioned so rain drains off it - Six holes in the floor to drain moisture - Optional roof Easy to use - Roll loading method - Easy to skid Universal - Used for sheep, lambs and calves - Used for cattle, deer and horses - Sheep are able to finish the whole bale - Feed hay or silage Stronger - Heavy tube construction Roll loading method

A front end loader isn’t required to load the Cradle Hay Feeder. Its end panels have rounded sides. This allows the feeder to be placed on the bale, tied and then pulled back into the loaded position. This gives farmers flexibility on properties that are separated by distance and without lifting machinery. The Cradle Hay Feeder can also be loaded by rolling round bales of the sides off utilities or trailers.



Assembled dimensions

1850 x 900 x 1380 (LxWxH)

Flat-packed dimensions

1850 x 900 x 140 (LxWxH)



Testimonial We bought two Cradle Hay Feeders. They are easy to assemble, strong and robust yet light and do a good job. They are easy to drag from paddock to paddock and can also be moved with bales in them. Richard and Debbie Came Wellsford


Tray Hay Feeder ADVANTAGES Less waste - Trays catch the loose hay - Bale positioned so rain drains off it - Six holes in the floor to drain moisture - Bale is raised off the ground - Optional roof Easy to use - Easy to skid whilst hay in feeder - Load with a Front End Loader Universal - Used for cattle, deer and horses - Meal can be put into trays - Feed hay or silage Stronger - Three types of triangular bracing Waste Saving

The feed that the cattle, horses and deer pull out from the suspended area falls in the trays. This prevents the hay falling and being trampled into the ground. The floor has 6 holes in the bottom of it to allow moisture to drain from it.


Assembled dimensions

1900 x 1400 x 1700 (LxWxH)

Flat-packed dimensions

1900 x 1050 x 180 (LxWxH)



Testimonial We have had our Advantage Feeder Tray Hay Feeder for almost one year and it has been great for feeding small mobs on some of our hill paddocks where we don’t have tractor access. There is some degree of soil damage around the feeder after winter but the over-sowing of tap-rooting plants such as chicory & plantain soon correct this. It has also been very useful for hay feeding in the spring parked on the exit race of our milking shed so the cows can access it as they head back to the paddock. Nick and Jo Collins Piopio

When the hay is under its own weight suspended against the bars, it makes accessing the hay harder for the stock. This restricts the quantity of each mouthful and the stock are less likely to spill what they have worked to obtain.


Sliding Gates Hay Feeder ADVANTAGES


Less waste - Feed is contained behind the sliding gates - Roof keeps feed dry Universal - Suitable for round or square bales - Used for sheep, lambs, cattle and calves etc. - Horizontal bars to prevent cattle getting stuck Easy to use - 2 options for loading - Easily moved

Assembled dimensions

2650 x 1400 x 1800 (LxHxW)

Flat-packed dimensions

2650 x 1100 x 240 (LxHxW)



Sliding Gates The hay is contained within the 2 sliding gates. As the stock consume the hay behind the gates, they push the gates in. The sliding of the gates is helped by them moving on a slight slope. This means that they will always rest against the hay and contain it behind the bars of the gates. This prevents the feed from being wasted by trampling, soiling, urine.

Lifting Strap The Sliding Gates Hay Feeders have a strap that allows a tine of a front end loader to lift it. This allows the feeder to be lifted over the bale by using the machine that brought the bale to the feeder.

Removable Sliding Gates and Containment Sheets These parts are removable so bales can be loaded into the feeder from the sides. The sliding gates have a removable tube in each of them and are fastened by shaft lock pins. The containment sheets slide in a housing at the bottom of the feeder, pivots over a shaft and has a lynch pin to lock It in place.


HAY SAVING CALCULATIONS % of extra hay ultilisation using Advantage feeders Hay feed/ year (tonne)

30% 12

Cost of hay/ tonne

$ 200.00

Annual waste saving

$ 720.00

Hay Feeder Roof ADVANTAGES

HFR with CHF1

Less waste - Keeps more of the feed dry Universal - Suitable for CHF1 and THF1 - Both sheep and cattle can feed under it Easy to use - Pivot to open - Unclip to detach while roll loading CHF1

HFR with THF1

Ideal for small flocks Advantage Feeders Hay Feeder Roof can protect hay from most of the rain that can fall on the bales. Depending on the time of year, hay can be damaged by rain on a daily basis. If the stock are in small flocks and are going to take more than a couple days to finish a whole bale, this can be a great investment.

Easy to use Once the bale is loaded in the feeder, the Hay Feeder Roof can be quickly closed and locked. Chains attach both sections of the roof so that they cannot open from high levels of wind.

Safe The sides of the roof sections have safety folds on the sheet metal. These folds ensure there is no sharp edge present that could potentially harm stock.

Assembled dimensions

1400 x 900 x 200 (LxWxH)

Flat-packed dimensions

1400x 700 x 30 (LxWxH)




Prices Products



Next Generation Feeder 3800 litre



Next Generation Feeder 1800 litre



Next Generation Feeder 800 litre



Mobile Grain Feeder 3800 litre



Mobile Grain Feeder 1800 litre



Mineral Attachment



Creep Gate 2 (for NGF3800/1800)



Creep Gate 1 (for NGF800)



Cradle Hay Feeder



Tray Hay Feeder



Sliding Gates Hay Feeder





Hay Feeder Roof

DELIVERY Feeders are dispatched and delivered to your closest Mainfreight depot. The Mainfreight depot will call you when the feeders arrive. Delivery takes between 2 to 5 days. Other delivery locations are available for an extra fee.


Two Creep Panels (for lamb creep feeding) are provided standard with all Advantage Feeders.

All products are usually in stock except for the MGF3800 which has a lead time of 3-4 months. Prices are subject to change.

LOYALTY PROGRAM Advantage Feeders rewards customers who continue to purchase from us – once a farmer has purchased 4 feeders, they are entitled to a discount. The discount amount rises when each new discount bracket is reached.

Farmers don’t need to commit to more than they feel comfortable with at any one time. For example, if farmers buy 1 feeder each purchase, by the time they have a total of 4 feeders, they will buy the 4th feeder at the discounted price and the previous 3 purchases will then have the discount taken off this purchase.

THE STORY Advantage Feeders developed the revolutionary Advanced Adjustment System for grain feeders in 2006. Farmers now have the unique ability to control how much their stock consumes. Advantage Feeders also makes a range of innovative Hay Feeders. The products help to reduce feed inputs, increase production and save time. Farmers with Advantage Feeders make more money and have more time.

FREE AIR TO 800 OL WITH /180 0/ MGF 180 3800, FLAT 0/3800 -PAC KS


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Pneumatic Air Rivet Tool

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Advantage Feeders give farmers the control to limit the amount of supplement stock consume. It does this through the revolutionary saliva re...

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