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Brief history of time

Ten direct shots on cotton paper, taken in Sydney, Australia, in 2013. Sincere. With no digital manipulation. Delicately break through the continuous space-temporal and show us, once and for all, the secret workings of a perpetual motive.

Hitters operates a kind of reverse engineering to build a delicate mechanism of mass perception that makes us preferential witnesses of an intangible struggle between the organic and the organized, control and chaos.

The images are presented to us calm, almost harmless, describing formal and chromatic runs without fanfare or unconscionable contrasts, as full of latent but unstoppable tension. They strike us in silence whenever we contemplate, entering our memory, microscopically filtering a doubt, moist at first and increasingly corrosive at the end, drilling our consciousness to firmly interrogate, are we the organized or the organic? Andrés Schmisser

The work Sydney 2013 #1 has been awarded the Grand Prize (Acquisition) in the 103rd Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales, Argentina Republic, in Photography discipline.

Juan Hitters, Buenos Aires, 1966, became a professional photographer after practice as a Psychoanalyst for seven years. He worked for major advertising agencies in the country and has been shooting photographic portraits of artists for clients such as FOX, América TV, El Gourmet, NatGeo, Cosmopolitan TV, Televisa, Telemundo, Film & Arts, among many other television media, for twenty years. He has also developed a specialization in the field of architectural and indoor photography, providing material for over two hundred international high rank magazines such as Wallpaper, Interni, Elle Deco (Sweden, Norway, Hong Kong, Japan) Time, Four Seasons, GQ, Bon Appetit, New York Times, Travel and Leisure, El País Spain, etc. Hitters oeuvre has been used to illustrate over a hundred jazz, contemporary and classical music album covers by legendary record labels Deutsche Grammophon and ECM (Germany), BIS (Sweden), MA Recordings (California) and Naxos (Hong Kong). All of them have managed to find in his works ideal motives to represent such an abstract topic as music is. His photographs are part of the photography permanent collection in the Bellas Artes National Museum led by Sara Facio and the photography collection in France National Library led by Jean-Claude Lamagny. His oeuvre has been purchased by collectors in Australia, France and USA. He has participated in several one-man shows and group exhibitions, not only in his country but also abroad (photo gallery in the General San Martín Theater, Milan Biennial, etc) and books such as "Windfall light: the visual language of ECM " (Lars Müller Publishers, Switzerland) where a special section is dedicated to him.

Sydney 2013 #1 Sydney 2013 #2

Sydney 2013 #3

Sydney 2013 #4

Sydney 2013 #5

Sydney 2013 #6

Sydney 2013 #7

Sydney 2013 #8

Sydney 2013 #9

Sydney 2013 #10

Gran Premio Adquisición 103º Salón Nacional The work Sydney, 2013, #1, was awarded the Gran Premio Adquisición (Grand Prize Acquisition) in the 103rd Salón Nacional de Artes Visuales (Photography) which is probably the most important and prestigious visual arts competition in the country. The Salón Nacional is one of the most relevant institutions of Argentine arts because of its federal implications and very rich history. It was conceived in 1911 with the desire to promote the training of artists and viewers and quickly became a place of reference, a space of fundamental consecration and legitimation to structure the arts in the country. Throughout its history, many of the great masters of Argentine art were awarded by the Salón Nacional. The jury at this time was composed by Ananké Asseff, Dino Bruzzone, Valeria González, Silvia Mangialardi and Eduardo Grossman. The award consists in the acquisition of the work that becomes part of the National Cultural Patrimony. The Salón Nacional is jointly organized by the Ministry of Culture and Presidency and the awards will be presented in September, 2014.

CONCRETO EXHIBITION AT ESPACIO FEDERICO CHURBA APRIL 2014, BUENOS AIRES Sponsored by the Australian Embassy in Argentina and Luigi Bosca Winery


Concrete exhibition presentation (in English) ©JuanHitters

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