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yourself – where did you grow up and what are your fondest memories of your childhood? A. I grew up in Melbourne in the North Western suburbs; I went to school around there and lived in a really lovely, warm community with really great neighbours and a great spirit around. I had a huge family, Sicilian on both sides so the gatherings were always enormous, so generally I had a pretty fantastic childhood.


tarting her career as seven year old on Australia’s longest running variety television show, Young Talent Time, Tina Arena has grown to become a household name, both in Australia and overseas. Having lived through the highs and lows of the music industry post-Young Talent Time, Tina shares how the industry and those within it have evolved over time, for better and worse.

Winter 2012

Q. Who was most influential in your life growing up? A. I’d have to say probably mum because we spent so much time 10

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Q. Tell us a bit about

With the first season of the revived Young Talent Time deemed a success, Helen Rosing gets a behind-the-scenes look into the life of Australian singer, songwriter, musical theatre actress and now TV host, Tina Arena.


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